"La la…"

The clock's tickin' now man…


Nobody's here now dude…


Absolutely no customers in this barbershop…


No mulla for that money machine you got there…




"What the hell are you doing?" Shikamaru asked looking at the blonde boy sitting in the barber chair spinning around.

The boy put his foot on the ground to stop the chair to look at Shikamaru.

"I'm bored…can't you see that?" Naruto answered spinning around in the chair again.

Shikamaru just gave him a blank stare.

"We've only had 7 guys come in today." Sasuke stated watching the T.V.

"I'm pretty sure blondie over there can count Uchiha," Neji said flipping the page of the newspaper he was reading.

'Smart ass,' Sasuke thought as he sent Neji a glare.

"Oi Shikamaru, how's it looking for the girl's place over there?" Naruto asked still spinning around in circles on the chair.

Shikamaru opened his eyes and turned his head toward the window.

"They still pretty busy."

"Damn…how the hell we supposed to win the bet then?" Naruto questioned. He stopped spinning the chair and looked at the guys.

They all just ignored his question.

Annoyed tick marks started to appear out of nowhere on his face.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me? I said what are we gonna do!"

"We heard you Dobe," Sasuke retorted.

"How could we not hear you? I bet people on the other side of Konoha heard you," Shikamaru said continuing Sasuke's answer.

"Man SHUT UP Shikamaru!"



"What the HELL was that?" Naruto asked giving Shikamaru a very confused looked.

"Well…I just found something that might…catch your attention," Shikamaru answered.

Sasuke turned his head towards the window where Shikamaru was sitting at.

"Is tha-"

"Who the holy mother of ramen is that walkin' in Momoe!" Naruto said jumping out the spinning chair.

"Ah- is that a dude?" he asked running to the window and squinting his eyes to identify the figure that walked into the Momoe salon.

"No way man that's a chick," Shikamaru answered.

"B- but that chick's got no b- HEY! That is a dude!"

Ignoring Naruto, Sasuke and Neji walked towards the window.

"Uchiha," Neji said narrowing his eyes at the figure that was in the girl's salon.


"No doubt about it."

"Doubt 'bout what?" Naruto asked.

"How can you not know who that is?" Neji asked him.

"Well excuse me! Not my fault I wasn't born with the power to see somebody's face from they back!"

"It's Kabuto bonehead," Shikamaru said.

"You mean that dude that's always hangin' round Oro-dude?" Naruto replied.


"Eww. Why's he walking in Momoe then?" Naruto asked with a disgusted look on his face.

"Uchiha," Neji called out.

"Yeah yeah yeah I'm goin'," Sasuke replied walking out of the barbershop.

"Who the hell does he think is, calling me to do something his sorry ass could do," Sasuke grumbled under his breathe as he crossed the street towards Momoe.

He looked at the salon. The blinds were closed for some reason.

'Aren't they supposed to be open?' he thought in his head as he lifted his hand up to open the door. Before his knuckles could touch the door, it swung open surprising him. Sasuke stepped back and stood along the window trying to hide himself from whoever was about to walk out. When he peeked around the corner, he saw Sakura and Kabuto talking.

"I'll see you again in a month Blossom. If you don't have it by then, then it's bye- bye Momoe," Kabuto said before walking off in the direction opposite of Sasuke.

Sakura gritted her teeth and kicked the wall to release her anger.

"Screw you, you 4-eyed Chihuahua," she shouted towards the retreating man.

Sasuke cracked a chuckle at what she said before stepping out from the window.

"Are you finished?" Sasuke asked nonchalantly looking at the pink haired girl as if this was a normal everyday thing.

Sakura turned around.

"What do you want you prick?" Sakura asked sending a glare his way.

"You got a nickname for everybody don't ya?" he asked putting his hands in his pocket.

"If I did what would you do if you found out what yours was?"

"I thought prick was mine."

"You know what?" she growled, "What the hell are you doing on this side of the street anyway Uchiha? Your shop is on the other side of the street!" Sakura questioned. Her patience was already gone thanks to Kabuto. Now she had to deal with this dude of all people? No thank you.

"Just wanted to know why you shut your blinds so early."

"It's none of ya damn business!" she answered stepping into the salon. Before she could slam the door Sasuke caught it.

"Touchy," he mumbled. He looked into the salon and the ladies in the shop all had blank faces on, even the customers.

"Uchiha! LEAVE! NOW!" Sakura shouted.

"You'd think a 26 year old top businesswoman would know how to ask for a favor nicely," Sasuke responded with a bored disposition.

"What favor! I'm telling you to leave!" she screeched.

"Sak," Tenten called.

"Uchiha go!"

"Sak!" Tenten called again.



Sakura's head snapped in Tenten's direction upon hearing her voice.

"Go in the back and cool down."

"Why the hell should I?"

"Cuz I said so."

"I'm not goin' anywhere till this prick leaves!"

"Stop getting an attitude with me," Tenten responded raising her voice.

Sakura stumbled on her words for a moment. She looked at Tenten for a moment then sighed in defeat. When Tenten got serious she got scary.

"I'm going," she said slumping her shoulders and dragging her feet towards the back.

Sasuke just watched the scene before him.

When Sakura finally left the room, Tenten went up to Sasuke.


Sasuke turned his attention toward the bun haired girl in front of him.

"What business do you have here?"

"What business did Kabuto have here?" he shot back.

"What happens in our salon is none of your business."

"It does if it interferes with the bet."

Tenten scrunched her brows together to think of something to tell the Uchiha so he could take a hike.

"Kabuto said something about how you guys had to have something in 'bout a month and if you guys don't have it then it's "bye-bye Momoe." What'd he mean?" Sasuke asked.

"To be honest that really doesn't concern you Uchiha."

Everyone turned around and saw Sakura.

"Have you cooled down?" Hinata asked. She really didn't like the situation before them.

"I'm fine Hina," Sakura answered. She walked towards the windows and pulled the blinds open.

"Everyone I want you all to get back to work. We have customers who need our attention. Uchiha I want you to go back to your shop."

Sasuke looked at Sakura with a skeptical look.

"We wouldn't want you guys to lose the bet now would we?" she asked giving him a forced smile that gave the message that she was trying way too hard to get him to leave.

Sasuke nodded his head but walked up to Sakura. She was a head shorter than him so he had to bend down. He whispered something in her ear that sent chills down Sakura's back. He then left the salon and walked back to his barbershop.

Sakura let go of a breath that she had apparently been holding in.

"What was that all about?" Ino asked.

Sakura just looked at Ino.

"I'll be back in a bit." She said as she walked out of the salon and crossed the street towards Yuu. She looked back at Momoe and saw that everyone was looking at her observing what she was going to do. She gave a small smile then turned around and looked at the front door to Yuu.

Sakura took a deep breath and did the one thing she thought she'd never do no matter what happened, and that- was to enter Yuu on her own free will.

Yes We're Open

By: ToraHimeSama

Chapter 2: First Encounters

Kabuto's footsteps echoed down the hallway as his hand pushed up his glared glasses closer to his eyes. His mouth curled up in a smirk.

He walked up to a closed door that said Management Only. He knocked twice, then thrice then once.

"Enter." He heard someone from inside say.

"Did you find what I told you to do Kabuto," a black haired man shot as soon as he walked into the room.

"Orochimaru-Sama, I assure, in one month, there's no way those girls will be able to pay what we requested them to."

"That is good. Just like with that Haruno girl's older sister, I'll get rid of her," Orochimaru said. His snake-like eyes sparkled with the anticipation of getting that salon and running a monopoly off of it.

"Orochimaru-Sama, if I may ask, what happened to Lady Tsunade, who had founded and created Momoe in the first place? Why target the manager when you can target the founder and get her to give you the salon?"

"Simple Kabuto, The Great Tsunade is nowhere to be found. Haven't you done your research?" Orochimaru asked back.

"Really? I think I remember her. Old lady who hit me for calling her a young looking witch who is really old now?" he asked.

"Yes. That's probably the reason why she went into the cosmetology business. She wanted to look young and charming like she was when she was a child as she aged," Orochimaru noted.

"Looks like that desire to look young and good made her business popular among the ladies who want just the same thing," Kabuto said.

"However Tsunade had to go through many things because of that salon," Orochimaru explained. "Because of that salon, she lost her fiancée and her younger brother. But now…she's going to lose more than them," he continued with a devilish grin forming on his pale skinny lips.

Kabuto smirked knowing what Orochimaru had planned for the workers of that salon.

"Make the preparations Kabuto," Orochimaru ordered.

"Yes sir," he responded before walking out in order to deliver the message.

'This should be more fun than with the little Haruno than that Haruno girl's older sister," Orochimaru thought. 'There's more players to pluck off one by one,' he chuckled.

"Ino, what time is it?" Tenten asked adding the finishing touches to one of her client's hair.

"It's around 6," Hinata answered before Ino could. She had a bottle of Lipton Tea in her hand and was taking a break on one of the massage chairs they had at the salon.

"How long it's been since Forehead left?" Ino asked showing one of her clients the three door mirror so she could see how she looked.

"Not sure…"

"I dunno."

"You think something happened to her?" Moegi exclaimed.

Moegi was 21. Her orange red hair was kept up into pigtails high above her head. Her cheeks were naturally rosy and she was a masseuse at Momoe.

"Don't talk like that Momo," Karin shouted.

Wakanuki Karin was 26. Her bright red hair was cut long with a side done like with a razor cut style. Her bright crimson eyes were shielded with glasses. She was a makeup artist like Ino.

"Don't yell at me!" Moegi snapped back.

"Don't talk to me like that," Karin screeched back.

"Girls!" Tenten intervened. "Biting each other's necks off won't help the situation."

"She's been gone for more than an hour. Do you guys think something happened over there at Yuu?" Hinata asked panicking for a moment before calming down.

"Hina calm down. Forehead can take care of herself. There's no way she would get beat down by them. If those guys even tried to do anything to her, she could just use her super insane monster strength to take 'em down," Ino said to reassure them.

"She's right you guys," Tenten agreed. "And besides, we have something bigger to worry about. Sakura wouldn't like it if we lost the bet so we need to get to work."

"Yeah," they all agreed before taking in the next customers.

"I still can't believe we took up that stupid bet," Karin said sipping a cup of lemonade.

"Yeah, I mean couldn't you guys have at least thought it through before you agreed to it?" Moegi asked.

"You know how Forehead is," Ino answered. "Nothin' irks that girl more than that Uchiha."

"Just like how that Nara dude irks you?" Tenten asked back with a grin on her face.

"Ugh don't even mention his name. I hate him so much with his lazy demeanor," Ino answered. Tenten just widened her smile before turning her attention to Moegi.

"So, Moegi," she started. The girl looked her way. "How are things with you and Udon?"

Moegi turned bright pink.

"I-it's going good," she stuttered.

"Whoa! Hang on just a minute!" Karin cried out putting her hands out in the air. Moegi jumped because of how loud her voice was.

"What Red?" Ino exclaimed.

"DON'T CALL ME RED, BLONDIE!" Karin exclaimed back before pushing her glasses back up to her nose and flipping her hair.

"Isn't Udon the little boy who has the glasses?" Karin asked looking at Megumi.

"Y-yeah," she answered.

"Tch, figures," Karin mumbled under her breathe.

"Why are you asking Karin?" Tenten questioned.

"I saw that boy the other day on this girl that sure as hell wasn't Momo over there," she answered.

"You're lying!" Moegi replied back defending her man.

"Why would I lie to my sister?" Karin asked in a serious tone.

Moegi's blood ran cold.

"Who are you going to believe? Me? The girl who's been here in this salon with you since we found you on the streets? Or that little boy with the creepy smile and thick ass glasses?" Karin questioned narrowing her eyes. She honestly hoped for the answer she wasn't expecting.

"Karin, I-"

"Why is everybody standing around!" the door was slammed open as a loud powerful feminine voice shouted out.

Everyone's heads turned to the front door. The doorbell was smashed up against the wall and the woman who knocked it there stood tall and proud with a tight fishnet dress that stopped at mid thigh and a beige sleeveless jacket that stopped at her knees.

"The hell?" Tenten mumbled.

"Shit," Ino thought in her head.

"The Almighty Anko has graced your presence! Bless yourself," she exclaimed with a wicked grin forming on her lips.

Tenten walked over to Anko and pulled her into the shop. Her blank face suppressed the annoyance that shook her body on the inside.

Mitarashi Anko- n; the salon's beauty supplier. Anko has short purple hair with a half up half down do.

"Where's little Sakura?" Anko asked noticing said girl was missing. She was exaggeratedly looking high and low for the girl.

"She's not here right now," Tenten answered. "What are you doing here Anko? The next shipment isn't due for another week."

"I was just a little curious at how my little cherubs were doing in that little bet."

Everybody looked at each other. No one knew what to say since they had customers right there in front of them.

"How do you even know about that?" Ino asked narrowing her eyes.

"Kakashi-kun of course!" she replied with a cheeky smile.

Everyone groaned. Out of all of the couples in Konoha, Kakashi and Anko had to be the oddest. No one but Kami-sama knew for sure how they could be attracted to each other They were they youngest- old couple there was which was already strange enough.

"Stupid boys," Tenten muttered.

"So how are we doing so far?"

"Pretty good, we're not losing…" Hinata spoke.

Anko looked around the salon and stepped inside. She left the door open, which crushed the chimes that hung on the wall close behind. She put her finger on one of the waiting chairs.

"Why," she began, "Is Sakura over at Yuu." Her eyes were slightly down casted and all playfulness was gone out of her tone.

She meant business.

"We don't fuckin' know," Karin snapped.

"Why did you guys let her go by herself then," Anko shot looking at each individual girl.

No one had an answer.

"How long has she been gone?"

Anko directed that question at Tenten who only responded with a blank face.

Sensing that no one was going to answer her questions Anko gave a big loud sigh.

"Alright I'll go find the answers," she said before getting some lemonade. "Be grateful I'm a generous person or else I would be charging extra." Her cocky air of words lingered in the shop.

As much as Anko loved annoying the girls, she was the only one who could go to Yuu and not be aggravated by the boys.

"Thanks," Ten gritted out of her mouth. She couldn't believe she was actually thanking this woman.

"Alright then So re Ja!" Anko said before leaving.

"So how long have you and Anko been going out again Kakashi?" Naruto asked curiously staring into Kakashi's face. Kakashi continued reading his Icha Icha Paradise.

"Two years."

"Hmmmmm…That's a long time."

"Well of course it is to a sapling like you Naruto."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing," Kakashi brushed off while turning the page. His eye was intently focused on the book while his other eye was hidden under the bandana that he wore. His mask just made his actions even more suspicious since no one ever knew what he was thinking.

"Hmmmm, when's lunch?"

"For Kami-Sama's sake. You've been here for a good while and you don't even know when lunch is? So troublesome."

"Not my fault we don't have a clock in here."

"You're so fu-"

Before Shikamaru could finish his thought, the door opened and Sasuke strided in with his hands in his pocket

All of the boys looked at him as he sat at his station looking at the wall.

"So what happened?" Neji asked.

"Kabuto was over there, and they didn't want to tell me anything. They kicked me out," he slightly pouted.

"Anything else?" Kakashi asked still not taking his focus off of the book.

"No, that was it."

"Are you sure?"


"'The Haruno girl is coming."

Everyone looked at the front, and there was Sakura storming over to Yuu in a hurried fashion. She obviously didn't want to be seen walking into the barbershop and quickly pushed the door open, which slammed, against the bell in a forceful way.

Sasuke smirked as Sakura continued to storm towards him.

"I'm here Uchiha," she gritted. Fire was burning in her emerald green eyes from fury as her lips pursed together in a thin line. Today just wasn't her day. Nothing seemed to go her way. First Kabuto showed up and now the Uchiha was threatening her to go to his shop for a little chat? Kami-sama must be amused.

"Why was Kabuto at your little shop?"

"I already told you; it's none of your fucking business," Sakura was getting tired of having to repeat herself. Didn't this guy know how to listen? Just because there was a change of scenery doesn't mean she was going to spill.

"Tsk tsk, such unladylike behavior from such a prominent girl," Sasuke taunted with his smirk widening even further.

"I don't think you understand the heaviness of all this Sakura-san," Neji intervened. "Kabuto isn't someone a little girl like you should be messing with. He works for Orochimaru who is the sneakiest con around."

"No shit," Sakura huffed crossing her arms across her chest. Sasuke noticed the jiggle it gave her chest

"You can huff and puff all you want," Sasuke responded, "Orochimaru deals with big man business, not some play date with little girls." His eyes locked with Sakura's. He was trying hard not to look down since she huffed again.

"I'm not seven," she calmly said as her eyes narrowed at him. "We're the same age Uchiha. You're only older by a couple of months, and that doesn't even mean anything around here."

"You're right itt doesn't matter how you old you are around here. But we all know that you can't get a boyfriend regardless of age anyway."

Sakura hesitated at the remark.

"WHAT!" her Inner Sakura exclaimed furiously as she punched walls.

"At least I don't have Orochimaru stalking me. What him and me do is business that doesn't have anything to do with Yuu. Just because we have a little bet between us doesn't mean I have to tell you everything that goes on with my salon. You guys are so stupid to process anything anyway."

"We're stupid? You're the one who thinks Orochimaru is somebody you can mess with."

"I can handle it Uchiha," she snapped back. "I'm the best businesswoman in the country. I'm not going to be outsmarted by someone like him."

Sasuke jumped up out of his barber chair. He stepped forward until he was looking down at Sakura. Her chest barely touched his. She tilted her head up to glare up at him only to see that his smirk was gone and his eyes hardened into a red color. Sakura faltered a little but she still stood strong against him.

"You can't handle someone like the Hebi Corporation by yourself. You're obviously inferior to us so don't lie to yourself. We can barely get them to leave us alone, what makes you think you, pinky, can do it?"

"Is that the sound of worry in your tone?" Sakura smirked. She knew it would be impossible for that to happen though.

Sasuke glared at her. Of course he wasn't worried about her. What Momoe did was none of his business. He just wanted to know exactly what Orochimaru was doing. And more importantly, where he was so he could find his bro-.


Sakura and Sasuke looked towards the door. Sasuke grimaced while Sakura blinked to process why that person was there.

Everyone was silent.

"Anko!" Kakashi exclaimed closing his book and putting it on the workstation. He inwardly glee-d with joy. Finally, there was someone who wasn't an idiot around him.

"As if an Uchiha would actually worry about someone besides one of their own," she finished. Anko took a sip of the lemonade and stepped inside. She walked towards Kakashi and ruffled his hair.

"Now what's this little shindig about," she ignorantly asked with a cheeky smile.

Sakura took this as an opportunity.

"Nothing Anko-sempai," Sakura answered. "I was just leaving," she finished as she walked away with a smirk. "Nice timing," she whispered to Anko as she passed by.

"I try my best," she whispered back with a wink.

Sakura walked out the door before Sasuke could even say anything.

"Damn it," he inwardly cursed.

"Anko darling what are you doing here besides here to meet your wonderful loving man," Kakashi asked pulling her into his lap on the chair.

Anko's eyes gleamed with a sparkle. "Nothing hun."

"Sasuke be a dear and don't disturb us. We'll be in the storage room," Kakashi warned.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

Fucking Perverts.

Sasuke turned his attention back to Sakura who was crossing the street as his red eyes glimmered back to their original obsidian grey color.

This wasn't over. Someone like her obviously couldn't comprehend how things could be. She has no control of anything.

Especially anything that involved Orochimaru.

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