Sorry I suck at summaries, but I'll try.

Summary: After Gohan's spaceship gets sucked into a black hole, he crashes into a meeting between the shinobi and Dumbledore. Dumbledore hired them to protect the school, because he's certain that Voldemort will try to attack it this year.

Recognizing Gohan, he offers the boy entrance into Hogwarts, believing that the school will be safer with his presence. The problem is that Gohan's a muggle, and a terrible liar, so he makes Dumbledore a counter proposal. And is hired as the new Muggle Studies teacher.

But things soon get dangerously unstable when it is discovered that Gohan's a muggle. Threatening to destroy whatever unity the wizarding community had before, not to mention their faith in Dumbledore. Gohan must now deal with growing pressure as battle lines are being drawn throughout the wizarding world.

In the meanwhile, he finds himself hunted by most of the Slytherins and a very suspicious Hermoine who demands answers. And to top it all off, Gohan's never been around anyone his own age before, and has to face the insecurities of a child who longs for acceptance from his first ever friends.

Chapter 1

Gohan slowly emerged from his slumber. He rolled out of bed and stumbled to the shower. He stripped down, trying not to think. Trying to escape lingering memories that his nightmare had left him with. Trying to escape the crushing guilt.

Ever since the cell games two years ago, he had been haunted by nightmares. Each different. Each horrifying. But they all reminded him of the fact that he was the reason that Goten has to grow up without a father. That he was the reason Chi Chi had to raise another son alone.

His awareness slowly increased as he stripped out of his usual nightwear. Just as he was about to step into the shower, the door burst open.

"SURPRISE!" Needless to say, he was now wide awake.

"Ah! Mom! Bathroom doors are usually closed for a reason." He said, trying to cover himself up as good as the night-shirt allowed.

"I know dear. I just didn't want to wait for your usual wake-up routine before spoiling you on your special day" She said brightly, with a smile that made Gohan fear for his mother's sanity.

"Special day?" He wondered. What was so special about this day?

"Its your birthday. Don't tell me you forgot your own birthday." Chi Chi said happily as she walked away energetically. "Hurry up, we have a surprise for you."

A short shower later he found himself outside, with the entire 'gang' gathered on the lawn, all standing in a semi-circle. Only Piccolo was missing. Somehow Gohan suspected that Chi Chi 'forgot' to invite him.

"What are you all doing here?"

"And I thought you managed to escape Kakkarot's intellectual limits." Vegeta smirked, "We're here because the harpies would have would have played whack-a-head with those infernal pans of theirs if we didn't show." Vegeta was politely asked to remain quiet by a resounding crash from the Frying Pan of Terror.

"We're here because its your birthday, we all wanted to give you something before you left." Krillin answered for Vegeta.

"But, I'm not going anywhere? Am I?" He was starting to wonder what else he had forgotten, when Bulma answered his confusion.

"Well, that's the surprise. Me and Vegeta..." she gave him a cold look, "are giving you a holiday for your birthday. We know you've been somewhat down since... Well anyway, we decided to give you a break to another dimension for a while. We thought it would help if you had a bit of an adventure away from everything."

That's strange. I can think that Vegeta would want to send me to another universe. Then he would be the most powerful in this one. But Bulma? She can't really think that dumping me in some random universe will help me, does she?

"We can do this later. Lets eat first." Yamcha's suggestion was applauded by a loud rumbling from Gohan's stomach...

Gohan had to admit, that sitting around with everyone together joking around had been fun. So fun in fact that he had completely forgotten to feel guilty. He was so used to the guilt choking him that it took him a while to figure out why his heart was so... Light? I really do need to get out of here, don't I? I mean, if I'm still like this after two years, something has got to change. And some adventure might be fun.

After the dessert had been finished, mostly by Vegeta, the others grouped around Gohan.

"Uhm, what's going on?" Gohan asked the small group he now found himself in the center of.

"Well, bro. We've all decided to give you something special for your trip this year." Krillen said.

Krillin and eighteen had given him a bag full of sensu beans. To his estimation, there was at least fourty three beans. Gohan stared in awe of the treasure. They had always been forced to get by on three or four beans. Did he have some sort of sensu savings account or something?

"I've been storing up beans ever since the first time me and Goku climbed up Korin's tower." He explained. "Since you seem so adamant about being the hero, we figured it should be you who carries it, being the strongest and all."

"Really Krillin, you shouldn't have"

"Hey, I figured you'd sense if anything bad happened to us and give us a bean anyway. And its probably a lot safer with you than that shoe box under my bed." Gohan nodded in understanding.

He understood now. As the strongest being on earth, it was his duty see to it that the beans got where they are needed. He made a silent vow to never use them unless absolutely needed.

Chi-chi decided to give go next. She gave him a soft package wrapped in a velvet cloth. Gohan was surprised to see the nervous look on her face. He had never known his mother to be anxious over anything she ever did before. She was always full of confidence and authority.

Gohan carefully untied the not and folded open his gift. He couldn't help but stare in wonder at his gift. It was a long sleeved gi, but unlike any other that he had ever seen before. It seemed metallic, reflecting many different shades of grey and black. But it was as soft as silk to his touch. Chi Chi explained that she made a wish to Shenron for the gi. As it was made of different metals, most notably katcheen, it could take an extraordinary amount of damage.

"I figured that seeing as I can't stop you from fighting, I could at least try to protect my baby." She said as he hugged Gohan, a few tears rolling down her cheeks.

Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu had given him a silver waist sash with gold lines running through it in elegant arcs and curves. It was just as smooth Gohan's the gi, giving the impression of polished metal or silk. But was also thicker. And the inside was covered with velvet? But his sash was outside his gi. Its not as if he would feel it or anything... No, it was only a small area that covered with velvet.

"Hey Yamcha, what's this for?" He asked pointing to the rectangular square of velvet.

"That's a pouch. Or two actually. We thought you might want to store some sensu beans there. Its always handy to have one close at hand. " He glanced towards Krillin, "Though your probably gonna want to add some more now." He examined it a bit closer, why wouldn't it have an opening. He explored with his finger.


"Yip" Chiaotzu squeaked. "We wanted to make sure they don't fall out."

"But what's the magnet sticking to?"

"The sash itself, its made from real gold and silver." The scholar was so shocked that it completely slipped his mind that neither silver nor gold was magnetic.

"W...w...w...What?! Where did you guys get enough money for this?" Chiaotzu and Tien gave Yamcha a you-did-it-you-explain-it sort of look.

"We, weeelll, weblackmailedHerculeSatan"


"We blackmailed Hercule Satan. Look, I know that its wrong, but seriously. That guy is getting stinking rich off what you did. We know you don't really want the credit, and frankly we don't either. But we just thought it was right that you get something out of what you did." He heard Chi Chi huff approvingly, "I mean, no one lost more to Cell than you."

"Okay... I guess I can live with that." He couldn't completely hide the smirk that was forming. "But, isn't this a bit much? I mean I'm just me... and that's so... well nice" He ended lamely.

"Hey brat. Let's make one thing clear. You are going to a place where there have never been any saiyans before. As such, you will be going as my ambassador. I will not tolerate anyone representing my people to be tardy! Got that!"

"Sure Vegeta" Gohan smiled. "Though I thought you said half-breed saiyans were executed by the royal family. If that's true, then the only one left in your kingdom is you." Vegeta muttered something about brats being to smart for their own good, when Bulma decided to join the fun.

"And didn't you once mention something about those who mated with non-saiyans being exiled. Because that would mean that you aren't part of your own kingdom any more either."

"SHUT UP WOMAN!" That was the signal. He wouldn't be pushed any further today. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Gohan turned his attention back to Yamcha.

"Hey Yamcha, why is it so soft? I mean no metal should..."

"Well you can thank Baba for that. We got her to do some magic on it. Come to think of it, its probably the same sort of magic, that Shenron put on your gi. Originally this gift was just going to be from me, but what she asked in return took a considerable amount of time and humility. So now its from all of us." Now his curiosity was peaked.

"Really? What did she ask you to do?"

"Trust me Gohan, you don't want to know." Tien said, with a look that promised death if he pursued the subject any further.

"Aw, now I really want to know" He put on his best puppy eyes.

"Gohan," Yamcha spoke this time. With a similar soul piercing glare in his eyes. "Trust me too, you really, don't want to know." He could tell they were embarrassed by whatever it was, so he decided he would force it out of them later, when there weren't quite so many spectators around.

"Thanks anyways guys, I've never gotten something quite this valuable before. Well, before today anyways."

"Baba said that she magicked her gift into the sash as well. We don't know what it is, so just be aware that something strange is going to happen sometime or another." Gohan nodded.

"I guess that leaves me." It was Mirai Trunks who spoke. He reached into a shoulder bag that he brought with him. "Its kind of hard to follow those acts. But well anyway, here." he handed Gohan an old leather diary.

"Thanks, what is it?" Trunks looked slightly nervous.

"You wrote that in my time-line before... you know..." Gohan knew. He died in the future time-line.

Gohan suddenly felt a rush of compassion for Trunks. Here he was almost drowning in depression since his father died. But Trunks saw all his friends, all his family die. One after the other brutally murdered. No, Gohan decided, he was no hero. Trunks was the real hero.

Gohan was spoilt with a power that only needed to be unleashed. And when it came down to it, he let that power use him. And Goku paid the price. No, he was no hero. But Trunks fought on, despite living in a world of death. Trunks fought until there was nothing left. And even then he returned back to help his mother rebuild their home rather than stay here where everyone was alive. If that wasn't a hero, Gohan didn't know what was. He'd made up his mind. Trunks deserved a break more than anyone else.

"Come with me."


"You heard me. Come with me Trunks. You need a break even more than I do. Besides what's an adventure if you don't have anyone to share it with."

Trunks looked at Bulma hopefully. She was wearing an enormous smile at the idea.

"Go ahead son. There's more than enough room and supplies." Trunks face split into a huge smile at the idea of spending some time with his long dead mentor. A smile, that Gohan noticed, did not quite reach his eyes. His eyes still had that same haunted look.

"Anyways, before I forget. In my time-line, you kept a diary. It tells pretty much everything that happened in my time. But the reason I'm giving it you was because you also wrote down everything you learned about yourself, girls and so on. I thought you should have it." Krillin snickered at the 'girls' part, but any joke he was about to make was promptly silenced by a glare from Chi Chi.

"Thanks Trunks, I really don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. I already owe you much more than I will ever be able to pay back."

Gohan de-capsulated the time machine. It was an large enormous black sphere. At least twice as big as the one his father used to get to Namek.

"Wow, what's it made of?"

"Katcheen. The hardest metal in the universe. I got Vegeta to trade for some the last time he left the planet."

He had just said farewell to everyone, and was about to follow Trunks into the modified time machine when a thought struck him.

"Hey Bulma, I was just wondering about something."


"I'm carrying an item that will do something unknown at an unknown time."


"Something that Baba would consider a gift"

"Yes, where are you going with this?"

"Well, what if something happens to the time machine. I mean we all know how crazy Baba is about fighting. What is she alters the time machine so it takes me to a war torn planet or something."

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to hold your own in any universe."

"No, that's not what I mean. I mean what if something happens to the time machine, how am I going to get back?"

"Oh, well don't worry about it. I already added two emergency capsules to your capsule case. Though, they're not made of katcheen, but they should get you home safely."

"Oh, isn't that a bit much. I mean according to Trunks, building a time machine is no peace of cake."

"Don't worry about it" then she leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Once you have the blueprints to something it becomes a snap to reproduce and fix. Don't tell Vegeta. He still thinks fixing the gravity room is an enormous effort on my part."

"Oh, well in that case, thanks." He turned to step into the machine again, when he was halted by a loud voice cutting through the silence.


"Sorry, Piccolo. I only found out I'm leaving two hours ago."

"Mph, well, before you go. Happy Birthday kid." He took out a small package that was neatly wrapped in a white cloth. Not unlike the turban on his head. Gohan was immediately surprised at how heavy it was. He opened it slowly to reveal wrist and ankle weights. Beneath them he found a weight that could be wrapped around his waist.

"I know its not really much. They're only 200 kilograms each, but they will get heavier as you put more ki into them. I expect you to keep training while your there! Someone has to keep Vegeta in line"