Hey everybody I know I probably shouldn't be starting a new story without having worked on my other one in such a long time, but this idea hit me so hard and I just wanted to put it in.

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So here it is! :

Title: What Happens After Prom Night

Author: Kim

Rating: M just in case not in this chapter though it will be a little later though

Characters: Nathan/ Haley Lucas/Chase Peyton/Brooke Friendship

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the ideas

Summary: could one night really change you for the rest of your life? For Lucas Eugene Roe and Haley Jessica James it did. Lucas found his true love who continues to hide because of the fear that comes with popularity, and Haley left prom night and to Chicago with a small secret. Will Nathan ever find out about the bump in Haley's Sweater? Wait maybe he will since five years later Miss. James must make an appearance at her best friends wedding but she's bringing someone along on her trip. How far will Naley's friends go to see them happy?

"Lucas are you actually telling me that you're going to ask someone to prom?" Haley questioned her best friends as she got her English book from her locker.

"Well Haley I'm kind of asking you if you want to go with me." Lucas said hopefully. He gave her an all teeth smile hoping that would help her agree with him. He walked with her towards their English class.

"Lucas, why would I go to prom with you? You're gay remember you should just ask Chase I'm sure he would say yes to you if you made him see it would lead him to your happy place." Haley replied with a set of giggles following her words after seeing Lucas's shocked face. She had to admit his face was to cute to say no to but she had t6o help him get his game on. He'd had a crush on Chase since they're freshman year he should be asking him to go to prom not his best friend.

"Haley Chase hasn't come out yet you know that and for all we know he's not even gay. Besides it's not like you're busy going with someone else or doing something. It could be fun and we would have a good time." Lucas said as he gave her his pouty face. She was so hard headed sometimes he just needed her so he could buy the cheaper tickets plus he wanted her to have a good time they were seniors after all this would be their last chance to go to prom what was wrong with one fun night.

"Okay first of all we know Chase is gay I mean it's kind of obvious and second of all who cares about prom Lucas it's just another dance. I don't see why you're so crazy about going?" Haley asked as they approached the class and stopped in front of it.

"Look Haley I was reading this book and it said that statistics show that 83% of students lose their virginity at their senior prom so I want to go to get rid of mine, and if I don't go with a girl guys well get freaked out that I'm just looking at them but if you go they wont suspect anything and you could ditch yours too. PLEASE!" Lucas begged as they entered the class.

"Okay but you owe me big Lucas Roe." Haley said as she sat down.


"Nathan were defiantly not ditching prom what's wrong with you?" Chase told his best friend as they walked to class.

"I don't know chase I'm just not to into the idea of another party where everyone gets slammed wakes up and nobody remembers anything from the night before. I mean if I'm not going to remember I might as well stay home and just practice my basketball skills." Nathan replied the truth was he just didn't want to risk getting someone pregnant his dad had always warned him that prom was the place where it happened people were to high to know the difference between a condom and a paper bag. His dad always said he needed to worry about his career but he just didn't want to relive his childhood. He had a feeling though that Chase would insure he would go anyway.

"Look Nate it will be fun but just to get you more interested we'll throw in a bet." Chase said

Nathan's ears perked up he loved betting it gave him a chance to win. "Umm ok what were you thinking?" Nathan asked.

"I bet you can't get a sober girl to sleep with you before the end of the night without dropping the charm. You have to be just Nathan without the money and the lifestyle of the rich and shameless if you catch my drift." Chase informed him.

"You're on." Nathan replied as they walked into class.

Okay I know it sounds strange but I guess you just need to wait until prom to see where my idea is going I kind of wanted to keep it vague but I also wanted to set the beginning up. Let me know what you think please be nice.