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Lavi was glad that Dasia was with him. To be in this dark hallway alone would be very dis-heartening. With his war hammer at the ready Lavi led the way. Slowly upward to the large junction of the main tunnel system.

"Hey Lavi, did you hear a voice?"


Up ahead in the darkness Lavi could hear a deep voice. He could not yet make out the words, but he could tell it was human language. The two slowed their steps so they could focus on the sound. Creeping along the wall echoed the words of two men.



When Skin returned to the main chamber he was greeted with a very unwelcome sight. Tiki was unconscious on the stone floor, and the prince was gone. Skin wondered where the young prince could have gone in only a few minutes. He walked over to Tiki and nudge him with the toe of his big boot. Not receiving a reaction he gave Tiki a swift kick to the gut for ignoring him.

"Oi Tiki stop playing dead, and get up!"

He tried again to kick him awake.

"Hey you let the kid get away! I'm not taking the blame from the Earl, so you better wake up."

Tiki felt the last sharp kick and the following statement. With a groan and some effort Tiki rolled onto his side.

"Stop kicking me you neanderthal, and find the kid! Can't you see I'm injured enough from him."

"No I think you can be injured a little more by me."

Following that was a last kick before Skin looked around wondering where to find the kid.



Lavi was peeking into the chamber junction keeping tabs on the two men. From what he gathered the man on the ground was knocked out by Allen. The other man was the one he saw with Allen last. Lavi didn't know all the details, but if Allen escaped he must have gone out another way. Thinking about it Lavi was sure Allen was probably lost in the tunnels by now.

Lavi turned to Dasia, "Allen must have taken the tunnel to the throne room, but my guess is he's lost in one of the dead end side tunnels. One of us should go out and around to meet him on the other side. The other should keep our guests entertain to buy some more time."

"I can entertain them for a few minutes, but I may need backup. On your way around find Marie, and send him my way."

Lavi quickly agreed, and wished Dasia good luck. Lavi made a quick run of the passage back to the war room, and searched frantically for Marie. Finding the oldest son of the royal family only took a minute, seeing as he was surrounded by many others in a large cluster.

"Marie! I need your help."

Lavi quickly brought Marie into the loop, explaining everything he had discovered about Allen's disappearance. Ending with Dasia keeping the intruders busy while Lavi found Allen. Marie took two solders and left to aid Dasia while Lavi quickly started off to find Allen.



Kanda was going to kill that redhead for making him worry. Once outside the doors to the council chamber he scan the room for the familiar red hair. He spotted Lavi talking with Marie. Moving forward into the mad crowd people parted like the red sea did for mosses. No one wanted to get in Kanda Yuu's way. The red head was just taking off from his conversation with Marie as Kanda caught up with him. Grabbing Lavi's lose jacket to stop him, he fixed the rabbit with his truest death glare. Kanda could tell it was very close to succeeding.

"Kanda!" Lavi yelped in fright.

"Where is Moyashi?"

"I'm going to get him right now. Why don't you just come with me?"

"What have you bin doing for the last half hour?" Kanda growled out.

"Trust me when I say, I have done a lot more then you think. Now come on were waisting time." With that said Lavi continued out of the war room.

Lavi really hoped for Allen's sake and his own that he found the throne room safely, and was waiting for them. But knowing Allen he would be lost, and Kanda was going to have Rabbit for dinner.



Dasia was hoping to just observe the two intruders until backup arrived, but that hope was shattered as the big man started walking towards the opposite tunnel. There was no way he was letting that freak go after his little brother. So with a strong will and dangerous weapon Dasia let his presence be known.

He kicked the metal ball at the end of his weapon sending it straight at the bigger intruder. With a loud thud it made contact with his head. Strangely the big man just rubbed his head, and turned around.

"Who dared to hit me? Show yourself coward!"

Dasia didn't take kindly to the insult so he stepped out of the dark tunnel into the light of the junction chamber. "I am not a coward, and your not going anywhere intruder!"

The big man chuckled, though it sounded more like gravel. "Your funny. Tell another joke, and I might not kill you." He then opened a piece of candy and stuck it in his mouth.

"That was no joke. I will fight you, and I will win." Dasia said this with what looked like a confident face, but he could not help thinking about the blow he landed that did nothing.

"Well then funny man I'm going to kill you," with that said Skin moved to attack.



Allen was happy he found Miranda. He was so happy that he would not have to be alone. She kindly introduced Allen to some of the other servants. Some he had met while lost during the week he's been at the palace. Others he met for the first time, this included Arystar Kroryand his wife Eliade. Though the man resembled the vampire described in one of Allen's books he was extremely nice. His wife Eliade was a bit of a self-absorbed woman obsessed with her looks, but he could see she loved Krory more then anything.

Miranda asked, "Allen-kun are you hungry?"

"That's a silly question I'm always hungry."

Miranda smiled and introduced Allen to Jerry the palace chef. Jerry was a dark skinned man with pink dread-lock hair. He took one look at Allen through a strange mask on his face, and started to faun over the boy. "Why hello there cutie, my name is Jerry. What can I cook for you?"

"Hello I'm Allen. I like all kinds of food."

"Well that's great I can cook all kinds of food. Anything in particular? I have a whole kitchen here stocked for these situations."

"Well..." Allen went on to list a ton of food to the odd chef. "Oh and lastly for desert, can I get mitarashi dango please."

"Your so polite, but can you eat all of that?"

Allen nodded his head vigorously so the chef went back to the kitchen to whip up Allen's vast order. Jerry loved to cook for people who loved to eat!

After Allen finished off his food to the amazement of the servants, he was introduced to Timothy the son of one of the palace solders. Timothy begged Allen to play with him, so Allen spent sometime drawing puzzles on paper for timothy to solve. Time ticked by and soon Allen realized he had been away from Kanda for well over an hour. He found that it bothered him to be apart from the temperamental Samurai. He would do anything to go back to the way things were.



Lavi and Kanda arrived in the throne room, and found it empty. Lavi quickly scanned the tunnel and found no sign of a lost bean sprout.

"I'm going to kill you now." Kanda declared in a very serious tone.

"Aww Yuu, now's not a good time. We need to find Allen. If I were Allen, and I made it this far. Where would I go?"

"Che that's easy. He only knows how to get back to our rooms."

Lavi looked at Kanda, then they both turned and made a dash to the hall. Both hoped Allen had some sense to stay in his room, and wait for them.



Dasia had never felt worse pain in all his life, and he lived with Kanda. The man named Skin had done some serous damage in only the first minute of the fight. Dasia was railroaded in the head by the huge man's fist. Then he received a boot kick to his ribs sending him across the room. He was glad the other man didn't get up yet. Dasia sent his weapon flying, only to have it brushed aside like a bug.

"You can't be human?" Dasia choked out.

Skin only laughed at him. Dasia tried to hit him again, only to fall short on his throw. His energy seemed to be fading, or was that his consciousness. Skin stood before him with his candy grin, but Dasia's sight was growing dark. He thought he heard Marie's voice, but that was the last thought he had before everything went black.



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