"I swear it's like watching my brother and my sister making out!" exclaimed the intruder pretending to gag and quickly moving his hands up to cover his eyes dramatically as he turned around attempting to make his way to the kitchen blindingly.

It turned out to be more difficult to execute his intentions. It became clear he wouldn't make it to the kitchen without injuring himself in the process as he stumbled into a wall. It was only when he kicked a nearby table and almost collapsed on to the floor did he uncover his eye to see where he's going.

Lilly and Scotty, from the couch, gave Francisco a look that could kill, but he didn't see as he had his back to the couple.

"What are you doing here? I gave you a key to my apartment for emergencies only. You are not suppose to use it when I am already in the apartment." sighed Scotty as he got up and grabbed the clothing the couple had discarded earlier in their haste.

Francisco turned around swiftly, and uttered in shock, "Scotty, how can you say this isn't an emergency. My wife, my pregnant wife, wants cookies and who am I to deny her of her cookies? There is no way in hell I'm going back there without cookies."

Scotty, having somewhat gotten over the fact that Francisco came thoughtlessly into his apartment, gave him a wary smile. "Too bad Francisco, I don't have any cookies. You could have gone to the little bakery down the street. Why couldn't you have knocked?"

"I know you don't have any. I have been looking for them for like ten minutes now. I guess I'll have to make some from scratch." He pouted. "I'm taking your sugar and flour. The bakery down the street is too far and slow. I didn't knock 'cause you are always working. You usually come home at eight or even maybe later depending on the day. And today, it's only six o'clock, so what's the point in knocking if I knew you weren't home?" He announce as he glanced at the clock on the side of the wall.

"Oh I don't know, maybe it was the fact that I could be home." Scotty retorted sarcastically.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'll apologize for intruding. I'll leave now and you guys can get back to doing what you were doing." Francisco said as he exited the apartment carrying the sugar in one hand and the flour in the other. He was out the door before Scotty could even tell him it would take a lot longer to make cookies from scratch than if he had just gone down the street to the bakery and bought some.

Scotty looked at Lilly in disbelief at what had just occurred. Lilly, on the other hand, seem to be amused with the whole exchange.

"I guess that kind of killed the mood, didn't it?" asked Scotty as he walked over to the door and locked it before glancing back at Lilly.

Lilly looked right back at him giving him a wide innocent smile before replying, "No sé, lo hizo?" (I don't know, did it?) She said after beginning to teasingly strip off her shirt.

His mood rapidly changed. "Pienso que sólo devolvió el derecho de humor." (I think you just brought the mood right back.) He replied cheekily following her towards the bedroom.

When Scotty made it into the bedroom, Lilly was lying completely naked in the middle of the bed. He had gone from soft to hard within seconds of just seeing her. Following her example, he began to undress. Instead of hurrying to remove all his cloths, he did a little striptease for Lilly.

Lilly drank in the sight of Scotty willing him to go faster at the same time not want him to.

Kneeling on the bed, Lilly said in a lust filled voice, "Venga aquí," (Come here) with her pointing finger gesturing 'come hither'.

Scotty instantly joined Lilly on the bed kissing her intensely. Pushing her down onto the bed, Scotty trailed his kisses down to her sensitive neck. He used his right hand to inch his way along her shoulder to her left breast lightly squeezing while his left hand started massaging Lilly's lower back.

Lilly moaned into the kiss enjoying the feeling of Scotty's hands on her warm creamy skin.

As he went lower, he sucked on her right breast while simultaneously messaging the other one with his hand. Using his tongue, he drew circles around the tight nub before drawing it completely into his mouth. After a few minutes, he turned his attention to the other and gave it the same treatment.

Lilly moaned Scotty's name as he created sensations she has never felt before. She didn't want the feels to ever leave.

Deciding that he wasn't getting enough attention, she rolled them over so that she was on top and straddling Scotty's hip as she grinds down on his already leaking cock.

Her core was slippery wet and hot on top of his rock hard dick, making Scotty want nothing more than to be inside her already. He tried to thrust up into her heat as she was still rocking on top of him.

Lilly, on the other hand, was having none of that as the movement began to falter.

She moved painfully slow for Scotty's liking. Lilly began touching and tasting every inch of his skin until it he was sure that it was on fire. He started withering one the bed begging.

"Oh God Lilly!" shouted Scotty as he almost came again from Lilly's exquisite teasing.

"Yes Scotty." came the reply from Lilly as if she wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary.

In reality, Lilly had Scotty's iron hard cock in her mouth, sucking and licking it as though it was a Popsicle and torturing Scotty to death, but what a way to go thought Scotty.

"Stop, Lilly, please stop." moaned Scotty not really wanting her to stop, but he needed her to or else this would be over soon. He had been on edge the entire night and he knew the moment he was inside her, he was going to pop.

All at once Lilly stopped. She kissed her way back up to his mouth before say "Was I doing it wrong?" in a far too innocence filled voice.

Scotty growled before reversing their positions. "You're such as tease."

"You liked" replied Lilly pulling Scotty down to kiss him again.

"No arguments there." He said as he pulled away. He touched the tip of his dick against Lilly's slick folds. In a swiping motion, he ran the tip of his cock along her folds a few times before finally entering her cause both of them to moan at the feeling.

"Oh Scotty, you feel so good in me." She groaned out clinging to Scotty for dear life.

"Lilly! You're so wet and tight, I have no idea how long I'm going to last." He grunted out trying to keep his pace slow to draw out the feeling of having Lilly all around him longer.

As the sensation became too much, Scotty sped up his thrust. When he felt Lilly's inner walls began to clamp down on him, he let go deep inside her.

Scotty fell right on top of Lilly and quickly rolled off of her to lie right next to her out of breathe.

"I think that gets better and better each time we do it." Lilly said with a goofy smile on her face.

Scotty turned around and replied "I don't think we have enough data yet. We need to do some more research." before kissing Lilly.

As the kiss ended, Lilly smirked, "More data, huh?"

"Definitely! Lots more." He answered attempting to keep his face straight, but failing miserably.

Lilly laid her head on the crook of Scotty's shoulder and rested her hand across his stomach before saying sleepily "Goodnight Scotty."

After he kissed her forehead, he said "Goodnight Lilly." He enjoyed having Lilly snuggled up against him.

In a few minutes, the couple drifted off into a peaceful night's sleep.

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