THIS IS INUYASHAS PROV. i thought that it would be better if all frends and/or other that know her would get chappies toooooo!


mabe it was fate he thought.

he had followed her solecollecters, and asked her to be his mate.

Life has begings.

he didn't see her in the shadows.

It has a cliffhanger or two

he flowed her sent till it started to rain.

Some good times

he heard her scream.

Some bad

he folled it till he came to a cliff.


he saw a bloody knife with her sent all over it, and the necles he starrted to scream her name.

looks like you're the one that drove her over a cliff

this is what happend to inuyasa, so R&R pease , no flames (ps,i wrote those poems:)))) )

never fight. it leads to pain...hehe