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(Maron's POV)

Is he my enemy?

I'm so confused

Is he my beloved one?

I have a choice to make in whom I trust

I don't know what to believe

Which one should I trust?

Which one is lying?

Which one is trying to deceive me?

Which to rebuff?

Which one is the truth?

Why did this happen to me?

Who is in the right?

Is it her who's supposed to help me?

Isn't he supposed to be my enemy?

Or is it him, whom has made my days brighter with his presence?

Isn't she supposed to be my ally?

I want to trust him,

But I can't if he's my enemy

My head says to trust her and not him,

While my heart says to trust him no matter what she says

At the start he wanted me out of the way

Originally she wanted me to do work for her boss who became my boss too

But now he is in love with me,

And I am in love with him

And she has left my side now

While she is gone,

He has never left my side

What should I do?