At 8:55 am Lucas Cross aka the boss of bosses came into the office with a hot blond by his side. Scotty was the first one to see her. He thought that maybe his day was looking up. The guys were thinking that she was going to provide them with a new case.

"Gather around. I know you are all waiting to meet your new detective, so without further ado, I give you Detective Lillian Rush from Narcotics in New York. She was not only the youngest officer to ever graduate from the Police Academy, but is also the first female detective. We are luck to have her join us. Detective Rush, you can get acquainted with everyone as I leave." Cross announced.

Stillman was the first one to speak up. "I'm John Stillman and everyone calls me Boss. To the right is Nick Vera; next to him is Will Jeffries, and last but not least is your partner, Scotty Valens."

"Hi, I'm Lillian Rush, but you guys can call me Lilly if you prefer." Lilly greeted her new team.

As they made their greeting and small talk, an elderly Puerto Rican woman came through doors. "Necesito hablar con alguien acerca de la muerte de mi hija." (I need to speak to someone about the death of my daughter.)

"Scotty, you're up. It's your specialty." announced Vera with a smirk.

Scotty nodded and said "Take notes Rush." "Hola. Soy el detective Valens y esta es la detective Rush. ¿Cómo se llama? ¿Cómo murió su hija?" ( Hi. I'm Detective Valens and this is Detective Rush. What is your name? How did your daughter die?)

"Mi nombre es Marina Padraza. Mi hija se llama Elizabeth Padraza. Ella desapareció el 5 de abril de 1980. Tenía sólo veinte años. Cuándo la encontraron, la policía dijo que ella se ahorcó, pero ellos no la conocen como yo. No importa cómo de mala fuese la vida que no se habría suicidado."(My name is Marina Padraza. My daughter's name is Elizabeth Padraza. She went missing on April 5th in 1980. She was only twenty years old. When they found her, the police said she hung herself, but they don't know her like I do. No matter how bad life was she wouldn't have killed herself.)

"Gracias por venir en el día de hoy. Veremos qué podemos hacer acerca de su caso." (Thank you for coming in today. We will see what we can do about your case.) Scotty gently voiced.

"Gracias. Adiós." (Thank you. Bye.) Marina stood up and shook the detectives' hands.

"What do we have Scotty?" Jeffries asked as the woman walked out of the office.

"She claims that her daughter didn't commit suicide like the police said." replied Valens

"I don't understand why can't everyone just learn how to speak English?" Vera mused.

"It's hard ok! It's hard." snapped Valens. "Lets go Rush. We need to go to the archive room."

Jeffries shook his head as they watch Rush and Valens rush out the doors. "You had to say it didn't you?"

"What?" asked Vera not understanding what he had apparently done wrong.

"Never mind" replied Jeffries.