sometimes you wonder if you need love.

kagome was standing on the cliff with tears going down her face looking down at the dark depts.

sometimes love can heal.

she griped the steel blade closer to her cheast.

sometimes it can tear you to bits.

she sighed and pulled of the complet sarcred necles.

sometimes its for a friend.

she tossed to the ground.

sometimes its for your lover.

she looked back down the cliff she could hear inyasha calling her name.

sometimes you end up happy.

she started to remember all her life till up to an hour ago,the only reason he cant find her is cause its raining

and sometimes you can end up...

she sliced her arm and tosed the knife to the ground besid the necles, and jumped while she screamed "i love you inyasha!"


ok i know that was a little emo but i sick of inuyasha going to kinky-hoe!(she jumped cause he mated stinky-hoe)

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