Takes place sometime early in season 3, since Sylar has Claire's ability, but other than that it's total AU – so please don't freak at this being non-canon. Just go with it :)

Dad Petrelli has locked up Claire and Sylar, with the help of Ma. Read on to find out why…

Disclaimers: Don't own Heroes, NBC does. This is just for fun and no money has ever or will ever change hands, ever

Claire shook her head, attempting to clear the fuzziness that enveloped her. Where was she? How had she gotten here? She looked around. Cement everywhere, cement floor, cement walls, cement platform with a thin mattress on top.

And then recognition hit her like a bullet. Building 26. How could he do this to her? How could Nathan bring her here?

"Hey princess, took you long enough to wake up." The voice sent shivers up Claire's spine.

"What are you doing here? What am I doing here?" She jumped up and started pounding on the door, putting as much distance between herself and him as possible.

"No worries, Claire-bear, I already got what I wanted from you." Sylar gracefully rose from where he was sitting on the floor.

"Why are we here? Why did he put me in here with you?" Claire was trying to fight her panic.

"Like I could read your bio-dad? I would've thought he would've bagged and tagged us and handed us over to that psycho Danko." Sylar sat on the edge of the bed platform.

"Hmm, as uncomfortable as ever." He stretched out. "Although it is a little wider."

He smirked over at Claire. "Care to join me?"

"In your dreams psycho-killer." She looked out the small window on the door.

"Oh Claire, you wound me." Sylar sneered as he placed his hand over his heart in an exaggerated movement.

"As if." She turned back to face him. "Why are the windows covered?" The observation windows were curtained.

"Claire, I'm afraid I haven't acquired a pre-cognitive ability. Yet." He smiled at her.

"Great! What the hell good are you?" She sneered.

"It would appear you and I are good for absolutely nothing." He went to her and showed her his arm. "Do you have an injection entry?"

Claire frowned and lifted her arms. Several marks were still visible.

"Yeah." She looked up at him. "Why haven't we healed?"

"Umm, your blond is showing. Obviously we were injected with a drug to hinder our abilities." He lay back down.

"How can you be so calm? How can…" Claire stopped as the curtains were pulled back to reveal her father and grandmother on the other side of the glass.

She ran up to it and banged several times in anger.

"What the hell did you do? Does my father know where I am?" Claire screamed.

"I am your father, Claire. Please calm down, let us explain…" Nathan was cut off by his mother.

"Claire, remember your manners." Angela tsked.

"Manners? Manners?" Claire yelled. "You lock me in here with this…this…" She waved her hand at Sylar, "you take my away my ability and you want manners?"

"Yes, well I suppose I can see where you are coming from." Angela flicked off a non-existent piece of lint from her jacket.

Sylar's eyes narrowed as he lifted himself off the bed and sauntered over to the observation window.

"So Angela, or do you still want me to refer to you as mother?" He chuckled.

"As I am not your mother, I suppose Angela will do." She pursed her lips.

"Alright, Angela." He continued. "Why are we here?"

"If Danko had his way, you would both be dead." Angela shrugged. "Well, you'd be dead and my dear Claire would be sedated and left to vegetate with the rest."

Sylar leaned against the wall and looked at Nathan, who was quite flushed and fidgeting with his tie.

"I can see that your dear son Nathan is quite put out by this." He turned back to Angela. "So what is it?"

Nathan answered. "The only way I could keep Claire safe was to present ma's idea to the president and override Danko's obsession with killing Claire."

"You seem to conveniently forget Nathan, if you hadn't started this little witch hunt, your daughter would never have fallen into Danko's territory." Sylar prompted.

"Please, just let them finish." Claire spoke up, her voice filled with dread. She had a very sick feeling about this.

"A child. One conceived from the two of you." Angela kept her eyes on Sylar, not wanting to see the look on Claire's face.

"What?" Claire screamed.

"Oh, this is just too priceless." Sylar sneered. "The always correct Petrellis pimping out the youngest female to breed. I gotta get to TMZ with this one."

He shook his head with disgust and turned away from them.

"I'm a sick fuck, but I am not a rapist. You want her impregnated, get a cup and a turkey baster 'cuz I ain't being put out to stud." Sylar looked at Claire and shrugged. "No offense."

"Yeah, thanks, none taken." Claire looked at Nathan and Angela. "Did you really think we'd just salute you and start fucking?"

"Claire, watch your language!" Nathan snapped.

"Are you serious?" Claire was incredulous.

Angela lifted her chin and began to put her gloves on.

"Claire." Angela spoke to her grand daughter. "In answer to your crude query, no, I didn't think you and Sylar would be in total agreement. So, we'll leave you to discuss your options and we'll be back tomorrow."

"You're crazy." Claire was almost hyper-ventilating. "When my father finds out about this…"

"Noah will never find out about this Claire." She turned to leave. "Nathan? Are you coming?"

"Yeah, ma." He turned back to Claire. "You have to see that this is the only way I could save you."

"Maybe if you hadn't started hunting your own kind you wouldn't have had to sell your daughter." Sylar shrugged. "Just a thought."

Angela hated what she had to do, but this was the only way she could think to get Sylar and Claire together. And together they had to be. If their kind were to survive Nathan's insanity, they had to be together. She dreamt it. And so had the other. It had to be.

"Hey, ma." Nathan caught up to his mother. "I hope she can see this is the only way I can keep her from Danko. She's young, she'll get over it."

"Yes, my dear. She'll get over being impregnated by a serial killer who cut her head opened and terrorized her and her family. And she'll get over having sex with Sylar and then having her child taken from her. Yes, my dear, she's young, she'll get over all of it." Angela walked ahead of her son and pushed for the elevator.