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Title: Sensual Seduction

Summary: Sesshomaru wants the only thing his money can't buy. From the moment he sees Kags at a charity fashion show, he wants every inch of that curvy, creamy body. When she refuses, he mercilessly switches tactics. Will she submit to his lethal brand seduction?

Rating: M

Chapter: 1

''Remind me again why I'm doing this?'' Kagome asked her best friend.

''For the children, dummy.'' Sango replied.

''Exposing my body is not my idea of charity.''

''It's called modelling, Kagome. You're beautiful and you have a body to die for, what are you afraid of? All the rich men and important people have come to watch us. If we give them a good show, they will make more donations. All you have to do is cat walk, remember.''

''I know that. But do we have to model in so little clothing. I feel naked. I've never done something like this before, I don't know if...'' Kagome began to say.

''Calm down, will you! We have gone through this a lot of times. It's to save those children from living out on the streets. Imagine what it would be like to have no roof under your head, no clothes, have no idea where your next meal will come from. All those people out there, are here because they want to help save the children's home from closing. We are here because we want the same thing. It only for today, let's do our best, shall we?''

Kagome sighed. ''Okay!'' she gave in.

Sango had lost her parents when she was still young and was forced to live in the same children's home that was going to be soon closed down. She'd wanted to do everything in her power for the sake of the children but her efforts alone as an individual were not enough.

She turned to Kagome with the problem and that's how she came up with the idea of a fashion show and they sent out invitations to VIP's and friends. They also advertised on the internet and the newspapers about the reason for the fashion show to attract more people to come and watch, stating when and where it would be held.

They had both contacted all their friends, that they could think of, to help with the show but they didn't have enough people to model. They had needed at least thirty women. Things were not look up but slowly by slowly some young women began to volunteer to do the modelling. Sango had asked Kagome to join them as well but at first she had hesitated before she was finally convinced that it was for a good course.

Today was the big day and Kagome was nervous as hell. She had never done any modelling before, let alone walk in front of so many people. She had peeked to see the number of the people who had turned up and they were hundreds of them.

Of course, she had done some practice with the other volunteers but practicing was different from doing the actual thing, walking with all those people out there watching. All eyes on her. This was going to be a day she would never forget that was for sure.

It's only for a while then it will be over, Kagome thought.

''Get ready girls, the show is about to begin. I hope all of you have had a makeover because once you begin, coming back here will only be to change clothes and back on the runway again!'' said Keith.

Sango had asked Keith to come and train the girls on how to cat walk because he worked for a modelling agency and had years of experience. The girls had met all together in the evenings for two hours every three day of the week to learn how to cat walk. With their determination, everyone learned very fast and had a lots of fun.

''Let's line up, Kagome.'' Sango held out her hand to her best friend. Kagome took it and they lined up behind the other girls.

''Aren't you nervous, Sango?''

''Of course I am, everyone is nervous and excited but this is it. We cannot make mistakes. We have to give it all we got, okay?'' she gave Kagome a hug. ''You can do it. I know you can. Just believe in your self.''

''I can do this..I can do this.. I can do this..'' Kagome started to chant.

''That's the spirit.'' Sango encouraged her.

''It's time girls.'' Keith shouted again.

''Well, here goes nothing!'' Kagome murmured.


Sesshomaru sat on the front line, waiting for the fashion show to begin. He had received an invitation about the charity show and was here because he wanted to make a donation. This was the kind of life he chose. He was here because he wanted to be. He was a billionaire and had everything he could ever wish for. Giving some of his money to charity was something that he did gladly. But nobody knew about this side of him except for Jaken.

Jaken had been in the family for a long time. He had served Sesshomaru's father and now Sesshomaru. Because of his loyalty, Sesshomaru had decided to keep him around. Jaken did everything he was told to do without question, without hesitation. They understood each other and got along just fine.

Many people thought of him as a cold and ruthless man but he didn't care much to correct them. Let them think what they want. He was one of the most eligible billionaires around and he loved it. He had dated so many women before, he'd lost count. Love em' and leave em'... that was Sesshomaru's mantra.

His reputation as a playboy allowed him more women than never. Women practically threw themselves at him because they wanted just to be given a taste of what he was made of. Of what he had to offer. He had not yet met a woman that was suitable for him and he was not in a hurry. His thoughts were interrupted when a man started speaking.

''Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Keith, I welcome you to our show today. May I remind you that we're are having this fashion show for the sake of the Children's home. Hopefully, with your help, we can give those kids something to live for, something to look forward to. And that is hope. Thank you all, once again, for your presence here today. We shall now begin the show. Enjoy.'' Keith beckoned the DJ to start the music.

Peace up! A Town Down!

Yeah, (Yeah!) OK!

(Usher! Usher! Usher! Usher!)

Lil' Jon!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Yeah, Yeah! Yeaah!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Yeah, Yeah! Yeaah!

As the show began, Sesshomaru watched as the models started walking on the runway. Nice music, he thought.

Up in the club with my homies, tryna get a lil' V-I, but keep it down on the low key, 'cause you know how it is.

I saw shorty she was checkin' up on me, from the game she was spittin' in my ear you would think that she knew me.

So we decided to chill

One by one the girls poured themselves in sexy bikinis. Sesshomaru loved to see some skin. And that was a lot of skin.

Conversation got heavy, she had me feelin' like she's ready to blow!

(Watch Out! Oh! Watch Out!)

She's saying "Come get me! Come get me",

So I got up and followed her to the floor, she said "Baby, let's go",

That's when I told her I said

The models were all tall and beautiful. They all did a great job cat walking. Sesshomaru wondered whether they were professional models or not. They were very good at what they did. But, it would be so hard to find professional models in a place like this. Most of the top models he knew were self centred bitches who only thought about themselves. This ones must be normal models who had not yet reached the top.

Yeah (yeah) Shorty got down low and said come and get me

Yeah (yeah) I got so caught up I forgot she told me

Yeah (yeah) Her and my girl used to be the best of homies

Yeah (yeah) Next thing I knew she was all up on me screaming:

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Yeah, Yeah! Yeaah!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Yeah, Yeah! Yeaah!

Sesshomaru looked at each model as they walked but none of them fascinated him... yet. He looked further, as if waiting...

So she's all up in my head now, got me thinking that it might good idea to take her with me,

'Cause she's ready to leave (ready to leave)

But I gotta keep it real now, 'cause on a one to ten she's a certified twenty, but that just ain't me. Hey.

Then she came out. Sesshomaru held his breath. The woman was tall and slim. She had long black hair and a bangin' figure. Her blue eyes and her bright smile lit up the room. Everyone started cheering. All eyes were on her.

Because I don't know if I take that chance just where it's gonna lead,

But what I do know is the way she dance makes shorty alright with me.

The way she (get low!)

I'm like yeah, just work that out for me.

She asked for one more dance and I'm

Like yeah, how the hell am I supposed to leave?

And I said

Who was this woman? The way she swayed her hips and cat walked with such grace, made Sesshomaru lean forward on his seat. Of all the women who had walked by she was the only one that caught his attention. She was a real beauty. She looked so exotic. Fresh.

Hey, Luda!

Watch out!

My outfit's ridiculous, in the club lookin' so conspicuous.

And Rowl! These women all on the prowl, if you hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow.

Forget about the game, I'm a spit the truth, I won't stop till I get 'em in they birthday suits.

So gimmie the rhythm and it'll be off with their clothes, then bend over to the front and touch your toes.

I left the Jag and I took the Rolls, if they aint cutting then I put em on foot patrol.

How you like me now, when my pinky's valued over three hundred thousand,

Lets drank you the one to please, Ludacris fill cups like double D's.

Me and Ursh once more and we leave 'em dead, we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed to say ´

''Interesting.'' Sesshomaru didn't realize that he'd spoken out loud. The woman had definitely captured all his attention. She was in a sexy red bikini suit, that made her stand out. And those high heels... damn! He loved it when a woman walked in high heels. It was such a turn on for him.

Take that and rewind it back, Lil' Jon got the beat to make ya booty go (clap)

Take that and rewind it back, Ursher got the voice to make ya booty go (clap)

Take that and rewind it back, Ludacris got the flow to make ya booty go (clap)

Take that and rewind it back, Lil' Jon got the beat to make ya booty go (clap)

The DJ changed the music as the model continued with the show. Sesshomaru waited impatiently for the raven-haired woman to come out again. This time she was in another attire. She had an innocent look about her but still managed to look so sexy. Maybe he should wait and talk to her after the show. Maybe invite her out for a drink or something. Or something sounded better. He would mind having a piece of her.


Kagome held up her glass of champagne as they toasted to a successful show. She had so been nervous before the show, but once she was on the runway she had forgotten all her fears and did her best. She had been aware of the eyes on her but that was what modelling was all about. You were supposed to model and people check you out. The audience had to look at what she was wearing, how she presented herself, every step that she took. To say the least, It was breathtaking experience and she had lots of fun.

''Sango, I'm going out to get some fresh air.''

''You did well today, Kagome. I'm so proud of you.''

''You did well too! And you were right, it was fun.''

''I'm glad. Come back soon when you've had enough air, because I would like to make an announcement later, okay?'' Kagome nodded and walked out of the building.

It was already dark outside and there was a cool breeze which she loved. After that show, this is all she needed to cool down and relax. Never in her twenty-three years had she thought that she would one day model for anything. In front of anyone. It was just unheard of. It wasn't something that she would normally do. She didn't believe in showing her body to the world to achieve anything but today she did it for Sango's sake. For the children's sake. No matter, it was already done and it wasn't that bad.

Kagome was fresh from University and was job-hunting at the moment. She had just started applying to many companies and was still waiting for their responses. She hope she could get something to do soon so that she could continue supporting herself. The rent didn't pay itself. She had moved out from her home, a year after entering the University and was not about to go back and be mummy's little girl again. While she was still studying at the university, she used to have part-time jobs but now she needed something stable now that she had graduated.

''May I join you?'' said a voice behind her. She turned around to see a tall man with long silver hair. Kagome didn't know him and had never met him but he somehow looked very familiar. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. Where had she seen this man before?

''Sure.'' she told him completely aware of his eyes on her.

''You did great today. That was a nice show.'' Sesshomaru tried to make conversation.

''Oh no! You saw me? Were you in there too?'' she asked horrified. To think that the man saw her in that bikini, was enough to make her blush.

''Yes, I saw you. Are you a profesional model?''

''No I am not. Would you believe me if I told you that this was my first time to model? My first time to walk in front of such a big crowd?''

''Could have fooled me. You were so natural, I would never have guessed.''

''Well thank you, kind sir!'' she was now blushing at the compliment.

''My name is Sesshomaru Taisho. Maybe you've heard of me before...'' Sesshomaru told her his name intentionally because it always did the trick. When the girls heard his name they always came running.

Kagome put two and two together and her eyes widened in recognition. ''The Billionaire?'' he nodded. ''Oh my God!'' she exclaimed. ''My name is Kagome Higurashi. What are you doing here? What is a millionare like you doing here?'' she couldn't believe she was standing next to the man himself. That was why he looked so familiar to her. she felt as if she had seen him somewhere before.

''Actually, I came to ask you, if I could take you out sometime, for a drink or something.'' he waited for her response.

''Out as in a date?'' she looked into his molten amber eyes. She had never seen eyes with that colour before. They were very unique.

''Yes.'' Sesshomaru said.

Kagome considered thoughtfully. ''Why would you want to go out on a date with me? I'm not your type of girl. I have seen the women you dated in the newspapers and magazines. I am way, way not of your class. Thanks for your interest but I'm afraid I have to decline.''

''Why? Is there a reason for your refusal?'' Well, this was new to him. She was the first woman to ever refuse him. He deserved at least to know why.

''Because...'' she stopped herself. ''Just because!'' she finished.

''Hn! Is it because I am a billionaire?'' When she didn't answer, he continued. ''So you don't like billionaires?'' he looked into her blue eyes.

Kagome pulled herself together. It was difficult with golden eyes wandering over her in leisurely appreciation, but she managed. ''What's to like?''

Sesshomaru's eyes glinted wickedly. ''Is that a challenge?''

She hadn't meant it as a challenge. Kagome had one rule: You never, ever run away. Her chin lifted. ''Take it any way you want. The bottom line is that I'm not going out with you. End of story!''

He nodded. ''You know, you interest me.''

''Oh gosh. You really know how to flatter a girl.''

''That's no use. What I need to know is how to get you interested in me,'' he said coolly.

''I am not interested, okay! I wouldn't go on a date with you if you were the last man on earth. Now, if you will excuse me, I have better things to do.'' she walked past him and disappeared into the night.

What the hell just happened? Sesshomaru couldn't believe that Kagome had just turned him down and walked away. No woman had ever done that to him. Of course they said, there was a first for everything but to be turned down like that was just so humiliating.

What was it about her that intrigued him so much. She wouldn't get away with it. He would have her dammit. She had even dared to challenge him. The great Lord Sesshomaru. Nobody ever did that and lived to tell about it. But times had changed. His already had his mind set only on her. Sooner or later he would have her as a lover, begging for his touch. He reached for his cell phone.

''Jaken, get a pen and a paper now.'' he waited.

''Yes, milord. Right away.'' Jaken replied. ''Go ahead.'' he said when he already had the pen and paper in hand.

''I want you to find out all you can about a Kagome Higurashi. Dig into every single thing you can find out about her. I expect a detailed report, first thing tomorrow morning, is that clear?''

''Crystal.'' Jaken replied.

''And Jaken?''

''Yes, Lord Sesshomaru.''

''Have my dinner ready by the time I get home. I am famished.''

''Right away, milord.''

Sesshomaru hang up. ''Prepare yourself, Kagome. It's payback time,'' he smirked.


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