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(Haruhi's POV)

Fists clenched at my sides whitening as I tighten my grip

Tongue being held down by my gritting teeth

My body is poised to strike

As my eyes twitch hidden from sight

When they see the sight before them

You, with that hussy, flirting with that home wrecker

Who I know in my mind is "her" and "she"

How can you be so blind?

She only wants one thing from you

Once she gets it she'll forget all about you

Are you that naïve?

Ooh it makes me so aggravated

You are my man

I singled you out from the other guys

You belong to me and me alone

She seriously needs to back off of you

Before I take out my pent up aggravation on her

She may seem like a friend of mine at first glance and on the outside

But on the inside it is a whole other story all together

That also doesn't change things between us

We were destined for each other and I know it

I've always known it since the moment we met

And as an alien and an esper as my witnesses, I vow

She will never take you away from me, make no mistake about that