I Pove.


I was walking through the school to my locker, 178; I passed some students chatting by the office on my way. I got to the hall were my locker was. I started walking towards my locker. I was half way there when he walked up the fucking rudest basterd in the school. The reason I didn't talk to, to many people unless I have to.

Every Pove.


"Hey baby." Said Naraku

"Leave Me alone." said Kagome trying to walk around him.

"Hey baby, don't be like that, hey how about you and me the movies this Saturday." Asked Naraku.

"Go fuck yourself!" Yelled Kagome.

Kagome turned around and was about to walk to class when Naraku grabs her arm.

"NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME!" Yells Naraku.

Kagome knees him in the place were the sun doesn't shine and walks to class with nothing leaving Naraku on the ground. Kagome walks into the class and sees 2 of her best friends. First is Kouga. He is wearing a blue shirt that says, "FUCK YOU!" in bold letters and baggy denim blue jeans. Sango was wearing a red shirt that says CUTE BUT PSYCHO and a pair of baggy black jeans. Kagome was wearing a blue shirt that says I AM ME AND THAT'S ALL I'LL EVER BE SO FUCK OFF! And a pair of jeans with holes.

"Hey Kagome." Said Sango and Kouga in unison.

"Hey." said Kagome.

"Are you ok?" Asked Kouga.

"Yeples I'm just fine." Stated Kagome.

"Hey, Kouga, Rin, and I are going to help the new kids tomorrow. Do you want to help? It will be three boys and two girls." Said Sango.

"Yah sure I haven't anything better to do. Oh and before I forget, Sota wants to know If Kohaku can spend the night?" Asked Kagome.

"Fine by me. Answered Sango

"Ok then, its settled e will all help the new kids tomorrow." Koga stated.

"Thank you Captain obvious. Stated Sango.

You could hear a growl coming from Koga. They sit there a little while longer till the bell rings and all the other students come running in and sit down. Principle Keade comes in.

"Students your teacher isn't here today so you have a free class. I will in the office if you need me. "Stated Keade while she's walking out. As soon as the door shuts and there is no more footsteps everyone except Kagome, Koga, and Sango go crazy. Kagome's head starts to hurt so she into the hall fallowed by Sango and Koga.

"What's wrong?" Asked Koga.

"Nothing my head just hurts." Stated Kagome.

"Oh." Said Koga.

"I'm gonna go to nurses office and go home. See you tomorrow. K?"

"Ok." Said Sango and Koga at the same time.

Kagome walks through the halls to the nurses office.

"May I have a pass to go home?" Asked Kagome.

"Sure." Said the nurse.

Kagome brings the note to the office and hands it to the lady saying nothing. She walks home forgetting that she drove to school that walks up the steps to her house and opens the door locking it behind her knowing that Sota has a key to the walks to the kitchen and cooks Sota some dinner since the parents are away and she puts it in the microwave. Before she goes to take a nap she writes a not to Sota.



Dinners in the microwave if your can spend the noght so you may call him and tell 't make a big mess.




When Kagome was done she put the note on the counter and went upstairs to take a nap.