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Thoughts on a Crush

(Hinata's POV)

I have seen what you can do

I know what you can be like

I can see the pain, the suffering, and the sadness you hide from the world

I know who you really are

I don't care about what other label you as

I think they are themselves the names they label you as

I know your weaknesses

I know your strengths

Sometimes I'm ashamed of the village where we come from because of their hatred

I know what your burden is and I understand

Let people talk,

It matters none to me

You are my greatest blessing

You are one of my greatest strengths

I know there is more to you than meets the eye

I don't need my bloodline limit to tell me that

You are brave, courageous, and honorable, just to name a few of your traits

I can see your true strength without my Byakugan

Nobody but me knows about your inner strength

I always want to be there to comfort you even if others won't,

To help you whenever you need it even if no one else will

You inspire me to better myself in more than just to grow, develop, and mature as a kunoichi of our village

I've always loved you

I've always admired you from afar due to my shyness

I've always watched you grow and progress and succeed

We've always seen each other as friends, even if I secretly saw you as more,

But I think surely we can become more even in hard times

I will always love you no matter what happens

Maybe one day you'll dream will come true

And maybe, just maybe someday we join together as Hokage and wife forever