Mutant Angel

Note: This is my second fanfic and I don't own DN Angel or X-men: Evolution

One Night there was an incident:

"HAHAHAHA, catch ya later cops," smirk a teenager who looked about 16 with black hair, eyes, and wings. This young man was the Phantom Thief Dark.

"GRRRRR, CURSE YOU DARK," shouted police inspector Saehara. "Commander what should we do?" he asked. "Nothing, after all you let him get away." Stated a boy about 14 years old with blue hair and eyes. His name was Satoshi Hikari, but it is now Satoshi Hiwatari.

Later on that night:

"Aw man I hate stealing, and my mom never gets it," complained a boy about 14 years old with red spikey hair and eyes. His name is Daisuke Niwa, who happens to be Dark's vessel.

"Aw will you quit complaining its annoying and anyway it was fun to see the look on Hiwatari's face. However it's a go thing he didn't turn into Krad, if he did then it would have been bad not to mention ugly," stated Dark.

"Yeah, you're right," Daisuke said quietly. He couldn't forget that his friend Satoshi was a Hikari and he vesselled Dark's enemy Krad, and not only that he was constantly remined that the Niwa's were a family of thieves and they were enemies with the family of artists the Hikaris.

And the fact that each male member of these families have to host Dark and Krad, the Niwas had Dark while the Hikaris had Krad.

"Daisuke are you alright, would you like me to get you some tea?" asked a boy that looked about Daisuke's age with blond hair and green eyes.

"No, I am alright Argentine thank you," replied Daisuke. Argentine was a living artwork made by the Hikaris and Satoshi has given him to the Niwas and now works as their personal butler.

"Hang on a minute, of course he does want tea from you because he wants Towa-chan to serve it right Daisuke?" asked a young woman with blond hair and brown eyes. Her name is Towa like Argentine she was created by the Hikaris and went into the Niwa household as their maid, she can detect magical objects and in actual life she is about 98 years-old.

"DAI-CHAN, YOU LOOKED SO GOOD TONIGHT YOU AND DARK," gushed a woman with brownish-blond hair who immediately pounced onto Daisuke. She is Daisuke's mother Emiko Niwa who loves to set uo traps for her son.

"Now, now Emiko-san let him go I bet he is exhausted tonight," stated a man that looked like Daisuke excepted he has black spikey hair and eyes. He is Daisuke's father Kosuke Niwa, he actually isn't a Niwa he just married into the family and adopted the last name after he married Emiko.

"Both my Emiko and Kosuke-san are right, you did a fantastic job Daisuke," said an elderly man that was nearly bald with spikey white hair, mustache, and beard. This is Daisuke's grandfather , Emiko's father, and the previous vessel for Dark, Daichi Niwa, and he is the same age as Towa.

"Thanks everyone, now I am going to rest up and pack up, because tomorrow morning my class is going on a trip." Said Daisuke.

"Eh? Where are you going Dai-chan?" ask Emiko. "My class is going on a trip to visit an American high school called Bayville." Daisuke answered.

"Yosh, then it is decided your family is going to accompany you on this trip as well as Towa-chan and Argentine," Emiko declared very confidently that you could see fire blazing around her.

"EEEEHHHHH?" said Daisuke and Kosuke. "But why?" asked Daisuke. "Yeah Emiko-san, Daisuke is right why?" questioned Kosuke,

"Because Kosuke-san and Dai-chan, if Hiwatari is there then that means he'll provoke Dark and I don't trust him, furthermore I want to see if there are any beautiful artworks that there to steal!" explained Emiko, whose was in a very happy state.

"Emiko is right that there will probably be nice artwork pieces to steal and we can also see if that are any with magic on them, besides that if that young Hikari is there Krad might be able to provoke Dark. Unless you want to be challenged Dark?" Daichi asked.

"Heh I don't mind a good challenge, you might be right Emiko and Daichi this will be fun," smirked Dark. "OHHH this is exciting Towa-chan can't wait." Squeeled Towa.

While Emiko, Daichi, and Towa were discussing plans excitedly, and Dark listening in intetively, Kosuke and Daisuke sighed while Argentine looked at all of them in confusion.

"I think I better get packing now the sooner I get done the sooner I can go to sleep," sighed Daisuke wearily. "Alright good night Daisuke chirped Kosuke.

"Okay, everyone good nigh-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." All of a sudden one the floorboards fell open and Daisuke was barely grabbing on.

"Daisuke are you okay?" shouted Kosuke concerned for his son. "You have to do better than that Dai-chan in order to be the Phantom Thief" chimed Emiko happily as her son fell into one of her traps.


I know I didn't mention With and there might be a few spelling errors in there so yeah, hey I wonder what the mutants will think when they meet Daisuke/Dark, Satoshi/Krad, Argentine, and Towa