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Beautyqueen4ever: signed on at 5:55pm

Cleaningwonder: signed on at 5:55pm

Imwaytosexy4u: signed on at 5:56pm

Beautyqueen4ever: how u doing Kai?

Imwaytosexy4u: life is terrible

Cleaningwonder: please tell us why? Lol

Imwaytosexy4u: HOW COULD I LOSE? I'M KAI!

Beautyqueen4ever: r u serious?

Imwaytosexy4u: yes!

Cleaningwonder: rofl

Beautyqueen4ever: *slaps self in forehead*

Imwaytosexy4u: how could I lose again? I even made sure Claire wasn't the judge!

Cleaningwonder: that's y its so funny

Imwaytosexy4u: how is that funny?

Beautyqueen4ever: you picked Popuri to be the judge!

Imwaytosexy4u: and?

Beautyqueen4ever: u still expected to win?

Imwaytosexy4u: no one is immune to my charms

Cleaningwonder: rofl

Imwaytosexy4u: y didn't she pick me as the winner? I thought she was my friend

Beautyqueen4ever: the girl hasn't stopped crying since you broke up with her. And u expected her to pick u as the winner?

Imwaytosexy4u: when u put it that way I guess it makes it a possibility that I wouldn't win

Cleaningwonder: a possibility ?

Imwaytosexy4u: yes

Beautyqueen4ever: *slaps self in forehead*

Beautyqueen4ever: u know what? I'll be the judge

Imwaytosexy4u: yes! Rematch

Beautyqueen4ever: no. no. no. quiet Kai

Beautyqueen4ever: I was there at both sexy offs and I'll declare the winner

Cleaningwonder: so how much of a chance does Kai got at winning?

Imwaytosexy4u: well I AM the clear winner

Beautyqueen4ever: I have made my decision

Cleaningwonder: dun dun dun

Beautyqueen4ever: what r u doing Ann?

Cleaningwonder: sound affects

Beautyqueen4ever: ok…..

Imwaytosexy4u: just tell me who won!

Beautyqueen4ever: ok

Beautyqueen4ever: the winner is…..

Beautyqueen4ever: …...

Imwaytosexy4u: come on and tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Beautyqueen4ever: the winner is Rick

Imwaytosexy4u: WHAT?!

Beautyqueen4ever: yes. I have made the final decision. Accept it Kai

Beautyqueen4ever: signed off at 6:15pm

Cleaningwonder: lol

Imwaytosexy4u: am I in a parallel universe?

Cleaningwonder: nope

Cleaningwonder: and if I had to choose. I think the winner should be Cliff

Cleaningwonder: signed off at 6:17pm