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Just Another Ordinary Day

Chapter One

The Grocery Incident

Eragon and Murtagh had only known each other for a few years. Their parents had divorced when Murtagh had been five, Eragon having just turned two, and they had been separated. Eragon had grown up with his mother Selena Rider. Eragon had inherited her light brown hair but had his father's dark brown eyes.

Murtagh had come to live with them when Morzan Teytor, their father, had been killed in a bar fight. Murtagh had gotten their father's black hair and Selena's hazel eyes. He had moved in just months before his sixteenth birthday, and had proceeded to spend a lot of time alone in his room. It had taken the arrival of Murtagh's two best friends, Thorn and Nasuada, and much prying from Eragon and Selena before he started to socialise. And once Eragon and he bonded Murtagh had never let go.

As time passed, their bond only became stronger. Even though Murtagh had started college he had continued to live at home. The only thing that changed with the years was that Murtagh had become protective of Eragon. Eragon's friends would say that it was for a good reason, but the brunet would say otherwise.

Eragon would agree to the claims that he was clumsy. He had after all managed to trip on a sock, of all things, ripped down the curtains, tripped over the sofa and had fallen head first into the aquarium. Murtagh had promptly laughed for twenty minutes before starting to scold Eragon for being so careless and almost started to fuss over him. Eragon couldn't remember having blushed so hard in his entire life.

The protectiveness had only gotten worse when Eragon had hit sixteen. Saphira and Arya had taken him to a club to celebrate when, apparently, Eragon had been hit on no less than fifteen times in the first hour.

When Murtagh had heard about that incident, he had promptly announced that Eragon wasn't allowed inside any club without him being present. Arya and Nasuada had giggled and laughed while Saphira had tried to comfort an angered Eragon. Murtagh could be really unfair sometimes.

But soon it was Eragon's turn to begin at the local college. Murtagh, who now was three years into his Masters degree, had asked if they should find an apartment and move closer to the campus. Two months before the semester started they had found one. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room with a small kitchenette. They had moved in a few days later. Now, two years later, Murtagh was finishing his Master and Eragon was soon turning nineteen. They had managed to live together without complications. Or at least, without too many complications.


Eragon guessed there was really only one downside by rooming with your older brother. Well, there was only one if you were Murtagh's brother.

Eragon had gotten used to Murtagh's over-protectiveness a long time ago. But that didn't mean he liked it. Thanks to Murtagh, Eragon was hardly allowed to go near any sharp object, even when he ate! And Eragon found that highly unfair. He had never cut himself on mistake once in his entire life! But the downside, the real downside, was that there were certain things Murtagh wouldn't allow him to do.

They had agreed on a list of chores before moving out. Murtagh would do the grocery shopping and laundry while Eragon would take care of the trash and cleaning. But apparently that chore list was unchangeable. Eragon wasn't allowed to do the laundry, which was fine by him. He had somehow managed to shrink his socks once even if he couldn't remember how. No, what he objected to was that he wasn't allowed to buy groceries. It never failed either. Murtagh always made sure that there were no groceries missing, and if he was too busy or knew he was going to be he would do the shopping in advance. And it annoyed Eragon. There was no reason he shouldn't be allowed to do a simple chore!

Of course, then the inevitable happened. Murtagh forgot to do the shopping.

"...You forgot?" Eragon didn't know if he was angry or about to laugh himself to death. Murtagh never forgot to do things! Hell, it seemed almost impossible for him to be late, even if he left late to get where he was going. But now the ever so perfect Murtagh had forgotten to go grocery shopping.

"No need to rub it in," a tired and haggard looking Murtagh nearly snapped. "I've been cramped with work and you know it."

Eragon couldn't keep himself from wincing. Murtagh's final exam was in only a week and he had been studying like mad. There were dark circles forming under his eyes and Murtagh had started to walk around the apartment in worn and faded clothes, clothes he would never wear in public.

"I know," Eragon mumbled quietly.

Murtagh sighed and raked two hands through his already messy hair. He mumbled something under his breath and walked into his room. Eragon stared forlornly after him. But the dark haired male came out ten seconds later, pulling on his trusted leather jacket as he did so. Murtagh hadn't changed his clothes, still dressed in torn and mattered jeans that seemed to be suspiciously trendy lately and a faded t-shirt.

Eragon stood up from the couch, where he had been trying and failing to write an essay for next week and strode quickly after his brother. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"Well, it seems like I have some shopping to do," Murtagh nearly growled as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"No way. You have tons of stuff to read! I'll go," Eragon said and stepped forward.

"It's just a quick stop. I won't lose that much of my studying time. I'm in need of a break anyway."

"That's a different tune than what I've heard from you these past few weeks," Eragon said with a frown. "I can go, it's no big deal. I can't concentrate on my essay anyway."

Murtagh turned around, abandoning the search for his shoes for the moment. He presented Eragon with a hard stare. "You aren't going. Doing the groceries is my chore, I'll go," Murtagh said, clearly becoming more annoyed by the second.

And he wasn't the only one. Eragon glared back at his older brother, not knowing what to believe anymore. He had never understood why he wasn't allowed to go. The store was a ten minute walk from their apartment! It was like...

"You don't trust me, do you?" the brunet scowled.

Murtagh sighed again. "Of course I trust you," he mumbled. "But we do different things around the apartment. Buying food is my chore. I'm doing it."

"Like hell you trust me!" Eragon almost shouted. "You won't bloody let me going grocery shopping, for fucks sake!"

"Don't curse, Eragon," Murtagh said warningly.

"Whatever, Murtagh!" the brown eyed teen seethed. "I'm sick and tired of this! Why won't you let me do a simple chore?!"

"Because -" Murtagh cut himself off, hazel eyes narrowing as he wrinkled his nose.

Oh yeah, Murtagh was getting angry now, Eragon could see as much. And it pleased him. His brother wasn't as perfect as everyone believed him to be, Eragon knew that better than anyone.

"Yes?" Eragon hissed.

"...You have no sense of direction. You'll get lost on the way back," the dark haired brother said and looked away.

Eragon stumbled back a step. So that was why he wasn't allowed to go anywhere alone. His brother had no faith in him. And that hurt.

"...The fuck?! That's the lousiest excuse ever!" Eragon said with a dark glare. "It's just around the damn corner! Its grocery shopping, not rocket science!"

"Eragon. I -" Murtagh said angrily.

"No! I won't listen to more of your lousy excuses. I'm going!"

"FINE!" Murtagh bellowed.

Eragon snorted. He stomped pass his brother and angrily stepped into his shoes, not bothering to untie them.

"Don't forget the wallet and your phone. And remember to keep it on this time," the older brother said warningly.

Eragon looked up and glared at his brother. He angrily grabbed the wallet from his brother's hands. "Yes mother," he said icily and waved his phone in Murtagh's face.

Murtagh opened his mouth to speak, but Eragon simply turned around and slammed the door behind him.

The brunet stomped down the stairs and out of the apartment building and continued out onto the sidewalk. Eragon walked with his hands deep into his jeans pockets and a scowl on his face. He hadn't felt so angry in a long time, and he hated feeling this way! He hated to be angry, especially at his brother. And funnily enough, it seemed like he was getting angry around his brother a lot lately.

If the brunet were to be honest, there was another reason he was so angry. It wasn't just that he felt like Murtagh was babying him. No, it was that he felt like his brother didn't trust him. And that hurt. It hurt a lot. Especially since Eragon had realised his feelings towards Murtagh a long time ago. He didn't know when, how was rather obvious considering who his brother was, but somehow he had fallen for Murtagh. Saphira and Arya had helped him get over the worst shock and helped him realise that he had no reason to be disgusted with himself. You couldn't help who you loved. It just happened. But what Eragon still refused to do was to tell Murtagh. He'd rather not wake up and find himself being gutted alive by Murtagh, thank you very much. Because he had seen his brother angry and it was not a pretty sight.

So, as the brunet kicked a small rock across the sidewalk in front of him, he had to admit he was angry because Murtagh seemed not to believe in him. And to have the one you loved not believe in you really sucked.

Eragon nearly tripped as he stepped onto the bottom of his jeans. He cursed and just barely managed to not bump into a guy that was walking around the corner. He made it to the supermarket in one piece and walked inside.

Eragon breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that there weren't many customers present. He wasn't used to being around a lot of people at once, and it made him a little edgy. He picked up a shopping basket and walked down the first isle. He leafed through the wallet, cursing in relief when he found the shopping list stuffed between two bills.

"Alright, this doesn't look too hard," Eragon mumbled to himself and got to work.

Even though he hadn't been there many times, Eragon was proud that he managed to not get lost during the first ten minutes he was there. He had even managed to find the bread they ate without trouble!

He was in the process of figuring where the store could have hidden the fruits and vegetables when he heard his name being called. "Eragon!"

He turned around. He waved when he saw two very familiar figures coming towards him. One was a blonde with blue stripes in her hair. Her sapphire blue eyes twinkled beneath her forelock. It was his best friend Saphira. Behind her, carrying the basket was a tall red haired male. He was muscular, but not unattractively so. He had light brown, almost golden eyes. He nodded to Eragon as they came closer. It was Thorn, Saphira's boyfriend and Murtagh's best friend.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Saphira asked with a smile.

"Grocery shopping. What did you think?" Eragon asked.

Thorn suddenly looked very amused. "Alone? And Murtagh let you?" he asked with a small chuckle.

"Err, yeah. Is that so hard to believe?" Eragon asked suspiciously.

"Yes, it is," Saphira and Thorn said in one voice.


"I'm sure you'll learn that soon enough," Saphira said and patted Eragon's head. "But we have to get going. Lots of shopping to do!"

Thorn groaned in despair. "I hate shopping," he mumbled under his breath as Saphira eagerly dragged him along.

Eragon just stared after them blankly. He shook his head and looked back down at the list. He really had some strange friends.


Murtagh wasn't happy. Not that that wasn't a new occurrence. Most of the time he was either bored or didn't care what he was feeling. But now he was very unhappy. He hated arguing with Eragon. He hated it more than he hated their deceased father, and that wasn't an easy feat to accomplish.

Murtagh sighed into his hands. He couldn't help it. He just naturally was protective of Eragon. That of course had a reason, but he wasn't going to utter that out loud even if it were to save his own life. Ever since he had met his younger brother, protectiveness had quickly risen in him. He felt particularly protective of Eragon around other people, especially guys. Ever since Eragon had shyly told him he was gay, Murtagh had made sure to keep creepy guys away from him. And it was no easy feat. Wherever Eragon went, it seemed like creeps naturally could sense him. But thankfully they stayed back after getting a well-practiced death glare sent their way.

The hazel eyed man clenched his hands when he remembered where the brunet was at that exact moment. Alone...in a large convenient store...with no one to protect him. Eragon was by no means weak, but he could be far too trusting. And naïve, Murtagh couldn't forget that little fact. The brunet was incapable of recognizing a come-on even if it came and bit him in the ass. Murtagh shook his head in silent disbelief.

"That kid is going to be the death of me," Murtagh mumbled as he stood up.

Thirty minutes had passed already. Murtagh expected his little brother home soon. It was a little strange. Murtagh had had many homes throughout his childhood. He had lived with Morzan and Selena, then with just his father, then with Selena and Eragon...and lastly with Eragon. But there were certain times he had felt more at home, and those times usually involved Eragon. Murtagh smirked to himself. He had no trouble calling a house with Eragon in it home.

The hazel eyed man closed the book he had been unsuccessfully trying to read. Without Eragon around him, it was easy for him to lose the ability to concentrate. Especially when he didn't know where Eragon was and what he was doing. Murtagh glanced at the clock and felt his eyes widen in shock.

"...the fuck?!"

Murtagh pulled out his cell-phone and pressed the speed-dial for Eragon's phone. A metallic voice immediately picked up. "The person you're trying to reach is either out of reach or has their phone off. Please try again later."

"What the fuck?" Murtagh growled. Eragon had turned his phone off, even when he had told him specifically not to?! Eragon was in deep shit now.

Murtagh threw on his jacket again and nearly tore down the key-rack when he pulled out his keys. He got out of the apartment, closed it, and half-ran down the stairs. The clock in the living room showed that it had been fifty minutes since Eragon had left. Murtagh wasn't waiting anymore. Eragon could have fallen on his way back or tripped inside the store and have been sent to the hospital. He could have gotten lost and gone home with some stranger, like the trusting idiot he was. Murtagh's scowl deepened. He could practically feel the grey hairs pop up from all the worrying he was doing. Eragon was going to pay when he found him.


Eragon cried out in triumph when he found the proper aisle. He had managed to get lost for a minute until he had remembered the signs that hung from the ceiling. From there it had been easy to find his way to the front of the store again.

"Hey, you look a little lost."

Eragon turned around. He raised an eyebrow. The man before him just widened his grin. "Do you need any help?" he asked.

"Eh, no thanks. I think I've got this covered," Eragon said suspiciously. Oh, something felt seriously off about that guy. Eragon shook his head and ducked around a shelf, hoping that he could get away if he ran fast enough.

Since he was so busy looking over his shoulder, he didn't notice the figure before him and bumped into them. Eragon nearly fell forward, but managed to catch himself just in time. That had been his second almost-fall of the day.

"You alright?" the guy he had almost run into asked.

Eragon just nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry for running into you."

"Oh, that's alright," the red haired man said and almost smirked. "You can make it up to me, however. What about a coffee after this?"

Oh, God, why me? Eragon muttered to himself. He could have sworn that grocery shopping hadn't involved so many perverts the last time he had gone. Granted, Murtagh had been with him then, but so what? It wasn't like he had a sign stuck to his forehead that said 'fuck me, I'm gay and single'.

"No thanks. Sorry again, but I got to go," Eragon said and started to back away from the creepy man before him.

"Why? Do you have someone waiting for you at home?" the man asked and leered.

"Actually, I do," he didn't need to know that Eragon was referring to his brother. "And he'll be pretty pissed if I don't come home soon."

Before the other could reply, Eragon had ducked behind another shelf and had started to half-run towards the register. He wanted to get outside as fast as possible. This was the last time he went grocery shopping!

The rest of the shopping went without problems. Eragon only almost tripped over a dog food display, but had managed to side-step it just in time. He paid for the food and walked out of the store. Or rather, he half-ran. He wasn't about to take any chances.

When he finally approached the apartment complex, Eragon was proud to say that he hadn't got lost once. He smiled smugly and walked inside. He even managed to get out his keys and unlock the door without dropping anything. While he found the fact that the door was closed strange, he just chalked it up as another of Murtagh's temper tantrums. The brunet walked into the kitchen and started to put away the food. When he was done, he brushed off his hands and nodded smugly. Ha! And Murtagh that had believed he would screw up.

Speaking of which...

"Murtagh?" Eragon called out. He rolled his eyes when he got no answer. "Are you still mad? I promise that I got everything on that stupid list. You're welcome to check if you want to."

Still no answer. Eragon frowned. That wasn't like his brother at all.

The brunet walked over to Murtagh's room and knocked softly. There wasn't a sound to be heard from inside of it. Usually he could hear loud rock/metal music coming from inside of it, but now it was dead silent. Eragon pushed the door open.

"Wha?" he muttered to himself. The room was empty. Murtagh was gone.

"I can't believe this," Eragon said quietly. "He was actually mad enough that he walked out on me?"

The brown eyed teen glared into the empty room accusingly. He slammed the door shut and walked back into the living room, throwing his keys onto the table as he did so. Murtagh would scold him for not hanging them up later, but Eragon didn't care.

He flumped down onto the couch and crossed his arms. He continued to scowl at the wall as he cursed his brother. Murtagh was so un-fucking-believable sometimes.

Eragon sat there sulking until he felt the anger leave him. He couldn't stay angry for too long. He sighed and bit his lip. He hated it when Murtagh was mad at him. And by the way the things had played out earlier, Eragon knew he might just was well prepare himself to get yelled at. The brunet stuffed his hands into his pockets and slouched. As he did so, his hands brushed up against something. His cell-phone.

"That's where it went!" Eragon exclaimed. He hadn't really been looking for it, but in his pockets a lot of things just seemed to be missing until he magically found them again.

Eragon shook his head and flipped the phone open. His eyes widened when the screen remained blank. He tried to press the 'on' button, but it stayed black.

"Uh-oh," he whispered. He was doomed! His phone had died when he had been out. Murtagh was going to kill him!

Eragon hastily scrambled up and put his phone into the charger. A minute later it finally allowed him to turn it on. Eragon cursed loudly when he found three missed calls, all of them from his brother. Murtagh was going to kill him dead!

As if to confirm his belief, the phone suddenly started to ring. And at that moment, Eragon began to hate his ringer. But he was more scared than angry at the device. The screen merrily told him that it was Murtagh that was calling...again. Eragon gulped. If he didn't answer, Murtagh was going to choke him on his own intestines when he got back. Sometimes Eragon had to wonder if his brother actually was a woman. He certainly had the temper and acted like he constantly had PMS.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Eragon raised the device slowly to his ear and pressed the green button. "Hello?" he said meekly.

"Where are you?" Murtagh asked in a calm and quiet tone.

Oh fuck, oh fuck. Murtagh was seriously pissed off! He never sounded calm unless he was pissed off.

"I'm home. But, Murtagh -" Eragon started to say, but found himself effectively cut off.

"Stay there," and then the line went dead.

Eragon gulped. Oh yeah, he was so dead! He wondered if Murtagh would allow him to say goodbye to his friends, but doubted it. Murtagh was on a warpath, that much was obvious. There was nothing he could do but to wait for Murtagh to come back. Hiding would be futile. Murtagh always knew where to find him.



The hazel eyed man turned around and directed the glare at whoever had dared to interrupt his plans to torture his little brother. But Thorn didn't look intimidated. Sometimes Murtagh really hated that Thorn had grown up with him. His death glares had no effect on him.

"What?" Murtagh hissed. He needed to get home before Eragon did something stupid like trying to run. Eragon had tried that once before, and damn that brat if he tried it again.

"Let me guess...this has something to do with Eragon?" Thorn said and had the gall to look amused.

Murtagh would have presented him with a few well-chosen words, but just then Saphira popped up behind him and put a bucket-load of bags into his arms. Thorn almost buckled under the load. Murtagh found himself blinking in shock. There was such a thing that was heavy for Thorn? He never thought he would live to see the day.

"Oh, hello Murtagh!" Saphira said cheerfully. "We just ran into Eragon. I'm surprised you let him out of his leash to go shopping alone," she finished with a smirk.

"That damn brat knows how to talk his way out of things. Or into things," Murtagh said sourly. "When exactly did you see him?"

"No, don't tell me he actually did something without asking you?" Saphira asked amusedly.

"No. Like I said, he talked his way into doing this. I was...too busy last week."

Thorn snorted. "Understatement of the century. I'm studying for that exam too, Tag, but you don't see me walking around like a zombie."

"No, you're just a regular pack-animal," Murtagh drawled.

"Bite me," Thorn growled.

"Boys," Saphira said firmly. "Back down," she softened her glare when they did so. Murtagh had to give it to her. She could be damn scary when she wanted to.

"- around fifteen minutes ago."

Murtagh shook his head. "Sorry, what?"

Saphira rolled her eyes. "I said that we saw Eragon around fifteen minutes ago. He was hightailing out of the store. And really, you can't blame him."

"Yeah. You'd think the guys would take a hint, but no," Thorn snorted. Saphira hit him the second he had finished speaking. Thorn blinked before he seemed to come to a realisation. "Oh fuck."

"What?" Murtagh hissed angrily. Oh, he better have heard wrong.

"Nothing," Thorn said nonchalantly.

"People were hitting on Eragon?" Murtagh growled angrily. Screw yelling Eragon blue, he was out for blood now.

"Murtagh, it's no big deal. It happens all the time," Saphira said and smiled sheepishly. "Eragon's just cute like that. And some guys can sense his...sexuality...and they take advantage of that fact."

"WHAT?!" Murtagh bellowed. Oh, no one was going to take advantage of his little brother.

"Dude, calm down," Thorn said sternly. "You're making a scene."

"So what?" the hazel eyed man growled. "I'm going to kill those guys."

"Sadly, you can't. Eragon would kill you for putting yourself in jail or killing a few random guys," the blue eyed girl said and shook her head. "He should have gotten home by now."

"I know. I just talked to him," the dark haired man said darkly and clenched the phone tighter in his hand.

"Then go home. And don't kill him, Murtagh. It's not his fault he's so adorable," Saphira said and then turned to her boyfriend. "Come now, Thorn. We need to get home too."

"Can't you help me at least? My back is killing me," Thorn practically whined as the smaller blonde continued to drag him away.

"What was that? Has chivalry died and I need to find myself a new boyfriend?" Saphira commented airily.

Murtagh winced. He felt for his friend, he really did. But at that moment he had more pressing matters to take care of. Eragon was so dead.


Eragon paced back and forth across the room. Dead, he was dead! He hadn't even gotten to write his will! There were so many things he hadn't done yet. And to die by his brother's hand of all things! It sounded like something out of a messed-up fantasy book for teenagers with predictable plot twists.

Eragon bit his lip and once again pondered over his chance of survival. It really wasn't looking good. And running only made it worse. The best he could do was to lock himself inside his room and try to talk Murtagh out of killing him. He could live with a broken bone...or three.

The brunet froze when he heard the lock turn. The fight or flight mode set in, his body instantly choosing for him as he hightailed towards his bedroom, slammed the door shut and locked it. He slid down to the floor and tried to keep himself from panicking.

"Oh, Eragon!" Murtagh called out.

Eragon gulped. He wondered if he could push something in front of the door, but knew that Murtagh could break it down long before he managed to push something in front of it. The sound tended to give his actions away a bit too quickly for Eragon's liking.

"Come out now, Eragon. I just want to talk," Murtagh said calmly.

Eragon snorted. He clamped a hand over his mouth and nose, but the shifting on the other side of the door told him he had been too late.

"Eragon," Murtagh growled.

And damn his mind if it didn't immediately notice the tone of Murtagh's voice and presented Eragon with a much more desirable setting to hear it in. Eragon slapped himself and slowly started to inch away from the door.

"You can't hide from me."

Oh, Eragon knew that. But he could still try!

"Really, I just want to talk. Especially about something Thorn told me. I ran into him and Saphira, did you know?" Murtagh said almost sweetly.

Eragon flinched. Oh, that tone only meant disaster. Murtagh wasn't made to sound sweet. It only made him sound creepier.

"They told me the most fascinating thing," the older one continued. "And I almost ran straight back here to...talk to you. Come on out, Eragon. Talking to a door get's old fast."

Too bad that was the only thing Eragon was going to let him talk to. The brunet slowly inched towards his closet and slipped inside. He had tried to hide under the bed the last time, and it had proven to be quite difficult to get him out. He had no idea why. If he could crawl under it, then why was it so difficult to crawl out? And besides, Murtagh had yelled him blue for getting hurt while doing it. The closet was much safer.

"You do realise I have the key to your room, right?" Murtagh told him dryly.

Eragon felt his eyes widen. Fuck, he had forgotten that!

"If I come out, do you promise not to hurt me?" Eragon asked timidly.

"Of course," Murtagh said soothingly. Eragon sat up and reached out to open the closet door. "Not much," and Eragon stiffened.

"Fuck that, I'm staying put!" Eragon said and tried to ignore the way his voice wavered.

"Eragon, Eragon," Murtagh sighed. "It is my obligation as an older brother to kick your ass when you make me worry."

If it hadn't been for the first half of that sentence, Eragon would have smiled. But of course, Eragon knew just how serious Murtagh was. That was why he hid behind the jackets he wished were a lot longer and wondered why his closet couldn't be connected to Narnia. Anything was better than facing his brother.

"Murtagh, it's not my fault you think I don't have a brain and can't do anything by myself," Eragon snapped with an uncharacteristic boost of courage.

"Eragon, I don't think that."

Eragon jumped when he noticed that his brother's voice was closer now. When had that prick unlocked his door?!

"You're doing a helluva job of making me think you do!" Eragon said and glared at the thin door separating them.

"That's not it," Murtagh said and Eragon heard him lean onto the door. "I just know how you are. You hate crowds, and there's no place as crowded as a supermarket. And from what Thorn told me, there's no better place to get hit on either."

Eragon flinched. Thorn? How had Thorn known that? And why the hell hadn't Saphira shut him up!?

"It's not my fault that place was filled with creeps!" Eragon protested.

"How many?" the darker brunet growled.

"Just two," Eragon mumbled.

"Just what?"

"TWO!" Eragon yelled. "I've had worse, don't have a cow."

"...Someone finally managed to locate their spine," Murtagh drawled. "Come out, Eragon."

"No! This wasn't my fault, you have no reason to beat the crap outta me!" Eragon said and tried to keep his voice down; though he had a feeling he was failing.

"Come out of the goddamn closet right this fucking second!" Murtagh hollered.

Eragon didn't know why, but suddenly he started to laugh. He hit his head against the back of the closet and giggled. He fought the urge to tell him that he already had come out of the closet, sexuality wise.

"...I just said that, didn't I?" Murtagh drawled in slight bafflement.

Eragon responded by laughing even louder. He doubled over when he heard Murtagh start to chuckle. They laughed for a good five minutes until only Murtagh's slight chuckles remained.


Said brunet sighed in defeat. He reached up and opened the door. He stepped out and brushed off his jeans as he did so.

He straightened and prayed to whatever Gods that might be listening that the laughing had put Murtagh in a good mood. He really didn't want to die.

Murtagh pushed the door shut, still not looking away from his younger brother. Eragon gulped and braced himself. He had only prayed he wouldn't get killed. Hurt on the other hand...Because there was no way he was leaving unscratched.

He flinched when Murtagh reached out. He prepared for the pain, and nearly fell over in shock when he felt a hand ruffle through his hair.

"You're not gonna hurt me?" he asked in bewilderment.

"Don't tempt me," Murtagh growled in reply.

"Yes, sir," Eragon meeped and grinned sheepishly.

Murtagh rolled his eyes.

"...I'm sorry for forgetting to charge my phone," Eragon mumbled quietly.

Murtagh sighed. "And I'm sorry for overreacting."

Eragon grinned.

The brothers slid down to the floor and basked in the silence. Murtagh suddenly turned to him, and Eragon fought down the urge to jump back into the closet.

"Is there any way we can make you less cute? Really, you're going to give me gray hairs someday," Murtagh said and eyed him critically.

"...You have too much time on your hands," Eragon replied deadpanned. "You should really stop worrying about my virtue. If you don't, I'll never lose it!"

"Good," the older growled.

Eragon glared at him and promptly shoved him. Murtagh's eyes narrowed and before Eragon could even regret what he had done, Murtagh had him in a headlock and was grinding his knuckles painfully against his scalp.

"OI, LET GO!" Eragon cried out. "It hurts, damn it!"

"Serves you right," the hazel eyed male said darkly. "Making me worry and then mocking me? Oh, you're going down!"

Eragon shrieked and tried his best to fight back. Almost miraculously he managed to grab under Murtagh's arms and start to tickle. The response was immediate.

"AH! Stop it!" Murtagh laughed hysterically.

"You let go of me first!" Eragon said and tickled harder.

"NEVER!" Murtagh somehow managed to growl.

"FINE!" Eragon countered and continued the torture.

A few minutes later they both let go. Eragon clutched his head and glared darkly at his brother. Murtagh on the other hand had crossed his arms over his chest and had stuck his hands in his armpits. Eragon was tempted to laugh at the sight, but a warning glare from Murtagh stopped it just in time.

"Truce?" Eragon asked.

Murtagh snorted. "Fine, truce."

"Good. Now get out of my room," Eragon said and ruffled his hair in hope it would somehow make it look better. "Don't you have some studying to do?"

Murtagh swore. He stood and, with one last glance at the brunet, walked out of the room. Eragon watched him go and made sure he was out of sight before grinning widely. He thrust his arms into the air and mentally whooped in joy. He had survived!


Murtagh spent the rest of the day studying. His mind had calculated the time he had lost worrying over Eragon, and he made up for it by eating in his room and reminded himself to go asleep an hour later than normal.

He glanced at the clock and was shocked to see that it was one AM already. He sighed and stood up. He would get a glass of water and then go to bed.

Murtagh winced when his legs protested from being in one position for too long. He wobbled into the other room and gulped down a glass before refilling it. As he walked back to his room, he noticed that Eragon's door was still open. He frowned, put the glass down on his desk, and walked over to check on his brother.

Eragon had already gone to bed, and true to his fashion, he couldn't even make sleeping look tidy. Murtagh absentmindedly closed the laptop as he passed it on his way over to the brunet.

Eragon had kicked off his covers sometime after falling asleep. Murtagh sighed and pulled the covers back over him. He chuckled when Eragon sighed softly and smiled in his sleep. Murtagh knew that his brother was going to be the death of him someday, but he didn't mind. The brunet was far too cute for Murtagh to be able to stay angry at him.

Murtagh leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Eragon's forehead. He blinked in surprise when the brunet whined in his sleep. He snorted and got ready to pull back. It was at that time that Eragon decided to tip his head back. Their lips brushed.

The hazel eyed male spluttered and pulled away hastily. His heart was in his throat as he waited for Eragon to wake up and start yelling at him. Minutes passed and still nothing happened. Murtagh let out a relieved sigh. He turned around to walk out, but something held him back. His lips felt cold and fuck it if he didn't know why. Murtagh growled.

Before the courage could fail him, Murtagh leaned down and softly kissed Eragon on his lips. The contact ended after a few seconds, but damn if it didn't leave his heart thundering in his chest. Eragon sighed softly and Murtagh flinched back. He shook his head and bolted out of the room.

Murtagh swore quietly to himself and closed the door firmly to his own room. A small smile entered his lips and he let out a quiet laugh. He brushed a finger against his lips before getting ready for bed and slipping under the covers.

He had always said that Eragon was too cute for his own good, but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing after all.

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