Muffins, Cupcakes, and a Side of Black and Blond

"Dobe, get back to work!" The annoyed raven yelled. The hyper active mischief maker has… once again… sat in library and did nothing but distract him, and himself.

"Sasuke-teme, I'm bored! Why does Kaka-sensei make us study on one of our few days off!?"Sasuke raised his hand to rub his aching temples as the blond kept rambling on and on.

"And he…" Naruto paused to think, putting his hands on his lips. "I'm in the mood for cupcakes! C'mon teme lets go get some!" Naruto yelled out, trying to grab Sasuke's hand to lead him to the door. The raven merely brushed of the blonds hand however. Sasuke stood up and hit the younger one on the head. (1)

"Work," He reminded the blond, Sasuke looked at Naruto's face to see that he had put his lips in a rather delicious pout. The same beautiful lips that were talking so much, were trying to provoke the raven into doing some very naughty things to the blonde. Things that shouldn't be done in a library and that no ordinary straight person would do. The two boys sat down again, and immediately Naruto had his mouth going off once again. Distracted, Sasuke looked over at Naruto but immediately wished he hadn't. Those lips are just too darn tempting! The lips that never closed had somehow awoken a hunger deep inside Sasuke. Self control Uchiha, Self control. He told himself mentally. The blond still did never shut up. Finding some of the oddest things to talk about/ mention. All Sasuke caught was 'What kind of muffins are your favorite?'Still Sasuke was trying to stop all his hormones from going off, and keep his self control in check.

"Sasuke, How do you keep your hair so black?! Do you dye it?!" The blond shouted out. Screw it! Sasuke snapped, and then the raven pounced.

"Ne… Sasuke t-teme?" the blond stuttered as he noticed the hunger in Sasuke's eyes. The raven didn't answer, as he just pulled the blond out of his chair and pushed him into a nearby wall. The Uchiha leaned his lips in, and bit the blonde's bottom lip. The younger boy did a gasp, which Sasuke had expected as he stuck his tongue inside the others' mouth. Narurto widened his eyes when he noticed Sasuke's own hunger filled ones. As Sasuke shifted his tongue the dark, wet space, as Naruto did the cutest reactions. Heck with it… I like Naruto. I am officially Naruto-sexual. Naruto kept tensing as Sasuke pulled Naruto back from the wall a little bit to have one hand play with the blond hair, and the other to hold Naruto closer to him. Finally Naruto did close his eyes, and fall into the kiss. As Sasuke pulled away from Naruto's lips, he noticed the blonde still had his eyes closed. The raven kept his grip on Naruto, but put his lips near the blonde's ear to whisper.

"An Uchiha always gets what an Uchiha wants. And this Uchiha has lost his patience." Low and seductively. He smirked as he felt the blond shiver a bit, and to see that his face was very red. But he somehow never saw the librarian who had fainted with blood all around her, as he thought This clueless uke, has been claimed by his possessive Seme.

1 One of those playful ones you know. Like on the forehead XD

Lol That one-shot was kinda fun XD… I hope you enjoyed. And now for the quote (I'm starting to do quotes for all my stories/chapters

So am I

Still waiting

For this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason

Can't find hope to believe in

Still waiting by Sum 41