Chapter 8:

Once the X-men gang arrived at the institute, they brought Daisuke and Satoshi to the Danger Room.

After about ten minutes Daisuke and Satoshi began to regain conscious and realized that they were strapped down to a chair.

"Wha- wha- what's going on here? Why I'm I strapped to a chair? And where is this place?" questioned a very scared Daisuke.

"Geez, 'bout time you woke up Daisuke I was beginning to wonder if Red had killed you," said a very familiar but annoying voice.

"Huh? Dark where are we?" asked Daisuke.

"We're at the Xavier Institute, and apparently you and that Hikari bastard are going to be interrogated about how you guys aren't mutants but can turn into me and Krad," explained Dark.

"Mutants?" said Daisuke.

"Niwa, mutants are humans who have a special gene in their genetic signature that allows them to have special powers such as teleporting and telekinesis. Each mutant power is different and unique to every individual, but some people have the same powers as each other." Satoshi explained after listening in on Daisuke's and Dark's conversation.

"Oh? Then Hiwatari-kun do they realize that we aren't mutants?" asked Daisuke.

"I don't know Niwa maybe and maybe not. But hopefully they'll think we're mutants," said Satoshi.

After he finished saying that the doors opened and in walked; Professor Xavier, Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rouge.

"McCoy-san, Kurt-senpai? Is that you?" asked Daisuke, after seeing a blue-furred beast of some sort, and a blue elf with a devil tail and that looked fuzzy.

"Ja it's us," replied Kurt shyly and Beast just nodded his head sheepishly.

"Alright let's cut to the chase, what we want to know is what exactly are you guys? You brats aren't mutants so what are you?" question Logan who looked extreme pissed off.

"Damn it" muttered Daisuke.

"Damn, so they know we aren't mutants," thought Satoshi.

"Yes Satoshi you are exactly right we know that you two aren't mutants," said Charles calmly.

"Wait how did you-, you're a mutant with telepathic powers aren't you?" asked Satoshi coolly.

"Yes I am" responded Charles calmly.

"If you're a mutant does that make everyone in this room a mutant, considering that McCoy-san and Kurt-senpai look different than the average human?" questioned Satoshi.

"Yes, and in fact everyone who lives in this institute is a mutant. Now let's return to the original question shall we. What are you two?" asked Charles.

"That is none of your concern since Niwa and I aren't mutants," snapped Satoshi.

"Listen brat, it is our concern considering that one of you broke into an art museum and stole a piece of artwork. Not to mention that you two can be the cause your death or of someone else if we leave unchecked here in America," snapped Logan causing the room to go silent.

"Logan that's enough they didn't know," said Storm realizing that Daisuke looked scared and shocked at the same time and Satoshi turned his head away.

"Alright this isn't getting us anywhere, Hank can you start up program and Jean can you alert everyone to come down to the Danger Room pleased?" asked Charles while he was putting on helmets on Daisuke's and Satoshi's heads.


"Sure thing"

"Um, professor what are you going to do?" asked Kitty.

"We are going to figure out what exactly are Satoshi and Daisuke, so we are going inside their inner conscious," explained Charles.

After everyone was gathered in the Danger Room and the program started to run, the X-men began to look inside Daisuke's and Satoshi's conscious.

Soon the lights on the machine started to go off and it began to make a loud wailing noise.

"Hey teach what's going on?" asked Evan.

"We found something inside their conscious," responded Charles.

As soon as he said that there was aloud shout and something began to appear on the screen above Daisuke's head.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE?" shouted a teenager that had black hair and eyes and was dressed in black who was on Daisuke's screen.

Daisuke and Satoshi immediately snapped out of their daze after they heard a very annoying but familiar voice.

They turned around and looked up and saw Dark on the screen above Daisuke's head.

"You are the angel that stole from the art museum last night weren't you?" asked Charles.

"Yeah that's me" smirked Dark.

"Who are you?" asked Charles.

But before Dark could answer, Scott responded first.

"His name is Dark and apparently he was this uncatchable art thief from Japan," answered Scott.

"I can't believe you Daisuke! You're the one who stole from that art museum. I mean you willingly let 'Dark' steal priceless art-pieces just for the heck of it," accused Jean who looked very upset.

Daisuke was just sitting there confused; when he was about to say something Dark beat him to it.

"Pfttt…. HAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHA HAHAHA… Daisuke- gasp- help –cough- me – wheeze- steal….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" Dark manage to say while rolling on the ground clutching his sides laughing uncontrollably.

Daisuke was just sitting there his face was a very deep red from being completely embarrassed by Dark, while everyone else in the room except for Satoshi looked confused.

"He couldn't going one night without complaining that we stole something," gasped Dark and then resumed back to laughing.

"AND WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THAT? I HATE STEALING!" shouted a still embarrassed Daisuke at the laughing Dark.

The students and the teachers of the Xavier Academy were just standing there looking at the odd spectacle when a cold voice broke them out of their trance.

"Could you not make yourself look like an idiot Dark?" said a very cold familiar voice that made Dark stop laughing and made Daisuke and Satoshi nervous.

"No Krad, because I never look like an idiot unlike Daisuke," smirked Dark as he stood up.

Everyone else looked up onto Satoshi's screen to see the Arian angel from last night.

Almost immediately after seeing him, Logan hated his guts.

His instincts or something told him that there was something bad about that pretty boy.

"Who are you?" growled Logan to Krad.

"My name is Krad," said Krad.

"What are you and Dark, as well as Satoshi and Daisuke?" asked Storm.

"Satoshi is my vessel and Daisuke is Dark's vessel. That is all I will tell you," responded Krad.


"I am rather extremely annoyed at the moment, so annoyed that I will come out and destroy you as well as Dark." Krad said with a sadistic smile on his face.

"Hey not a bad idea Krad I'll take you on that that challenge," smirked Dark.

Daisuke and Satoshi froze with fear, afraid of what will happen to the other as well as the spectators if Krad and Dark are unleashed.

"However, to tell you the truth I sick at looking your sorry face and all these people watching so screw it," said Dark.

"Hmph, your right Krad having all these people watching me and trying to figure out who I am is annoying. So for now I'll say farewell and I'll meet you in Paradise." Krad said in a challenging tone.

"Fine, but I'm the one who's going to see you in Paradise," smirked Dark accepting the challenge.

But before any of the mutants could say anything Dark and Krad let out a strange aura and blew the machine up.

Five minutes later after the huge explosion everyone in the room began stare at Satoshi and Daisuke questionably.

But before they could say or do anything there was a huge explosion from outside the house.

"Ororo bring up the security camera's and see what made that explosion," ordered Charles.

Once Storm brought up the screen, the mutants and Satoshi and Daisuke couldn't believe what they saw.

Standing right in the front entrance was the Niwa family along with Towa and Argentine.

"Niwa what's family doing here, and what is your mother holding and what is strapped to her back?" whispered Satoshi to Daisuke.

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I don't know," stammered Daisuke wondering what in the world his mother had.

Before anyone in the Danger could do anything, Kosuke appeared into view.

"E-Emiko-san what are those things you have there?" asked a nervous looking Kosuke.

"Oh? These? They are a machine gun and a missile launcher Kosuke-san. I got these today for a trap I set up for Dai-chan," chirped Emiko happily.

"E-E-E-Emiko-san," stammered Kosuke sweat-dropping.

"Why me?" wondered Daisuke out loud with a dark cloud over his head and having anime tears streaming down his face.

Kurt, Evan, Rouge, and Storm noticed this. But everyone else was too busy taking evasive action to notice.

"Logan active the defense system, Jean and Scott take Daisuke and Satoshi to the X-jet, everyone else follow them make sure they don't get Daisuke and Satoshi. They probably don't know how dangerous these children are and we need to figure out how to control their powers," said Charles.

As they were doing what they were told to do, Towa used her powers and overheard what they were going to do.

"Okou-sama their going to take Daisuke farther away from us," reported Towa.

Emiko's eyes were soon cover by her bangs and dropped her machine gun and missile launcher to the floor.


"I WILL DEFIENTLY NOT FORGIVE YOU!" shouted Emiko drawing a katana out of nowhere.

"DON'T WORRY DAI-CHAN MOMMY'S COMING!" shouted Emiko as she began to charge towards where her son was, only to be held back by Kosuke and Towa.



"Kosuke-san, let me go! Don't you want to save our son!" shouted Emiko.

"I do! But we need to calm down and think about this," said Kosuke calmly trying to comfort his wife.


"Kosuke is right Emiko," said Daiki

"Dad! Dai-chan -"

"I know, don't worry I have something that will save Daisuke and the Hikari boy as well," said Daiki as brought out a small mirror.

"Daiki-san is that-"

"Yes, it is the Mirror of Souls. An artwork created by a Hikari, it is able to catch any person and able to hold an enormous amount of people in it as well." Daiki explained.

After Daiki finished explaining the mirror he activated it and commanded it to search and capture Daisuke and Satoshi.

Daisuke and Satoshi were being wheeled into the X-jet, when suddenly a portal appeared from underneath them a sucked them in.

The X-men and the other mutants stood there in shock, staring at the spot where Daisuke and Satoshi were.

"Like, what just happened?" asked Kitty.

Once Daisuke and Satoshi were inside the mirror the Niwa family as well as Argentine and Towa left the mansion to return to their rented house.

Wow! Now things are starting to tense up for the X-men and the Niwas hopefully things will be sorted out soon.