Full Summary:

The Camden's, Kinkirk's and friends are headed on a Roadtrip when they are asked to take one more with them. Karlie Wilson hurt Ruthie when they were in their sophomore year. Karlie hasn't been in Glenoak since the judge told her she wasn't aloud to go anywhere near the Camden's, Kinkirk's or any of their friends. What happens when Karlie's foster parents show up the morning the families were to leave and dump her on them? Will she be able to go? And what's with all of the medicine she has with her?

Karlie Wilson:

Hi, my name is Karlie Wilson and I have leukemia. When I was in the tenth grade, Ruthie Camden and I got into a fierce fight and I accidentally slammed her head into a bathroom mirror. I was never aloud to be around them again and they knew that I wasn't aloud back in Glenoak per the judge's order so they didn't worry about me anymore. But that didn't stop me from going back. My foster parents took me back to Glenoak every weekend so that I could get my treatment at Glenoak hospital. We were almost caught once by one of the doctors who knew the Camden's but we weren't and we had to figure out something else.

I was put on an out-patient-program and have been taking my out-patient-chemo by injection every morning of every week. But my foster parents haven't been very helpful lately and they don't think I should be taking these injections every day. They kept thinking that if I stopped taking it every day, I would be alright. They were wrong. When they took my medicine away from me, all I did was get worse, a whole lot worse. They had to give me my medicine back and my Social Worker had to do weekly check-ups to make sure they were allowing me to use my medicine.

So why did they so badly want me to go with the Camden's, Kinkirk's and their friends on a Roadtrip across the US? God only knew those answers, but I was about to find out. There was only one reason they wanted me to go with them with all of my stuff, and that reason just happened to be the fact that Marc and Peter were going to be meeting us in Wyoming and then taking me back with them to Philadelphia.