A/N: This is my first Cold Case fic. Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is good so I can improve. Lilly/Scotty pairing. It is also AU story so enjoy!

Scotty Valens had the worst morning ever. First off, he over slept. One thing he never did was over sleep. When he got up to make his usually cup of coffee, he realized that he forgot to buy some more the day before. As soon as he stepped out of his apartment, a dim-witted cab driver ran over a pot hole full of rain water which splashed all over Scotty. He arrived late to work because he had to change his clothes.

This could possibly be one of the worst days ever for Scotty Valens. However, the death of Elisa was by far the worst day in his life. This probably came in a close second and the day had just begum.

John Stillman sat in his office watching Scotty as he came in. He knew for certain that Scotty will not take the news he had kindly. Stillman still remembers the day Scotty was recruited to join the cold case squad. He almost had a fit when he learned what the group did. After a few cases though, Scotty learned to appreciate what this unit does. Scotty has come a long ways reminisced Stillman.

Will Jeffries and Nick Vera came in about half an hour earlier. Now, they were filling out the paperwork for their latest case.

Stillman waited until Scotty sat down before exiting his office.

"Ok people, in a few minutes the newest member of our team will arrive. Please treat the newest detective with some respect. The new detective will be partnered with Valens," said Stillman in one breath waiting for the complaints to come.

"Oh come on, why me?" replied Scotty obviously not liking the situation. He thought his morning couldn't get any worst, but of course he was wrong, very wrong. It could get a lot worst. He couldn't believe that he was stuck babysitting the newbie.

"It has been decided already so don't even try" answered Stillman in a stern voice.

Vera and Jeffries softly laughed while Scotty pouted "Fine."

Jeffries for the first time asked "Do we know anything about this new detective?"

"Not really. This morning when I came in, the higher up gave me a folder that stated a Detective Rush from New York will be joining us at precisely at 9:00 sharp." replied Stillman with all the information he had.

"Great, I have about 15 minutes before the babysitting begins. I still don't get why I have to be stuck with him?" groused Valens.

"Ow, cheer up man. You can turn him into your own little protégé." Vera proposed with a doughnut in his hand as he began to finish off his breakfast.

"Shut it, Vera!" Valens yelled clearly not amused.

"Touchy, touchy, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Vera snickered.

Scotty gave Vera one of his best glares and he shut up immediately without further comment.