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Introducing Allen

Allen stretched letting out a big yawn, the first light of dawn was creeping into his room.

'Dawn, time to get up and get the blood flowing before I'm to head down for breakfast.'

Allen started with sit ups, than push ups, than balancing gracefully on his desk chair in a one handed hand stand he did his 200 one armed push up for each arm. Then rounded it all up with a morning jog around the castle did I mention that he lives in a castle. The castle grounds were quite large and added up to about a ten mile run.

Upon returning to his room he took a quick shower a luxury only those who lived in the castle enjoyed. He dressed quickly in black slacks a white button down shirt with a red ribbon tied around his neck, then hurried down to breakfast. He got to the table and took his usual seat and started in on the food present more would come, because his appetite was immense and took 10x the sustenance that most people required. He had a very fast metabolism.

"Good morning father" he greeted, "how are you this morning?"

His father King Mana Walker gave a soft look to his son but only managed a week smile, he had been growing weaker as the days went on and no healer new what the cause was. He looked back to his papers and continued to work at the table.

"Father you should put that stuff aside during meals, you need to eat and keep your strength up."

The King smiled again to his son and softly replied in a ghost of his former voice, "I will be fine Allen you should not be fretting like a parent until you have kids of your own."

He then went into a strangled chain of choking coughs, but signaled with his hand for
Allen to remain in his seat.

"Father you are growing weaker faster now then in the beginning something must be done, you will not be able to run this kingdom for much longer if you keep being so stubborn with your health. I will not be able to take your place until I turn 18 and that's still 3 years away."

Truthfully Allen was more worried about losing his father then losing control of the kingdom. Mana Walker was in actuality Allen's Uncle and not his father, but as far as Allen was concerned Mana was his father. Allen had never met his real father Mana's kid brother. He was told that his father was a general in the army and had lost his life on the battlefield right before Allen was born.

In her grief and despair over losing her husband, Allen's mother worried herself into sickness and was very week when she went into labor. The result of her weekend body and crushed spirit when she went into labor was devastating. She refused to push, refused to admit she was in labor, because if she was in labor her husband would be with her.

She started to bleed out and Allen would have died with his mother if it were not for the quick thinking of the midwife, who in his mother's final minutes saved his life. She sliced open his mother's stomach cut into the placenta and using the only tool she could find to grab the slick baby pulled Allen from his now dead mother.

What she used to pull him out with you might wonder well it happened to be the family's hearth claws, they had been laying next to her by the fire. The claws were clamped around his head, she had meant to grab his feet but in her hurry she did not notice the baby was upside-down and she pulled him out. This caused the baby to have a long burn scar that started below his left eye, and extended up to his forehead. The claw was decorative being owned by a branch of the royal family so on baby Allen's forehead burned permanently into his skin was a perfect star.

The midwife was angry at herself for scaring the baby, but when Allen let out his first soft cry she was just glad he would live.

Soon after getting the news of his Sister in law's death and the miraculous rescued of his nephew, King Mana sent word to have his nephew brought to him.

When Mana first held the baby in his arms he looked into the boy's silver eyes his brother's eyes, his father's eyes. "Your name shall be Allen after your grandfather, and from now on you will be my son, as I will be your father."

Mana had never fathered a child his wife had two miscarriages before she died, and he could never bring himself to love another.

Allen was Mana's only family now and was the heir to his kingdoms thrown. He could not have asked for a better son Allen was studious, healthy and energetic. At his current age of 15 he already spoke 4 languages fluently wishing to be as diplomatically respectful as possible when conversing with foreigners.

He was proficient at math and science, history and philosophy. He was extremely fit too he exercised every morning and trained with a personal instructor that taught him fighting styles from across many lands. Allen was versatile when it came to fighting he was extremely flexible and could shift into the most complex forms Mana had ever seen.

The only thing that was strange about Allen was his hair, Mana could not for the life of him figure out why Allen's hair was pure white. It was really very fetching but white hair didn't come from his side of the family and as far as he was aware Allen's mother's family all had dark hair. It was a mystery, but again it was very fetching and caught a lot of attention most of it was unwanted by Allen.

"Mana you know I'm worried about you right?"

Mana nodded unable to speak again so soon after his fit. 'God I love that kid.'

"I have to go meet my Tudor for Algebra now but I'll come visit you in your office later okay?"

Mana nodded and Allen smiled jumped up and gave the king a quick kiss on the forehead before dashing off."

'God I love that kid.'

Mana shook his head and gathered his papers so he could take them to his office; he had a lot of work to complete before his health did give out. Allen was right it would not be long now, and Allen could not rule till his 18th birthday by law. He needed to find the right person to hold the thrown till Allen was of age, but who?

Can you guess who?

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