More than ten years ago the rule of the five principal shinobi territories was destabilized. Skirmishes arose near the borders, drawing small countries and shinobi villages into the fray. The prolonged warfare reduced the influence of the land of fire. Even its base of military power, Konohagakure, was struck by a heavy loss of life. Later on, this conflict would be known as the third great ninja war. The third great ninja war. With the sacrifices of many nameless shinobi, the protracted war finally came to a close. In its wake it also left legends...The stories of great heroes, to be told and retold for generations to come. The battle of Kannabi bridge. That day two heroes were born in Konohagakure, each with their own Sharingan. One found his name engraved on a memorial stone...The other came to be known as Kakashi of the Sharingan. In time, the tales of his bravery spanned all borders, and beyond.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Order

Sakura watched as Kakashi flipped another page of his book. The pink-haired ninja had been watching him for some time. She still remembered Lady Tsunade's words clearly over and over in her mind.

"Y-yes?" Sakura said nervously as she walked into Tsunade's office. "Yes, Sakura, come in and have a seat." She said upon seeing the girl enter. "Sakura, I have been meaning to ask you. Is there anyone you hold dear to your heart, or are in love with romantically?" she said with the most serious face she could muster. Sakura was shocked, ever since Sasuke left she had not thought about anything but her career. "N-no, Lady Tsunade." She said sulkingly. "Just as I thought. I want you to get married sometime in the next week. If you have someone to support you through the tough times, than it is easy to handle them." she said pulling out a file from her desk drawer. "I have done some research and found that your best match would be someone who is calm and collective, someone who will tolerate your loud mouth, and wild spirit. I also want you to think about the fact that it would be wise to choose a man who is at least a jonin level ninja; a civilian will only make things more difficult. I have narrowed it down to six young ninjas I think you might find interest in." Tsunade explained never moving her eyes from the file. Sakura was still in shock, "L-lady Tsunade, who did you have in mind...?" Tsunade smiled, "I'm glad you asked Sakura-San. The six prospective spouses are, Neji Hyuga, Shino Aburame, Shikamaru Nara, Kakashi Hatake, Sai of the root, and Genma Shiranui." Sakura arched her brow, "Tsunade, how am I going to choose, and what if they are not willing?" Tsunade just smiled, "Sakura, they knew even before you did, and all are very willing." Sakura sighed as she noticed there was no way out.
End Flashback.

Kakashi gently smiled as he saw the sweet little Haruno girl watching him from a nearby picnic table. Kakashi dog-eared his book before closing it and getting up. The quirk of his eye told Sakura he had sensed her chakra, and knew she was watching the entire time. "How has your day been so far, Sakura-kun." Kakashi said sitting directly across from Sakura. Sakura smiled sweetly, "Very good thank you, just a little overwhelming." Kakashi got the hint, "Ah, so I guess this means that Tsunade told you the news today." Sakura sighed, "It never crossed my mind to get married, and now I have to choose the guy I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with in a week!" Kakashi smiled trying to comfort her, "Sakura you will make the right decision." Sakura smiled, "Thank you Kakashi-kun. Oh! You know what I didn't even think about it, but you are one of the guys Tsunade listed aren't you?!" Kakashi just smiled at her realization, "Yes Sakura-chan I am. It would be an honor to marry you." Sakura smiled, almost starting to cry, "Oh, Kakashi-kun!" Sakura hid her face with her hands. Kakashi couldn't resist, and usually those little urges that you can't resist get you slapped, oh well. Kakashi lifted Sakura's hands from her face. Sakura looked shocked when Kakashi proceeded to lick her nose! Sakura pulled away blushing. Kakashi still just smiled. " Sakura-kun, choose well.", was all he said before getting up and leaving.

Sakura decided the best way to find out who would make the best husband would be to spend a day with each one, and then choose on the last day. Sakura knew that Kakashi was more than likely going to go to the KIA memorial to see Obito's grave. She didn't know much about Obito except that he was one of Kakashi's old teammates that died when they were still very young. She also knew that he had something to do with Kakashi's Sharingan. Sakura walked up behind Kakashi looking at the delicately inscribed words on the stone. 'Obito Uchiha' was the name Kakashi was concentrating on. "Kakashi-kun, I know it's not any of my business, but if you don't mind can you tell me the story of how Obito died." Kakashi sighed, "It's a very long story Sakura-kun." Sakura pulled Kakashi down to sit beside a tree. "I have plenty of time." She said smiling. Kakashi smiled, "It all started beside the boarder of Konohagakure, and Iwagakure. Obito, Rin, and Yandaime sensei were all there. I had always chastised Obito about following the rules and regulations. During one part of the mission, Rin was captured. You know our team was a lot like you, Naruto, and Sasuke at the time. Obito was crazy about Rin, so it wasn't surprising that he would risk the mission to save her. I got mad, and Obito thrashed off alone to save Rin. I ended up showing up just in time. The ninja we fought used a Jutsu that made him almost undetectable. The ninja cut my left eye badly, and I lost my eye. I quickly bandaged it, but Obito got so mad he finally achieved Sharingan. Obito turned around with pinpoint precision killing the ninja. We made it in to save Rin, and rendered the other ninja wounded. I was able to release the Genjutsu that was put on Rin, but bye that time, the other ninja was up and ready for battle again. He used a Jutsu that made rocks fall in every direction. I wasn't used to my new blind spot, and was hit with a rock on the left side of my head making me fall unconscious. Obito quickly ran and pushed me out of the way as a large bolder fell. Unfortunately, Obito wasn't quick enough to move himself and me. The bolder crushed the entire right side of Obito's body. Earlier that day everyone had given me gifts to congratulate me on my new status as Jonin, all except Obito who had hated me at the time. Obito told me to take his Sharingan before he died, so he wouldn't be useless. Rin transplanted it in my face, and I killed the bastard who had destroyed my friend and comrade s dreams. I helped Rin out of the cavern that was made by the rocks, but when we reached the top reinforcements had already arrived from the front. I made Rin run, and then I blacked out using the chidori for the fourth time that day. I woke up to Yandaime-sensei." Kakashi looked down to the little kunoichi sitting by his side. She was crying. "Why are you crying Sakura-kun?" Kakashi asked. Sakura sighed, "I'm so sorry Kakashi-kun, I never knew." Kakashi smiled, "Sakura, I can't stand it when you cry." Kakashi said wiping the tears from Sakura's eyes. When the day finally ended, and the sun was setting, Kakashi scooped up the young Kunoichi asleep on his shoulder. Kakashi had known where Sakura lived since she was still his student, but those days were long over. Kakashi opened the door and laid Sakura gently on the couch next to her dog Usamaru (Akamaru's puppy). Kakashi smiled as he walked out the door.


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