Effy's POV

I took the lighter that was buried in my pocket and lit the cigarette that was in my mouth and took a long drag. Today was the day St. Trinians went unisex.
Great, fucking great.
It's bad enough dealing with the first years as head girl but now there's going to be boys.
Loads of them. I sat on the wall by the front entrance with Miss Fritton while she took swigs of her vodka bottle. We were waiting for the boys busses to arrive, we had to build a whole new dorm section on the left side of the building for the boys, they waste money and they take up our space. We're going to have to party with them, share our booze and cigarettes that Melody gets in stock for us and surely some girls are going to be getting knocked up.
"So, Effy will you be planning on stealing any boys hearts" Miss Fritton asked.
"Please! None of these rats will be shagging me" I replied slyly.
"THERE HERE!" Miss Fritton shouted.
The busses coming up the drive where big and red with graffiti all over it with things on it like; come on ladies, why don't you join us, we're shaggable. How childish, I hope some of them are mature. I put on my red lip gloss and fixed my hair – Hey! I might be against this but there still boys, right?
A scrawny old man stepped out of one out of the two double Decker busses, he was wearing a navy suit with white hair. Miss Fritton wearing a very short dress walked over to meet him. They shook hands and hugged then signalled me to come over. I walked over strutting in my black stilettos from the opened windows on the busses there were wolf whistles and cheers. I felt confident and sexy but I still rolled my eyes at their idiotic behaviour. A whistle blew and a boy stepped out one of the busses. He was gorges, he told everyone to shut up and they did. He gave me a cheeky smile and winked at me. I guessed he was head boy. I stood by Miss Frittons side and he walked over to stand by the other mans side.
"Simon, this is head girl Effy. Effy this is the joint head Simon" We shook hands as Miss Fritton introduced us to one another.
"I hope all your girls are as tasty as this one" he said. Ew, how perverted. A sixty year old chatting up a sixteen year old!
"I hope your boys aren't as perverted as you" I told him.
He coughed and said "Erm, yes well. Effy this is the new head boy, Eric"
He was drop dead gorges, as I shook his hand a electric shock ran through my body. His eyes were green, bright green.
I realised that I still had my cigarette in my hand, it was almost gone so i through it on the floor and stamped on it with my feet. I strutted back to the main entrance and the whistled and cheers started again. I looked over my shoulder at Eric, he didn't stop them this time he was just gawking at me I winked at him and carried on walking into the building. I walked up to the dorm and told the girls about everything that had just happened I also warned them that if they dared to try it with Eric, they'd have to deal with me.
I think its love at first sight ... and that never happens to me.