"Oi! Anyone home? OOOOIIIIII!" shouted a short girl with sardonic green eyes, her lithe figure moving gracefully through the door.

"Rie-chan, I don't think anyone's there," sighed a taller girl standing behind her. Rie turned to look at her. Green clashed with purple as the eighteen-year-old stared at her annoyed sister.

"For God's sake, Sanaae! Why the heck did he invite us over then?!" she complained. Sanaae shrugged.

"I dunno, that may just be Uncle's sense of humor," she replied. Rie snorted.

"Why would he leave the door unlocked," she retorted.

"Maybe he wanted to be robbed! You never know if he was trying to get rid of some cursed talisman," Sanaae replied, "His profession isn't exactly what you'd call normal."

"He's not exactly what you'd call normal. Heck, we're not exactly what you'd call normal!" Rie exclaimed, throwing her arms out for emphasis, "He's hunting ghosts when he's more than half way over the hill!"

"Hey! Who're you calling old?!" a voice exclaimed. Rie and Sanaae expression turned to find Houshou Takigawa entering the room.

"You, obviously! One of these days you're gonna throw your back out!" Rie teased.

"Yeah, and one of these days, I'm gonna duct tape your mouth shut," the monk retorted. Rie grinned.

"Good to see you too, Uncle Houshou!" she said as she hugged him.

"I see you brought Sanaae-chan with you," Bou-san said. Rie nodded.

"I figured you wouldn't mind, you love her almost as much as you love me!"

"That's true. I was kind of hoping you'd bring her along. I have a cursed talisman I need to get rid of," he teased. Sanaae smiled.

"Nice to see you again, Takigawa-san," she said. The monk groaned.

"Would you drop the formal crap? I'm your UNCLE!"

"Sorry… Uncle Houshou?" Monk-san grinned.

"That's more like it, Sanaae-chan!"

"Anyway, why'd you ask us over?" Rie asked. The monk feigned hurt.

"Aww, Rie-chan, can't you Uncle call you over just to see you?" he asked. Rie snorted.

"No. Now tell me what's up," she said. Bou-san sighed.

"Look, I know you've been looking for work," he started. Rie stiffened.

"What about it?" she asked suspiciously.

"Well, I thought since there are a couple openings where I work, you guys could maybe work with me!" he said enthusiastically. Rie looked at him dubiously.

"You mean you want us to hunt ghosts?" she asked.

"I thought you might be interested."

"Are you serious? Heck yes! This is gonna be awesome!" Rie yelled, "What do you say, Sanaae? Wanna give it a go?"

"Sure. Why not?" she replied smiling.

"YES!" Rie yelled, locking her uncle in a lung-crushing hug, "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! UNCLE HOUSHOU!"

"Yeah, yeah I know… I'm not so sure you'll like me as much when you meet my boss…" the monk mumbled. Rie released him as she cocked her head to the side.


"You'll see…"

"I intend to get right down to business, my name is Kazuya Shibuya. So, what makes you think you're suitable for this job?" the obnoxiously narcissistic younger man asked the two girls. Sanaae's mouth twitched, almost ruining her perfect smile. She crossed he arms.

"Listen kid, I've been able to see and communicate with ghosts since I was two. Our parents are dead and I can talk to them. My Uncle's a Monk; my grandmother was telepathic, as is my sister. My parents were Paranormal Investigators and you ask if I'm qualified? Oh, and here's a bonus, I'm willing to put up with your crap and attitude."

"And I'm capable of astral projection," Rie said, "Along with the telepathy… and… do you even have any other options?" Muffled laughter rang in the ears of Kazuya and the girls. Sanaae glared at the door with the young man. Rie was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

"So… Did we get the job?" she asked.

"Be here tomorrow at 10 o'clock sharp. Meet with Mai for more information. You're dismissed," he said. Rie grinned.

"You got it boss!" she said as she saluted, exiting the room. Sanaae soon followed. Bou-san looked up at them expectantly.

"So?" he asked, "Are you looking forward to working with your Uncle?"

"More so than working with him," Sanaae spat.

"I take it you and Naru didn't hit it off too well, huh?"

"Naru?" asked Rie, "Are you talking about Kazuya-san?" Bou-san grinned.

"It's his nickname. Mai gave it to him, it's short for narcissist. Fitting, right?" he asked. Sanaae cracked a smile.

"I like her already," Rie said.

"How the hell did you put up with him all these years?" she asked. Bou-san averted his gaze.

"I have my reasons," he mumbled. Rie grinned.

"Oh my! Uncle Houshou, are you smitten with a lady?" she asked. Bou-san blushed and scratched his neck.

"Heh heh, maybe?"

"Who?! It's about time we got an Aunt!" Sanaae exclaimed.

"I might like someone named Aya-"

"Mai! Tea!"

"Yeah, yeah, Naru. I'm coming! Would it kill you to say please?!" a voice asked as a young woman about 5'1 emerged.

"It would please me if you brought me my tea now!" Naru retorted from his office. The girl rolled her eyes before spotting Sanaae and Rie. She smiled.

"Are you the new employees? Hi! I'm Mai Taniyama, nice to meet you!" she said enthusiastically, "You know Bou-san?" Rie looked at her uncle, her green eyes had a teasing light in them.

"Bou-san? They call you Bou-san?" she laughed, "Uncle Houshou, you haven't filled us in nearly enough on your personal life!" Mai's eyes widened.

"Uncle?! Bou-san, you're an uncle?!" she asked. Rie turned to the shocked girl and offered her hand.

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Rie," she said cheerfully. Mai took her hand, still confused about the previous information.

"This is Sanaae, my sister," Rie said, gesturing to the waving Sanaae. Mai waved back.

"How old are you guys?" asked Mai. Rie bristled.

"Rie's eighteen, I'm twenty-one," Sanaae answered quickly so her sister didn't scare off a potential friend.

"Ah, I see! Sanaae-san, I think you'll be sharing an office with Yasuhara-san. Rie-san, you can share with me!" she said enthusiastically, "I'm nineteen! Rie-san, I look forward to working with you!"

"Mai! Tea!" Mai grimaced.

"Sorry," she said apologetically, "I have to go feed the beast…" Rie giggled.

"Good luck! I have a feeling you'll need it…" Mai smiled as she ran into the kitchenette to quench Naru's insane thirst.