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Title: Sensual Seduction

Summary: Sesshomaru wants the only thing his money can't buy. From the moment he sees Kags at a charity fashion show, he wants every inch of that curvy, creamy body. When she refuses, he mercilessly switches tactics. Will she submit to his lethal brand seduction?

Rating: M

Chapter: 2

Sesshomaru sat on his balcony enjoying breakfast while reading the report he had requested about Kagome. Jaken had done a very good in such a short time. He didn't have him around for nothing. He knew better than to disappoint his master. Sesshomaru looked up to see Jaken still waiting for further instructions.

''So she lives alone and is looking for a job?'' Sesshomaru asked

''Yes, my lord. If you must know, she recently applied for a position in one of your companies.''

Sesshomaru smirked. ''Wonderful! Get Miroku on the phone right now!'' he commanded.

''What will you do, Lord Sesshomaru?'' Jaken asked when he saw the smirk. His lord never did that and when he did it only meant trouble. Trouble in capital letters. He was curious to know why his master was so interested in that woman. A human!

''Do you dare to question me, Jaken? Should I remind you of your place?''

''No, my lord. I'll get Miroku on the phone right away!'' with that he scrammed.

Miroku was his Human resource manager. He had also worked for Sesshomaru for quite some time now. He was very good at his work and loyal too. He was one of the few people who Sesshomaru mingled with freely. Jaken came back again holding out the phone to Sesshomaru, who took it. Jaken then excused himself.

''Miroku, I need you to do me a great favor.''

''Yes, go ahead.'' Miroku wondered why Sesshomaru was calling him so early in the morning. This must be really important because it was still so early in the morning.

''Someone by the name of Kagome Higurashi applied for a position as a Financial Adviser. Am I right?'' he sipped his orange juice.

''Just a moment, let me get her file.'' Miroku paused then spoke again. ''Yes I have her file here. What is this about? What do you want me to do?''

''I want you to send her an invitation for an interview today. Have someone deliver it to her house immediately. You will hold the interview in three days and give her the job. Don't tell her that I will be her boss or anything at all about me. I want her to start immediately after the interview. She will work directly with me. Have someone clear the office next to mine and have it furnished with the necessary equipment. Is that understood?''

''Yes, Lord Sesshomaru. Um, pardon me for asking, but why do you want to hire someone who has very little experience in this area of work? This is a big company and we don't need an inexperienced person as her. If you want I can advertise for the position and get someone who is more experienced and has better knowledge of what goes on here.''

''My mind is made up already. She has to start somewhere. So I am giving her the chance to proof herself. No more questions now. Do as I have asked, Miroku. Today! I want the invitation sent within the hour. Make a copy of the letter for me too and send it to my office. I'll come to the office later in the day.'' he hung up.

Now that that was taken care of, all he had to do was wait. He had all the time in the world. He was a very patient man and he would wait for that woman. A woman who rejected him without good reason. He couldn't explain it, but somehow, he just couldn't let the matter go. He had to be close to her, to get to know her better, to understand her. Funny enough, he found her to be a very interesting woman.


That evening Kagome arrived home from the gym tired as usual. It was routine for her to exercise. She loved eating and so she had to keep her body fit. She checked her letter-box and found only one letter. She went inside her small apartment, put her bag pack down and opened the letter and read.

''What the hell? Three days?'' she couldn't believe her luck to be called for an interview but three days was not enough time to prepare. Well, it's not like she had a lot to do, with all the free time she had, but still, three days! A week would have been adequate... But she was in need of the job and she would take the interview even if they had told her to go tomorrow. Without a job she could do nothing. She wouldn't be able to provide for herself and would even have to stop going to the gym.

She removed her clothes and headed for the bathroom. All she needed was a long shower. Her thoughts wandered to yesterday's events. The fashion show was very successful. Just as predicted, the donations were overflowing. She was so happy that the children's home wouldn't be closed. Happy that the children would be able to have a roof over their heads and food and clothing.

Sango had told them about the large amount of donations made and had thanked everyone for all their hard work. The other young women were also very happy for a job well done.

Afterwards, as they were going home, she had told Sango about her encounter with Sesshomaru.


''Why did you turn him down?'' Sango rolled her eyes.

''Duh! Because he's a playboy. I'm not interested in being played. You just have to hear his name to know what kind of person he is. All he wants is for me to grace his bed then go to the next woman and then the next. I will not give him my body, my time or day.''

''Baka, baka! If I were you, I would have jumped at the opportunity. I heard he's very good in bed. What woman wouldn't want to get a taste of his touch. What he has to offer. You don't know what you're missing, gal. But then again, I can't blame you.''

''What do you mean by that?''

''You're still a virgin, aren't you? That's why I'm saying, you have no idea what you're missing. Who better than him to teach you the pleasures of lovemaking, how wicked and seductive a man could be.'' Sango said smiling.

''No, thank you! It's true that I am still a virgin. But I would like to be with a man who will still want to have me after we become intimate for the first time and not someone who will run away to seduce other women soon afterwards. I would feel used and dirty. That is the kind of man he is and I will not give him the satisfaction.''

''You're so naive, Kagome.'' Sango just shook her head.

''Whatever. You can have him for all I care. I' will call you soon.'' she gave her friend a hug.

''Thanks Sango, for choosing me to take part in the charity fashion show. It means a lot me now that I look back and think about it. It was great.''

''I am glad. Goodnight, Kagome.'' with that she walked off in the opposite direction.

End of flashback

Kagome couldn't believe her friend's reasoning. She was a virgin by choice. If she wanted she would have given it up along time ago to any Tom, Dirk and Harry. Men were always ready to fuck anything in a skirt. All a woman had to do was offer and wham! They come running.

She wanted to save herself for that special someone. If there was a special somone out there, she would wait. She wasn't going to throw herself to any man that comes her way. It's true that it was hard to find that special someone but she wouldn't give up hope. She was still young and had more that enough time to experience whatever pleasures awaited her.

She had refused Sesshomaru not just because he was a billionaire, but because he was a billionaire with a reputation. The way he changed his women was not something she approved of. She wouldn't want to be in the position as the many women he had dated before. Didn't they know that he would drop them in a flash after he had his fun? She pitied those women. Actually she didn't know who was more naive, her or them!

Kagome finished showering and put on a robe. She went to the kitchen to made herself a sandwich. She then sat down to read again the contents of the letter that she had just received. She was getting excited by the moment. She couldn't wait for the day of the interview to come. Three more days! She would do her best just like she did at the fashion show.


Inuyasha finished his day's work and decided to go see his brother. It was late but he knew that Sesshomaru would still be in his office. He didn't want to call to warn him that he was headed there to see him because he knew, Lord Fluffy would refuse him entrance. Better to surprise him and be able to talk to him.

Miroku had told him of the weird request he had made earlier. What was his brother up to? None of it made any sense at all. Well, he would get the answers he needed and he would get them in just a moment. He was the only one who was able to stand up to his brother and lived to tell about it. If anybody else tried, they would be dealt with. For Sesshomaru could be totally ruthlessly sometimes.

Inuyasha knocked at the door and entered. ''Hey, Fluffy!''

''What do you want, half breed?'' Sesshomaru wasn't expecting to see his half brother.

''Aren't we in a bad mood? Is it that you didn't get laid last night or what?''

''Get out, you're only making my mood worse.'' Sesshomaru spat.

''I came to ask about your plans with that woman.'' he ignored his brother.

''What woman?'' Sesshomaru asked.

''Don't play dumb with me. You know very well who I'm talking about. Kagome Higurashi.''

''Who told you about her? It's Miroku isn't it?'' Damn that Miroku and his big mouth. Gossiping like a woman. He would have to talk with him and remind him of his place, Sesshomaru thought.

''It's not important how I got this information.''

''Then go and ask the person who gave you that information. Gossiping is not one of my hobbies.''

''What do you want with her? Why do you want her employed immediately?''

''That's none of your business, half breed. I'm the President of all my companies and I am not answerable to you or anyone else! Do you understand?''

''Why do you want to work directly with her?'' Inuyasha persisted.

''Know your position half-breed. Don't question me anymore on that matter. I will do as I please. If you interfere, I will make your life a living hell. Now, get out!'' Seshomaru almost lost it.

''I will find out what you're scheming, Fluffy.'' Inuyasha walked towards the door. ''You can count on it.'' he banged the door shut.

Damn, that half breed. Getting on my nerves. He will not interfere with my plans or else I will make him regret ever being born, Sesshomaru thought. Thank God, it was Friday! He planned on having a relaxing weekend, with no half breed around to torment him. But it would not relaxing enough. For he would be thinking about Kagome and what a long weekend it would be as he counted the days until he could see her again.

Soon she would get the job and they would be working together. Soon he would be able to stare into her deep blue eyes. Feel her nearness next to him. Soon.

He reached for the phone and dialled. '' Bring the car, Jaken!'' he roared. He might as well go home. He didn't think he would be able to get any work done with that woman still on his mind.

''Yes, my lord.'' said a humble Jaken.


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