Icefire149 here! This isn't really a story but its basically the conversations of our lovely Harvest moon characters if they were in a chat room! I read a story just like this and I loved it so I wanted to write my own. Enjoy!

Anyone who doesn't understand the language used ask. And if anyone couldn't figure out who's, who there's a list at the end that says who's who.

Disclaimer- I still don't own harvest moon

Cleaningwonder: signed on at 3:30pm

Farmergal33: singed on at 3:31pm

Cleaningwonder: Hey whats up?

Farmergal33: nm rele. Just thinking

Cleaningwonder: bout?


Cleaningwonder: please tell me its not Gray again?

Farmergal33: why on earth would I be thinking bout him?!

Cleaningwonder: because u LIKE him

Farmergal33: no I don't

Cleaningwonder: yea u do

Farmergal33: : (

Farmergal33: no I don't

Beautyqueen4ever: signed on at 3:55pm

Chickenking21: signed on at 3:55pm

Beautyqueen4ever: hey whatz up?!

Chickenking21: hi Ann, Claire

Beautyqueen21: what bout me?

Chickenking21: I just saw u ten minutes ago do I rele need to say hi again?

Beautyqueen4ever: yea duh

Farmergal33: ur so whipped

Cleaningwonder: u so are Rick

Chickenking21: stfu

Farmergal33: whipped, whipped, whipped. u are so WHIPPED!

Chickenking21: seriously shut up like now

Farmergal33: OMG r u telling me what to do?!

Chickenking21: maybe I am

Farmergal33: signed off at 4:10pm

Chickenking21: yay I win

Beautyqueen4ever: do u realize ur gonna die right?

Cleaningwonder: yea. Claire is rele gonna kill u

Chickenking21: yeah right. Like she could take me on

Cleaningwonder: five, four, three ….

Chickenking21: whats with the counting?

Beautyqueen4ever: u'll see

Chickenking21: I don't know what I'll see

Chickenking21: omg! Claire is ripping the door down!

Chickenking21: help me!

Chickenking21: Karen!

Chickenking21: signed off at 4:20pm

Cleaningwonder: he so had that coming

Beautyqueen4ever: he so did

Beautyqueen4ever: uh I better go save him b4 Claire rele kills him

Cleaningwonder: yea. I'll go help ya on that

Cleaningwonder: signed off at 4:22pm

Beautyqueen4ever: signed off at 4:22pm

Kailover4ever: signed on at 4:23pm

Kailover4ever: heyy

Kailover4ever: wait where is everyone?! *cries*

Farmergal33 - Claire

Cleaningwonder - Ann

Chickenking21 - Rick

Beautyqueen4ever - Karen

Kailover4ever - Popuri