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"You don't think we went to far did we?" Cy asked uncertainly the next morning as he and Jinx ate a meaty breakfast together.

"Of course not" Jinx assured him as she ate a slice of crispy bacon. "We didn't do anything wrong last night"

"I guess your right. I just don't want to risk upsetting Robin"

"Why would Robin be upset?"

"Because I don't normally do something like that"

"Well, neither do I, but it was fun"

"Well, yeah, and the fun should continue any minute now" About that time Robin entered the common room followed shortly by Starfire.

"Mornin' Cyborg, Jinx? What are you doing here so early?"

"Good morning friends Cyborg and Jinx!" Star greeted jovially before Cyborg could answer.

"He invited me over for breakfast and here I am. Why? What did you think was going on?" Jinx said with a Cheshire cat grin.

"Uh…nothing, nothing at all" Robin said trying to hide a blush. Cy just sat there laughing. Star was about to ask what all the fuss was about when they heard screaming coming from Raven's room.

"What the hell was that?" Robin asked as he and Starfire headed for the door. Once the door closed Cy and Jinx fell to the floor in raucous laughter.

Meanwhile in Raven's room…

Beast Boy was just starting to wake up with thoughts of what happened last night running through his head.

'Wow, I can't believe she actually kissed me last night! It was like a dream come true. And now it's like I'm on cloud nine. Oh wait that's just the mattress. Which feels softer then I remember. And why are the walls so dark and Oh MY GOD! I'm in Raven's room!' It was then that Beast boy realized he had his arm around Raven and quickly withdrew it. Fortunately for him Rae didn't wake up. 'Whew, that was lucky. Now to get out of here before Rae wakes up and puts me to sleep in a permanent sort of way' But right before he could make a break for it Raven shifted in her sleep and wrapped her arms around him preventing his escape. 'Damn' BB looked at Rae's sleeping form. 'Man, she is so adorable when she sleeps. Though it looks like she's having a dream' BB thought to himself as he noticed Raven was sweating, but after she put her arm around him she seemed to calm down. 'I just hope I can get out of here before Rae wakes up' About this time Raven started to wake up. 'Oh come on!' Raven blinked her eyes a few times and soon saw Beast Boy in her arms.

"Uh…good morning?"

"Ahhhh!" Raven screamed in shock causing Beast Boy to scream as well. A moment later Robin and Star got to Raven's room and ignoring her rule about not entering her room entered and got quite a shock. Lying in bed together were Beast Boy and Raven, BB with no shirt on and Raven in a navy blue bra, both blushing in embarrassment.

"What in the name of chastity is going on here?!" Robin yelled noticing how sweaty Raven looked.

"Damned if I know" Beast Boy replied. "Last thing I remember I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up here"

"Raven, do you know what happened?"

"Of course not. All I know is me and Beast Boy were talking last bight, I must've been tired cause I fell asleep on the couch as well and next thing I know I'm in my own bed with him holding onto me"

"Hmm, maybe Cyborg knows something" That's when something clicked inside of Beast Boy's head.

"Hey, where is Cyborg?" Everyone looked around the room and noticed a distinct lack of the metallic man.

"I think we've got our culprit" Robin mused.

"But why would friend Cyborg do something like this?"

"It's called a prank Star, it's a joke people play on each other for their own amusement"


"Well, I think I'll be heading to the showers" BB said as he got out of bed and stretched. It was then that Raven noticed that BB was more muscular then she remembered.

'Wow, he's been working out. Hot stuff. Whoa, easy there Raven' she thought to herself as BB walked out of her room.

"We'll let you get dressed or something" Robin said as he and Star left Raven to her thoughts.

'Wow, I think I really like Beast Boy, but I really don't know what to do about him or about these dreams that seem to plaque me lately'

Raven's Dream…

Raven was just hanging around her room reading when she got a sudden headache. Gripping the sides of her head she tried to withstand the pain, but just as it seemed her head would explode the pain stopped, but something much more terrifying was about to happen. A big shadow like creature with horns and sharp teeth was walking around her room and suddenly appeared right in front of her making her gasp in shock.

"Like him?" said an all too familiar voice. He's my new pet"

"Why are you doing this to me?" Raven asked trying to keep the fear from her voice.

"Because you tried to get rid of me and I can't let that go unpunished" About this time the creature had started to envelop Raven trying to posses her, but she suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around her and noticed that the creature started to recede. The newcomer was strangely human in stature, but was concealed in shadow as well. The human shadow put it's hands up and they were surrounded by an orange aura that was shot at the demonic shadow causing it to dissipate with a scream. About this time Raven woke up.

End Dream

"What does it mean?" Raven asked to no one in particular.

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