Chapter Two

Well, I hope you liked the first chapter. I got the title from a Doctor Who Episode. So here's my second oneshot, which I wrote while listening to Toby Keith's "You shouldn't kiss me like this."

Disclaimer: I don't own The Books of Pellinor, nor Do I own Doctor Who, or the rights to Toby Keith's song. Wow, that was depressing!

Cadvan watched as Maerad laughed at something he had said. As they danced around the room, Cadvan heard one Bard say,

"I though you told me they weren't in love."

"Maybe I was wrong," another Bard replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry Cadvan. I didn't mean to!" Maerad apologized as she stepped on his foot. Cadvan could only guess that she hadn't overheard the Bard's conversation.

"It's fine Maerad. You're doing fine," Cadvan said.

Her face lit up at his compliments, but she stepped back as the song ended.

"Cadvan, do you think your feet. . ." Maerad bit her lip and trailed off, but Cadvan could see the question in her eyes.

"I'd be honored to dance again with you my lady," Cadvan said with a teasing bow.

No one was more shocked than Cadvan when Maerad impulsively threw her arms around him and pressed her lips to his.

"Thank you," Maerad said, backing up just as quickly as she had come.

Cadvan tried to ignore the sudden outburst of whispered conversations that had broken out after she had kissed him. 'She's not doing anything to stop the rumors that we're in love,' he thought. 'But we're just friends. That kiss didn't mean anything.'

Struggling with the feelings Cadvan had fought hard to suppress for years, he asked in a slightly strangled voice,

"Maerad, if you meant that as a we're more than just best friends kiss, kiss me again."

Maerad let out a tinkling laugh before she once again brushed her lips to his and this time he kissed her back. Pulling back he whispered,

"I love you."

"I love you too," Maerad replied.

Yes, that was a total fluff piece, but I hope you liked it anyway. It was the least I could do to make up for the long wait.