Hour after hour, day after day he put up with the snide comments and insults from Lieutenant Nytoa Uhura, Senior Communications Officer aboard the USS Enterprise designation NCC – 1701, the flagship of the Federation.

It was a position most of the surviving cadets specialising in Communication had fought tooth and nail for, a position that had been practically given to her after Jim Kirk, newly minted captain and poster boy for the federation had asked for her specifically.

It was a request that he was seriously regretting.

He had asked for every surviving person who had been on the Enterprise during the Narada incident, and had gotten his senior staff to hand pick who they wanted before choosing the rest of the crew. This was his crew and he would do almost anything for them.

It was one thing to have a relaxed standard of day to day interactions with superior officers it was another to be blatantly disrespectful. As Jim had been a cadet with these people he knew he couldn't be the aloof Captain that Starfleet preferred, but he could and did command respect from those who served under him, with few exceptions. The most noticeable being Uhura, her antagonism had grow expansionary as their time aboard the starship had progressed to the point where she was stepping over the line between concealed disrespect and blatant dislike and overt disrespect.

Jim had ignored it for as long as he could, he had put up with every insult she had thrown at him in every language that she knew. She thought that she was being sneaky, that Jim Kirk was basically an uneducated hick – despite the facts laid in front of her, he had graduated in three years, it took most to do it in four, he was top in all his classes, he re-wrote the Kobioshi Maru to let him win, and a host of other things she had never bothered to find out. Like he held degrees in engineering, advanced programming, diplomacy and physics. Like he held the title of Grand Master in chess.

She wouldn't look past who she thought he was and see the skills that he had, she couldn't see the leader that he was and in her mind he didn't deserve her respect or anything else. He was a jumped up dick who lied, cheated, and slept his way to the top. In her eyes he was a faithless whore who never should have gotten into Starfleet.

To her he was worthless.

But he wanted her to see him for who he was, not this unfair and unjust perception of himself. However the time for waiting and hoping was over.

Jim could put up with any insult, he had heard them all before but when she started insulting the others for being 'lapdogs' he had had enough. It was one thing to insult him, he could take it even if he hated it. But when she started insulting Sulu and Chekhov? Hell no.

This was his crew and he was damned if he'd let some insecure little girl insult and hurt his crew just because she had a problem with him and she didn't even have a reason to hate him!

She was half way though a new insult, calling him a 'worthless whore who's only good for-' when he interrupted.

"Lieutenant Uhura," he made sure his voice was controlled and calm. "If you finish that sentence in standard please?" it was not a question, it was an order. She flinched slightly and tried to cover.

"I was merely practicing traditional greetings in Orion… Sir," She said with a small sneer. Jim raised an eyebrow at her, they had the entire attention of the bridge.

"I find that had to believe Lieutenant, unless you were trying to start a war. After all calling a ranking officer a 'worthless whore who's only good for-', how were you going to finish that sentence anyway?" His voice still pleasant and professional, his eyes however were cold and sharp, pining her to her seat.

"I-." She started and was unable to continue that sentence.

"Yes? See the thing is I speak a lot of languages, I like learning and languages are always fun and all those insults you've given me over the past year? Yeah I understood them all." He paused and seemed to notice that everyone was watching with open curiosity even Spock. "I don't particularly care if you insult me, I'm used to the ignorance of uninformed people but I do have issues with you doing it while we're on duty. And if you do it again it'll go in your file. And Lieutenant Uhura? If you insult my crew again I'll have you transferred to the crappiest assignment I possibly can." He finished and without another word he went back to looking over paperwork on PADD. The silence on the bridge was deafening Jim inwardly smirked and ignored the looks that were being shot at him.

He may hate the insults but this? This was fun.

Now all he had to do was get Spock to stop giving him those 'idiot' looks, although he hadn't gotten one of those in a while. Huh. Maybe he was getting Spock's respect, maybe that friendship would be possible…

And maybe, just maybe he could start to hate himself a little less.