When I awoke the next morning, I found that both Ciara and Ginny were gone.

"Ginny?" I asked sleepily as I sat up.

"Good, you're awake," said Ginny.

I turned to see her coming down the dormitory steps with Ciara in one arm and the car seat in the other hand with the diaper bag on her shoulder. Ciara was wearing a light blue creeper with lace around it like a skirt. She had a light blue bow in her hair and had little white booties on her feet.

"Oh, Ginny," I said as I went to join them. "That outfit is so cute! Where did you get it?"

"Mom sent it," Ginny smiled. "You better hurry up and get changed we have to leave for the carriages in fifteen minutes. Don't worry about your things. I already packed them for you."

"Thanks," I said as I headed up the dormitory steps.

On the train ride to Kings Cross I had to ask Harry and Ron to leave the compartment for Ciara's feeding, which Ron was all too happy to do.

As the train slowed to a stop, I gathered my things with Ciara sleeping soundly in one arm.

"I can carry that for you," Harry offered.

"Thanks," I smiled handing him the bag.

As Harry opened the compartment door, I felt a cool breeze. I bundled Ciara up in her blanket covering her face to protect her.

"Ready?" Harry asked as we faced the barrier.

"Yeah," I breathed.

I shut my eyes as I stepped through, opening them again to find the station busy as it usually was at the end of the school year.


I turned to see Mother and Father coming towards me with smiles on their faces.

"Hi, Mom, Dad," I greeted once they were close enough.

"Why didn't you tell us you had your baby?" Mother asked, her smile slightly fading but still there.

"Some things have happened," said Harry before I could answer.

"Do you want to see her?" I asked, smiling.

Mother and Father both nodded smiling brightly.

I carefully uncovered Ciara to show them her sleeping face. "Mom, Dad, meet your granddaughter, Ciara Allie Diggory."

"Oh, thank heavens!" Mother breathed. "It was Cedric. May I hold her?"

"Of course," I smiled, placing Ciara into her arms. Mother was laughing as she and Father stared down at her.

"She's beautiful," he commented.


My stomach tightened as I turned to face Mr. and Mrs. Diggory. I wanted to say something, but I found that my voice was gone. The silence seemed to last for hours until at last…

"Come here, sweetheart," said Mr. Diggory kindly with his arms out stretched.

A sob escaped my lips as I swiftly entered Mr. Diggory's arms, with Mrs. Diggory stroking my hair.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. "I should have stopped him entering the tournament."

"It is not your fault," said Mr. Diggory. "Cedric chose to enter because he was adventurous, never thought of the dangers."

"Nothing you could have said or done could have changed his mind," said Mrs. Diggory.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for the funeral," I said as I slipped from Mr. Diggory's arms.

The Diggorys shared a glance with each other before looking back at me.

"We didn't have one," said Mr. Diggory.

I stared, confused.

"We can't have a funeral without a body to bury," said Mrs. Diggory.

I nodded, my throat tight. "Harry…"

"We don't blame him," Mrs. Diggory said, though fresh tears shined in her eyes. "We are grateful to him for helping Cedric and relieved that he is safe."

I nodded again.

Mr. Diggory placed his hands on my shoulders. "We're going to find him, wait and see."

Ciara squeaked.

"Oh, I have someone I want you to meet," I said taking Ciara into my arms and turning to face the Diggorys. "Ciara Allie."

Mrs. Diggory smiled, tears still in her eyes as I placed Ciara into her arms.


Both Mr. and Mrs. Diggory cried happily as they looked down at Ciara who looked between them back and forth.

"She's looks so much like Cedric," Mrs. Diggory whispered.

"Mother's never going to let us hear the end of it," said Mr. Diggory, rolling his eyes at the thought of his mother but still smiling.

"Hermione, we need to go," said Mother from behind me. I smiled uneasily as I took Ciara from Mrs. Diggory.

"Bye," I said.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Diggory kissed my cheeks before they Apparated away.

"I'll take Ciara," Mother offered.

I gave her Ciara then turned to face my friends.

"Well, this is it," I sighed. "I'm going to be a mother."

"You'll do fine," Neville assured as he hugged me.

"You let me know, the minute you want to go on a shopping spree," said Cho with Ginny and Luna nodding behind her.

I laughed as I nodded.

Ron gave me a kiss on the cheek as Mrs. Weasley called for him and Ginny.

I faced Harry and tears immediately began to fall.

"Now, don't cry again," he smiled. "You'll dry out."

I laughed as he pulled me into a hug.

"If you need anything, you know I'm only a block away. Come over anytime, even if it's two in morning and you have to drag my grumpy ass out of bed."

I laughed again as we let go.

"Seriously, for anything," he said with a serious look on his face.

"I will," I promised.

Harry smiled as he leaned forward, running his fingers through my hair then resting his hand on my cheek and kissed me.

I slowly began to back away from my friends as I waved goodbye and slipped into the car that would lead me to my same home, but to a different life.