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Chapter One

The night that Claire Bennett watched Sylar burn on that make shift alter in Coyote Sands a small part of her had feared that he would rise from those ashes and take her. Take her far away from her family and everything that meant something to her.

She could recall his words about how they had all of eternity ahead of them.

That she would tire of trying to kill him. That she may one day come to forgive him.

Maybe even love him.

Forgive him. Maybe. Put everything behind her . After all anything is possible.

But try as she might Claire couldn't wrap her mind around the idea of one day loving the very man who shattered her life. Terrorized her and forced her to give over her ability. No. She could never have loved him. Even after many years of it just being them. She just couldn't.

Could she?

Claire sat helplessly in the passenger seat of the black Honda as the man who masqueraded as her father drove silently . Tears escaping her eyes she tried to remind herself that it wasn't her fault. He had more power than she did. She could only do what she was told.

Earlier that evening Claire had walked into Nathan' study with her mind made up.

I can do this, she thought.

Nathan was sitting at his desk. A small watch in his hand held ever so slightly up to his right ear.

"Um, Nathan?"

He looked up slightly started. He relaxed as soon as he saw her . "Yes Claire." His voice seem to deepen whenever Claire was around him. It was even worse now that it was just the two of them in the room.

"Do you, uh, have a minute?" Claire fought to sound normal even though she was nervous inside. Nervous? More like terrified. She needed to do this. She had to make sure she wasn't wrong. She hoped she was wrong.

"I always have a minute for you Claire." Nathan got up and walked over to the door Claire had just entered. He slowly closed it behind her. Claire wished he hadn't.

Summoning all the control she could to appear calm Claire walked farther into the room and sat down on one of his chairs.

"I wanted to talk to you ," she started, "I have a question that I really need you to answer."

Nathan smiled. "Of course honey." That smile on his face was not putting her at ease.

Instead of sitting down behind the desk Nathan sat in front of desk looming over Claire.

Claire decided to stay with the Petrelli's while Nathan cleaned up his mess with the government. Now that they were no longer being hunted Claire decided it was time to get to know Nathan all over again. She figured she had more time than anyone so she might as well give her father a chance to be the hero she needed him to be.

For a moment Claire remembered the reason that brought her to this exact moment and the incident that caused her to suddenly fear her father.

Claire was sitting in the living room watching some old comedy rerun on a Saturday night. The house was quiet except for the television. She had decided to stay in while the rest of the family went out.

Claire heard the front door open and then Nathan appeared at the entrance of the living room.

"Hey Claire." He smiled. Walking towards the couch where she was lounging, Nathan removed his jacket to reveal a white button up dress shirt with dark navy dress pants.

Claire moved over to make room for him. "Hey Dad."

Nathan sighed. "What are you doing home?"

"Just didn't feel like going out." Feeling a slight chill Claire pulled a throw over herself. She thought about going up stairs and putting on some more clothes but she was just too lazy. Besides, the tank top and shorts she had on were comfortable and she would be going to bed soon enough. Claire stifled a yawn.

"There's really nothing on besides some reruns. I think there's a documentary about animal mating rituals but …" Claire trailed off.

Nathan snorted lightly. "Mating rituals? Hmm. Sounds interesting." He glanced at Claire.

Claire rolled her eyes. "If you want to watch it be my guest. I'm going to bed."

Claire started to get up but Nathan's hand shot out stopping her.

"You don't have to go to bed honey. Stay and keep me company. Just a little while." He pleaded.

Nathan's eyes looked different, Claire noticed. There was something about him that just felt off. But she just couldn't seem to put her finger on it. But he was her father and he wanted to spend a little quality time with her. What would a good daughter do?

"Ok. But if I fall asleep don't take it personally." Claire settled back down putting her shoulder to shoulder with her father.

Nathan sat back more comfortably while he and Claire watched Bill Cosby charm his way out of another mess. Eventually Claire's eyes started to droop and before she knew it she was sound asleep.

Claire was dreaming. She was lying on the coffee of her home in Costa Verde. Her brain exposed and the top of her skull lay not even five feet away. The fear she felt made tears well up in her eyes. The monster was over her.

Sylar's finger strummed gently over her brain tissue. He was different. She knew he was Sylar but he wasn't suppose to be there.

He's dead, Claire though.

Sylar chuckled. "No honey. I'm not gone. I'll never be gone. You and I are meant to be together. And that's just the way it is."

Claire felt something grazed her rib cage.

She awoke to find herself lying with her head on her father's lap. Nathan's hand rested against her rib cage. His fingers grazed closely to her chest. A moment of panic came over Claire as she realized that something was off. Way off.

Claire felt something under head. Something hard and stiff was poking against her neck. Claire sat up quickly wrapping her throw blanket around her.

Nathan was strangely calm and Claire began to wonder if she was imagining things. She had to be. This was her father for God sake. What she was thinking was sick and insane.

"Claire are you okay honey?" Nathan just sat there his dark eyes starring at her. Claire started to answer but the television set caught her attention. On screen a man and a woman were making love on a kitchen table moaning and panting. Probably some Red Shoe Diaries episode. Claire felt slightly grossed out given the situation.

"Um, yeah dad. Just a bad dream that's all." Claire tightened her blanket. "I'm going to bed. Good night." Claire left quickly and went upstairs to her room.

Once inside she locked her door. Claire felt weird. She wanted to deny what she had felt but how could she? And why wasn't Nathan apologizing? Surely he knew what it was. Didn't he feel awful having an experience like that with his own daughter right there with him? He didn't even act embarrassed.

She couldn't contemplate the idea that Nathan had gotten an erection while her head lay right in his lap. Why would he watch an adult show while she was right beside him?

Claire just didn't understand. She was embarrassed. Why wasn't he? Claire went into her bathroom brushed her teeth and crawled under the sheets praying that Nathan would stay down stairs.

For the first time Claire felt strange being in the Petrelli mansion alone with Nathan.

Claire decided to act as though the incident in the living room never happened. Much to her relief Nathan appeared to do the same. She didn't know if wanted to endure an embarrassing conversation like that with her bio dad. She would probably die from the embarrassment. That is if she could die at all.

Eventually Claire noticed small changes in her father. No one else seem to notice. Even Peter was oblivious to the situation. And Angela acted like she always did but then again Angela was always hiding something. Noah called frequently to see how she was doing but that was normal nowadays.

And then there was Matt Parkman. He began to stop by the Petrelli mansion often just check on Angela or Nathan. Apparently they all had some business arrangement or deal going and until recently Claire never really cared about what it could be.

But that was then.

Claire cleared her throat and looked at Nathan.

"I know you haven't quite been the same since," she started, "since that night in Coyote Sands. I know it's hard. Everything we all went through." Claire paused.

Nathan sensed this and said, "Go on Claire."

"But I see something different about you now. Have been for a while." Moisture sprang to Claire eyes.

"But I want to be wrong." Claire took a deep breath. Here it goes, she thought.

"I want to pretend that I didn't notice that you can tell whenever a clock is running fast or slow." Claire looked up at Nathan, her palms sweaty and her heart racing. He was calm.

Claire continued. "I want to say that I didn't see you cut yourself shaving yesterday morning and then watch as the wound healed. I don't want to know why you can do that."

Claire suddenly felt genuine fear. Nathan was being too damn quiet. So poised and still. His silence was terrifying.

Claire stopped talking. She hadn't even asked her question yet. She was afraid of what Nathan's answer would be.

Nathan stood suddenly, startling Claire. He returned to the chair behind his desk and sat down. Claire noticed the glass of scotch on her father's desk. Nathan lifted it to his lips and swallowed it one sip.

Putting down the glass, making a loud clinking sound, Nathan looked straight at Claire.

Now is the time to tell me that I was seeing things, Claire hoped. He's going to tell me I'm imagining things and if he did I could probably accept that, she lied to herself. But a feeling in the pit of her stomach told her that things were not going to go well. At least not for her.

"Claire. You said you had a question to ask me." Nathan stared hard at Claire.

Claire swallowed hard hoping her voice would wouldn't betray her fear.

"Are you really Nathan Petrelli?" she asked softly. There. She'd finally asked. It was out of the bag. But she still had to wait for an answer.

So she waited. And waited. But Nathan just stared at her. Then a smile tainted his lips. But it wasn't a smile that would put her at ease. The smile was her answer. And it was evil.

Claire jumped up from the chair and dashed over to the door. Her hand grasped the handle and she started to turn the knob. Almost there. But suddenly her hand tensed. The door was ajar but it wasn't moving. She wanted to move but her hand wasn't obeying. Neither was the rest of her body.

"There's no need to be afraid honey." It sounded like Nathan. But it wasn't. "I guess you got your answer huh?" he chuckled.

Claire watched as her hand closed the door. She wanted to scream. To whirl around and tell him to go to hell. But she couldn't do any of that. Claire felt him approach her from behind and place his hand on the front of her throat. He leaned in beside her ear. He whispered.

"Soon this will all be over Claire. We're just going to take a little trip. Just the two of us. I think we need to start building some of those bridges. Now this isn't going to hurt but I promise I'll take it out soon."

Claire panicked wondering what he was talking about until she felt the cold hard metal pierce the base of her skull. She felt her eyes glaze over and knew that temporary death was upon her.

Strangely all Claire could think about was that Noah, Angela and maybe even Matt had something to do with this. Claire eyes closed as a temporary death washed over her.

Claire's breath returned to her body. Her eyes blinked and her head popped out of an odd position. She felt dried blood on the back of her shirt. A bloody letter opener sat on her lap.

They were driving.

Claire sat helplessly in the passenger seat of the black Honda as the man who masqueraded as her father drove silently . Tears escaping her eyes she tried to remind herself that it wasn't her fault. He had more power than she did. She could only do what she was told.

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