Here is the final the final update. Enjoy!

Meredith and Derek spend a further week in Florida, before flying back to New York; it gave Derek and Adam time to get to know each other. Adam had started to come round to the idea of Derek being his daddy, but he was still trying to understand it. Adam was still calling Derek, uncle, but Derek knew that it would take time. Derek enjoyed spending time with Meredith and Adam has a family, he was just looking forward to the day that Adam started calling him daddy. They had to be back in Seattle in a few days, but they wanted to see how his mom was doing. Diane had been released from the hospital two days before; she was staying with Kathleen for a few weeks until she was completely on her feet again. Meredith and Derek were staying at his mom's house in New York until they went back to Seattle. Diane had insisted that they stay there while she was staying at Kathleen's. Derek put Adam in his old room, while he and Meredith had one of the guest rooms.

They had dinner plan at Kathleen's that evening; it was just going to be them, Kathleen, Robert and Diane. Nancy had gone home to the Hamptons the day before, has one of her patients had gone into labour. Amy and Olivia had other plans with their partners. Meredith was glad that Nancy had gone home, they still didn't get along and Mer knew that they never would.

She was in the shower, and could hear that Derek was chasing Adam around the house, she could hear his laughter has Derek caught him. It warmed her heart to hear that Adam was trying to accept it, he still asked her about Russell, and when he would see his daddy. She was amazed at how in just a week her life had changed; she finally had the family that she had always wanted since the first day that she had met him. Her life had finally made a turn around. She knew that this was it, that she couldn't imagine her life without him. She was lost in thought, when she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist and pull her towards him; she looked on in the blue eyes of the man she loved. He captured her lips with his, his tongue running across her lips begging entry, has she let his tongue entry into her mouth she moaned into his mouth, she felt herself get wet, has their tongues continued to caress each others. Derek pushed her against the wall of the shower, his hands working down to her ass, and he placed a finger inside of her, and flicked her clit with another finger, Meredith let out a loud moan.

"Sshhh, baby. Adam's in the other room" Derek puts another finger inside of her, before placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her heated core. He places it inside of her, gradually pushed his cock inside of her, he pumped in and out, Meredith bit down on his shoulder to stop herself from calling out, they both climaxed together. Derek stayed inside her, feeling connected to her, the way that he loved, he never wanted to pull out of her, so he stayed in for as long has he could. He finally pulled out, let Meredith get her breath back, and he kissed her, and whispered to her "I love you forever"


There is a sequel I'll Be There, which we be up in the next couple of days.