That Mysterious Ray

YAY! My first Kid vs Kat oneshot!

I drew insperation from the fact, his collar has every gadget unimagenble. So why not draw from that?

I personally don't like the cats in the show. Kat looks NORMAL compared to them all. So why not have a ray that can transform other world cats to aliens? (I'm going to make a longer fic based off this inspiration when school is over, so suspect an update in the future.)

Moving on.

DISCLAIMER; If I owned the show, do you honestly think i'd be here?

It was a cloudless night. Kat was messing with his collar again. He found an interesting feature. He found a new ray. He didn't know what it could do, so he tested it on Coop!

Coop was asleep. Unaware that a certain bald kitten was towering him.

Kat triggered the ray.

It had no effect on him at all. Coop muttered something, "That tickles."

Kat jumped out the window. 'How could that not work!? What good is this peice of junk?'

He made his paws into a fist and whacked the collar, which was around his neck.

It electricuted him and the ray was triggered once more. The beam entered an open window and hit a certain white, furry, obese, blue eyed earth cat.

It was Honeyfluff!

She writhed and wrangled as her bones shifted and her body, inwardly and outwardly, changed.

She looked in her master's mirror to see herself; slender, taller, more mature. She was still furry and her fur glowed slightly blue. The inside of her ear was a hot pink and her eyelids were silver, like the tuff of fur on her head and ear tips. Her eyes were more cerulean blue and two fangs poked out of her muzzle and curled down her lips. Her tail bow flowed as she swayed her hips.

"W-what happened to me?" All she knew was, she was hit by a beam or something of the like.


She turned to see, Kat. His staring made her feel shy, abit.

Kat blushed as she jumped out the window and walked towards him.

She cocked her head cutely. "Did YOU do this to me?"

Kat's mouth just moved, no words came out.

"Tehehe! You look like a fish!"

Kat instantly shut his mouth and looked behind him. "L-look. I don't know about your little transformation but," He looked at her. 'Good. No witnesses.' "I need to change you back before your owner notices."

He pressed the button to start the ray, but nothing happened.

"Are you kidding me!? This thing broke!?"

"Hey, um. You want to talk over some fishy frisky bits?"

Kat eyed her. "Uhhh. Sure."

Honeyfluff winked at him. "Can't wait." She said seductivly.

Kat felt his blush hit him full force. Untensionally, his tail took the shape of a heart and cross arrow.


"Temperature has risen to 75 C."

The End!

Finished mah oneshot! WOOT!

-Bows- I hope you enjoyed my peice and will give me a review.

No flames, this was merely for fun and I don't care of what you have to say, this probably could happen.