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Their scent was stronger here. I'd finally found them. It had taken me weeks, or maybe months, to find it again, but I was finally going to face them. After the storm had passed, I'd spent almost three days sniffing every inch of this forest. Now I was going to start my revenge. My people's revenge.

I was running through this unknown forest following their horrible smell. I didn't know where it was going to take me, but my feet and my mind wouldn't allow me stop and think of what I would do when I finally faced them. All I wanted was to have them in front of me and kill them with my bare hands. Just the thought of that made my heart beat faster than it had ever done before. I could imagine my victory, the panic in their faces. I could hear them crying for mercy, begging to be killed faster, to put them out of their misery. In my head I could picture their torture to be slow and painful, suffering for each and every day my people had suffered. Little by little, paying for every life they'd taken.

Everything passed my eyes in a blur. I could hear the woodland creatures escaping at the sound of my steps, scared of the predator I was. Scared of death. But they were safe. Today, the only creatures I was going to kill were those bloodsuckers.

The feeling of the wind against my face distracted me for a moment from my plans of revenge. It relaxed me like it always has and I felt like I was flying. It made me forget all my problems, my secrets. Forget that just for a couple of minutes, I was a part of this world that was full of darkness and death. It wasn't a secret that I've always hated what I was; something living in between right and wrong. Life and death... But I've grown to accept it and do whatever was needed to survive in this world where even us, the monsters, needed to be strong to stay alive. Running was a way of life for us. There was no one in this world that enjoyed running more than we did. My family and I did it for fun; after escaping our whole lives from death, this became our favorite hobby. Ever since we were children, my family and I enjoyed the speed we were 'blessed' with. Playing games, competing to see who was the fastest, having fun, feeling free. But running took a different meaning after they appeared a long time ago. Now our philosophy was: if you were fast enough, you could escape from death; if you weren't that lucky, then death was your destiny.

I shook my head trying to forget all those memories of us playing in the sun, enjoying the freedom, and laughing. They were just memories. The past. Something that might never happen again, something our children will never have the chance to see... unless I kill them.

I needed to focus on my mission, to find those damn leeches, and enjoy killing them. Only then would I be able to live in peace. My people will be able to find the peace we'd lost some centuries ago. The freedom they took away. Them! I could feel how my blood started to boil again at the thought of how it all started. All of this was their fault. Stupid leeches! If they had never set eyes on-

My thoughts were interrupted by the most intoxicating scent I've ever smelt… a mixture of roses, earth after a rainy day and vanilla. My favorite scents in the world. It was driving me crazy, making me feel dizzy. I followed it to discover the thing I've desired more than any other over the centuries. The intoxicating scent ended at the edge of a cliff, and there I was when I first saw her. The tall, dark-haired woman reminded me of the tales of goddesses Grandpa told us when we were younger.

I approached her slowly trying not to scare her, and when I was near enough to see her, I lost my breath; she took it away from me. She was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen and her scent, her scent sent shivers throughout my body. But what hypnotized me the most were those big brown eyes; they were beautiful, their color even darker than the night, just breathtaking. They looked so sad; it reminded me of someone I knew too well. Me.

I couldn't take my eyes away from her. Every part of my body was begging me to hug her, touch her, and feel her. I wanted to be next to her, but I might scare her, and if that ever happened, I didn't know what I'd do. My appearance wasn't the best to introduce myself to that beautiful woman. I was all sweaty from running for more than a week. My clothes were all dirty, my hair was a mess. There was a big tree, so I hid behind it. It was a good distance away, I could watch her figure, her eyes, her lips, and those long legs easily.

Who was she? What was she doing here? I wanted to know everything about her. Her name, her favorite song, her favorite day. I wanted to know it all. I was sure I was going to love each and every part of her.

Suddenly, she turned her back to me and faced the sea. What was she going to do? Was she going to jump? I couldn't help but wonder what she was doing. Please turn back! I shouted in my head.

I closed my eyes for a moment. I wasn't a religious man, but I was praying to every God present at the moment to make her come to me. When I opened my eyes she wasn't there anymore.


She'd jumped. Without thinking twice, I ran and jumped in behind her. I plunged into the dark water looking for the beautiful girl that had stolen my heart. I swam deeper and deeper, fighting against the current, until I found her. Her eyes were still open like she was waiting for someone and when she saw me, she smiled, and then her eyes started to close. I grabbed her by her waist and swam to the surface.

It was almost impossible to swim back to the shore. The current was too strong, carrying her and trying to swim was almost unbearable. I started to advance when a huge wave crashed into us and I lost my hold on her.

Shit! I've found the girl of my dreams and I was about to drown her?

I immersed myself back in the water and held her tightly pressing her against my chest. Feeling her hot body against mine was all I needed to recover my strength and keep swimming to the shore. I swam as hard as I could against the rough sea and I finally managed to reach the shore; I laid her down and looked at her. Up close, she was even more beautiful. As I moved a lock of her hair that was hiding her beautiful face.

"Can you hear me?" I asked her, shaking her lightly to wake her up. She might have been unconscious because her eyes stayed shut. She was breathing and her pulse was normal. She had only blacked out. She was still alive, for my own sake.

I was so lost in her beauty, I didn't even see that someone was coming our way.

"Leah? LEAH?" A dark brown haired boy came running to the girl. "LEAH?" He shouted. His expression turned panicked when he locked his eyes on the body of the gorgeous woman. He kneeled down next to her, and shook her lightly as I had a moment ago. The girl, Leah, was perfectly still, her eyes closed.

Who was this guy? Was he her mate? I didn't want to think that her heart might belong to another man. I was sure that such a pretty girl like her couldn't be alone. You would have to be blind or really stupid to let a girl like this be alone.

"Can you hear me Leah?" The boy started sobbing. "What's happened?" He looked at me but immediately turned to her without letting me explain what happened to her. "What did you do, Leah? Hold on, please. I'm calling Carlisle." He took his cell phone and started talking to someone. "It's Leah, I think she's unconscious... I think she was drowning and some guy took her out of the water... Okay, please hurry up, Carlisle... I can't lose her..." He finished.

I couldn't stop looking at her. She was everything I wanted now. I wanted to hold her and protect her, but she already had a mate. She belonged to someone, and this guy must love her a lot, his words kept repeating in my mind: "I can't lose her." They were full of love and pain.

I couldn't lose her either, but she wasn't mine, she had her partner. What was I still doing here? I stood up and ran back home, leaving the beautiful Native American girl behind.

She will never be mine in reality, but I could dream with her every night… and my every dream will be about her… Leah... beautiful Leah...

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