A shortish first update. Enjoy!

Meredith is sat on a beach looking out at the waves, lost in her own little world, thinking back to the last time she saw him. A year ago today, when she said goodbye to him for the last time, she can feel her body start shaking as her tears overtake and she breaks down and sobs. She doesn't even notice the woman sit down next to her, pulling her close to her while she cries. After about an hour, Meredith manages to pull herself together, she looks up at the woman sat next to her, who looks so much like her brother, the man that she loves more than anything in this world. With her dark hair and deep blue eyes, it not hard to see him, she wishes that she could forget him once and for all, but that is never going to happen.

"Are you okay? Meri", she asks.

"I can't do it anymore Kath" Meredith tells her

"Do what?" Kathleen asks, wandering if she was talking about her brother. She was trying to figure out a way to tell her that he was back, that he was moving back to town with his wife.

"This I can't face any of it, every time my husband kisses me or wants to make love to me, I have to pretend it him" Meredith says, the tear threatening to fall again

"Meredith, your marriage never even started, not properly, you have always been in love with that stupid idiot of a brother of mine, that Russell never stood a chance, you have been having an affair with my brother since your marriage began, and in the last year since it ended, you haven't been the same person" Kathleen tells her honestly.

Meredith is shocked, she never realised that Kathleen knew about her affair with Derek.

"How did…" Meredith started before Kathleen interrupted her

"Derek" she said simply. Meredith just nods; she was wandering why Kathleen had not said anything to her about it before.

"Well, I better go, mom was just wandering if you and Russell for coming over for the party tonight?" Kathleen asked.

"We will be, Russell insisted on it, that it would do us some good. It a good thing that Derek won't be there" Meredith said.

Kathleen just nodded her head, thinking how awkward it was going to be, when she finds out the real reason for the party, she wanted to tell her, but her mother insisted that nobody knew before they all arrive at the Shepherd estate.

"Okay, I'll see you tonight Meri" Kathleen said, giving her best friend a hug, before walking up the beach towards the Shepherd Estate. Meredith stayed on the beach a little while longer. What Meredith did not see, was the dark haired man standing over by the rocks, watching her, feeling her pain.

Derek was not looking forward to the party tonight, the party to announce that he and his wife would be moving back. Addison was upstairs getting ready for the party, even though it wasn't the type of party that he and Addison occasionally went to in New York, she still insisted on having a rest and taking hours to get ready before the party. Derek was finding it difficult being back here, being this close to her, but not being able to see her. Kathleen could see how hard it was for him to be back here, she insisted that they go for a walk, they walked along the beach, where the Shepherd Estate faced, not talking. She could see that her brother was lost in a world that no longer existed. Derek stops suddenly, staring over to the spot where Meredith sat on the beach. He could see that she was crying, he knew why she was so upset, it was a year ago today, that he told her, that he couldn't do it anymore, that it was time they ended their affair. The look of devastation over her beautiful face was plain to see, he had broken her heart, and that killed him more than anything. He had to protect her, and it was the only way. When she left, he died inside, it was seeing her that kept him alive, when she was gone, he lad nothing left to live for. He couldn't take his eyes off her, seeing her break in Kathleen's arms, broke his heart even more. He prayed that she wasn't going to be at the party tonight, he couldn't handle her being in the same room, knowing what he did hurt her so much. He also couldn't stand to see her with her husband. He saw her leave the beach, he wanted to run after her, but he couldn't. He watched has she disappeared beyond the dunes.