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He could not help it. It was a weakness, a distraction that didn't make sense.

It was illogical and to even contemplate it was beyond everything he had been taught as a child.

How could one Human, one brash, arrogant, insulting human make him feel more strongly than he had ever felt before?

James Tiberius Kirk was illogical and seemed to act without thinking. He was crude and irritating. He shouldn't have mattered to Spock, it made no sense.


James Tiberius Kirk was supremely intelligent and a methodical planner. He set goals and did everything in his power to complete them. He let nothing stand in his way when he thought that things had to change. He was loyal to a fault and always saw an alternate way to do something. He was a survivor. He was passionate and cared so very deeply for everyone he met.

He was completely alien to Spock who thrived on logic and reason.

But at night when they fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, Spock wouldn't have it any other way.