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(Miyu's POV)

Here we are,

Standing at a crossroads

Please wait and think about things first

Don't go please

I need you

Please stay with me

You are everything to me

I can't live without you

Stay with me forever

As I cry for you I am begging u and pleading on my knees,

And you know I would only do such a pathetic thing in urgency and desperation

I can't survive without you by my side

You are my only passage of sanity that I have,

In this evil insane world filled with hatred

I'm calling out for help

Without you there is no me

I love you more than anything and anyone

I can't understand why

You are the air I breathe

You are the pulse in my undead heart

You are the reason I have to live

I am going to die without you,

If you leave me now

Because if I can't be with the one I love who is my reason for my continuing existence

Then there's no point in me existing and living a life anymore