Well, I hope you guys like this story. You can probably guess it's a sequel to The Flu, but if you don't want to read that oneshot, you'll still be able to get the basic gist of what's going on in this one.

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Yura sat up in her bed at the sound of the bathroom door closing. Glancing at her alarm clock she realized that it was midnight, and no one should be up. A sudden burst of realization led to a burst of laughter from her as she realized who it must be. She jumped out of bed in her purple flannel pajamas and ran to the bathroom, knocking once before walking right in.

"Yura, what are you doing?" Shachou asked from next to the toilet, where he sat dressed in sweats. "What if I wasn't decent?"

"I would have handed you a robe," Yura said, trying to imitate his cool way of speaking, but failing as her face broke out in a smile.

He was at the toilet the moment she finished speaking, and she dropped to his side and rubbed his back just as he'd rubbed hers. Once he'd finished her turned toward her,

"Go to bed."

"No," Yura replied defiantly. "You helped me, so I'm going to help you."

"You don't have to," Shachou said. "And as your manager I'm going to remind you that you have a lot to do tomorrow."

"I know," Yura said. "But you were willing to stay up with me, so I want to do the same for you."

Shachou grunted in response and Yura ruffled his hair playfully, something she had never dared to do before he had taken the time to sit by her and keep her company by a toilet for three hours. An experience like that changes people. Touching his hair led her to touch his forehead, which in turn caused her to recoil.

"Shachou, you must be terribly sick," Yura exclaimed. "You have an awful fever."

"My mother used to do that when I was sick," Shachou spoke up suddenly. "Whenever I felt the slightest bit ill she'd come to my bed, ruffle my hair, and tell me stories."

"I'm envious," Yura told him. "I remember when I was ten and I got strep throat. My Mama brought me a can of cold chicken noodle soup and a spoon and told me that her job was too important for her to get sick taking care of me. I didn't see her for the rest of the week."

They did that for the next two hours, just sat on the hard bathroom floor swapping stories, only interrupted when Shachou had more "urgent" business to attend to. When the two hours were up, Shachou stood, saying he was ready to go to bed. Instantly Yura got the bucket out from underneath the sink and filled it with water.

Finished, Yura extended her hand and Shachou slowly took it as she led him back to his bedroom, while struggling to carry the bucket without spilling some of the water. By the time she had dropped the bucket by the head of the bed, he was already snuggled inside his blanket.

"You can go now," Shachou said dismissively. Yura smiled widely and turned to go, but her movement was stopped by his hand grabbing her wrist. His voice was quiet as he whispered, "Thank you."

Yura turned back and quickly kissed his cheek, causing his face to go a vibrant red that she had never seen on his face before.

'It's just the fever,' she told herself as she walked out of the room, calling back to him,

"Feel better soon!"

Yura's stomach was full of butterflies as she walked back to her room and climbed into her bed.

"I'm blaming it on the fever," she repeated aloud, even though she knew in her heart that it wasn't the truth.

Well, I hoped you liked the fluffy conclusion of my Flu series. Let me know what you thought of it.