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He heard the authoritative sound of shoes along the hallway and he knew who those shoes belonged to. He was proved correct when Devika pushed open the door of the berth and walked over to where he was lying on the bed.

'we have our first stop soon, Adem,' she told him. 'we better get ready.'

'okay,' he nodded, staring at her intently.

'Adem...' she trailed off. 'stop staring at me like you want to kiss me.'

'but what if I do?' he asked.

She let out a laugh which was cut short when he did indeed lean up and kiss her.

.. ..

'where have you been?' Kat demanded as soon as Josie entered the house. She knew she sounded like an angry mother, something she didn't like to do, it made her seem like she was a nagging woman, but Josie had gone too far.

Josie ignored her, and walked around the room, looking through cupboards, trying to find something.

'did you go to the survivors?' Kat asked.

Josie opened a drawer.

'did you tell them our plans?'

Josie pulled out a first aid kit.

'what did you do?'

Josie threw her the first aid kit, and Kat looked puzzled. Until Josie pulled off her jacket, and revealed the bloody shoulder.

And then Kat sat down next to Josie and began taking the bullet out.

'I was coming back,' Josie said. 'and I heard two gunshots. Shannon had been shot, and killed. Eli had been shot, and was about to be shot again, to kill him. So I shot the woman who shot them, Ana Lucia.'

'that doesn't explain why you've been shot,' Kat said.

'I provoked another woman, who shot me in the shoulder for be "One of Them",' she emphasized her point by doing quotation marks with her hands.

'Shannon's dead,' Josie said calmly. 'and...I wanna go back there. For the funeral.'

'then go,' Kat shrugged.

.. ..

Esther walked out into the waiting room and looked around the room at all the different people. An older couple, a young single woman, a couple younger looking couple, a man by himself...wait. what? A man by himself in a fertility clinic? What. The. Hell?

Esther shrugged it off and looked at the clipboard in her hand, saying her next patient.

'Rom?' she called out.

And the man stood up.

She sighed, wondering what was going on, but led him to the office anyway. She took a seat behind her desk.

'Mr Rom. Are we waiting for your wife?' she asked politely.

The man chuckled and showed her his hand. 'I'm not married, Dr Sahin, and I'm not here for fertility treatment. I'm a representative of Mittelos Bioscience, and we were wondering if you would be interested in working for us.'

Esther didn't know quite what it was about this man, but she was inclined to listen.

.. ..

Yoon held Min-Hee close to her chest, hearing her baby breathe in and out as she slept, as Yoon stared at Sammy's unconscious form on the bed.

She heard a groan from the bed, and she carefully placed Min-Hee into the makeshift crib Locke had helped her put together before he left for the funeral.

'Sammy?' she asked softly. 'Sammy?'

She approached him and knelt down next to him.


Hands closed around her neck.

'you're a spy,' Sammy's eyes snapped open and he was looking at her, but no, it wasn't really him. 'you lied to me. You lied, Yoon! And now you caused the death of me. Why'd you lie to me?'

Yoon wrenched her way out of Sammy's – no, not Sammy's, this wasn't Sammy – grip, and she picked up Min-Hee, leaving the room and soon the Hatch, desperate.

.. ..

'hey,' Claire approached Roxy and Constance, with Aryel and Charlie by her side and Aaron in her arms.

'hey, Claire,' Roxy smiled brightly.

'are you the one that shot Josephine?' Aryel asked Constance.

'ooh, an icebreaker, nice,' Charlie rolled his eyes.

'I am,' Constance said coolly.

'awesome. I hate that bitch,' Aryel said. 'Aryel Demaree.'

'Constance Phillips,' she introduced.

'hey, Phillips, heard you were moving to Australia,' Laura and Jason approached them.

'Britt,' Constance smiled. 'I heard you were moving to Hostage Rescue.'

The two hugged.

'stayed with the LAPD,' Constance said.

'stayed with the FBI,' Laura told her.

'you're FBI?' Aryel asked.

Jason gave her an incredulous look. 'how have you missed that?'

'does it look like your lives interest me?' Aryel asked, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

.. ..

Josie approached the cages, and looked straight at Erica.

'Shannon's dead,' Josie said bluntly.

'what?' Erica asked in shock, standing up and putting her hands on the bars of the cage.

'yeah, she was shot by someone who thought she was one of my people, so I shot that woman, and another woman shot me in the shoulder,' Josie said. 'it was a real shootout. Eli was shot too, but he's okay.'

'good,' Erica sighed. ' saved him?'

'I did,' Josie said.

Erica shoved her hand into her pocket, grasped a bit of paper and then grasped Josie's hand, passing her the note.

'I'm going to the beach,' Josie said. 'her funeral.'

'okay,' Erica said softly. 'give the guys hugs from me, okay?'

'okay,' Josie said.

.. ..

'here we go,' he said to her. 'watch your step.'

Esther gladly took the hand that was offered to her to help her out of the submarine, she was still a bit dizzy from the ride. She gasped in awe at what was in front of her. Possibly the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, a beautiful Island.

She looked around to see the hand she had gripped was Ethan's, the man who had first recruited her.

'Hello, Dr Sahin,' he smiled at her. 'you know me as Mr Rom, but it's actually Dr Rom. Ethan,' he added.

'Esther,' she smiled. 'just call me Esther.'

He nodded. 'I'm looking forward to working with you, Esther.'

'you too,' she said faintly.

.. ..

'Shannon Rutherford...' Laura trailed off. 'she was...okay, I kind of wanted to hit her when I first met her,' she admitted, laughing slightly at the memory. 'but then I got to know her, and Shan...she was a fighter.'

She stared down at the body wrapped in the blanket, and opened her mouth again, but nothing came out.

She looked around helplessly at the others.

'Shannon was a very opinionated woman,' Jason helped her out. 'she...'

'she was sure of herself,' Eli interrupted him. 'she was my friend, and once she set her mind on something, she will be Hell bent on doing it. Was,' he corrected quietly. 'Shan was awesome.'

'she had a fire within her,' a voice rang across the beach, and many people looked up to see Josie standing on the edge of the jungle, her arm bandaged and in a makeshift sling.

'what the Hell are you doing here?' Laura demanded.

'look, I know you don't really like me, because my people killed your friend,' Josie said. 'but...I wanted to be here for Shannon's funeral,' she confessed.

Eli and Luka nodded in unison and as she walked closer to them all, the two boys pulled Josie in between them. Luka's fingers grazed her own, and she took a grip on his hand, and Eli's arm was around her shoulders. Eli's other hand was gripping her free hand, and she shoved Erica's note into it inconspicuously.

'Shannon was one of the liveliest women I have ever known,' another voice came from the jungle, and Michelle emerged, heavily supported by Max, Liliana and Oz. 'she always saw the good in people, at least she did with me. Shannon was special. She won't be forgotten.'

'no,' Eli agreed. 'she won't.'

He bent down and picked up a handful of sand, throwing it over the body.

.. ..

It wasn't long after the funeral that Josie, Eli and Luka sat at one end of the beach, all of them peering at the note from Erica.

Eli, Luka, and I'm assuming Josie,

Don't come looking for me. I know, you're probably shocked by me saying this, but don't. There's these people I'm with, Dom, Flick and Eva, and we're trying to get out. And chances are, Josie, Hayden and Emmy will get us out. We're working on a plan. It's-

'you know, we don't trust you, right?' Jason said, interrupting their reading.

'yeah,' Josie said. 'I understand why, too.'

'what are you all reading?' Jason asked suspiciously, going to take it out of their hands, but Josie grabbed it and flicked her lighter, burning the note to nothing in a matter of seconds.

Jason shook his head in disbelief and walked away.

'Josie!' Eli exclaimed.

'what? Didn't you get to read it all?' she asked.


'me neither,' Luka said. 'what about you?'

'yeah,' Josie lied easily. 'I got it. See you both soon.'

She began to walk into the jungle.

So this was a lie, but the two of them didn't have to know that. After all, Erica's plan wouldn't work.

But her own would.

.. ..

Several years later, Esther leaned over Ethan as he slept, reaching for her glasses so she could see properly. When he pressed a kiss to her neck, she jumped, not knowing he was awake. He chuckled and she swatted him playfully.

'you shut up,' she told him, giving him a small kiss. 'anyway, I gotta get to Juliet's place.'

'so do I,' he said. 'she needs me to fix the plumbing or something.'

'have fun,' she smirked, getting up and heading to the bathroom.

'Esther,' he said, grabbing her hand, and pulling her back over to him, making her sit down on the bed as he sat up. He reached behind him and grabbed a small box, before passing it to her.

She looked at him before turning back to the box and opening it, to see a diamond ring.

'I love you,' he told her. 'and I want to marry you, Esther. If you'll have me.'

'I...I don't believe in marriage,' she told him. 'you know that. But I...I'll think about it, okay?' she sighed, softening the blow with a kiss.

He knew her answer would be something like this, so he nodded and smiled.

Almost an hour later, during the book club, as she argued with Carlos and Cam about the book, Esther came to a decision.

And then they felt an earthquake, or something like it.

After rushing outside, they all saw a plane come apart.

'...Ethan, Josephine, get up there to that fuselage. There may actually be survivors; and you three are part of them. Listen, learn, and don't get involved. I want lists in 3 days. Go,' Ben said.

Ethan looked up to where Esther was and she took her hand out of her pocket, where she had slipped the ring onto her finger, and held it up so he could see. Ethan smiled and mouthed "I love you forever" before running off after Josie.

'I love you too,' she murmured. And please, don't get yourself killed, she added mentally.

.. ..

Izzie tapped her fingers on her arm. She knew it was coming, and she was quite curious as to how they would attempt to accomplish it. So she sat in the security offices and watched the secondary tapes that scarcely anyone knew about and waited for them to act.

And they did.

It was genius, actually.

Erica and Eva had helped Flick onto Dom's shoulders, and she pulled herself up through the bigger gapped bars up the top of the cage. As she was doing this, Eva was helping Erica onto Dom's shoulders and then Flick pulled her through. Eva got onto Dom's shoulders and the two younger girls pulled Eva up, and then Dom, having the amazing upper body strength he did, climbed up the sides of the cage and then across to where they were, before pulling himself up.

Izzie had to hand it to them. They were good.

She picked up the walkie.

'Kat. The prisoners are escaping,' she said into it.

'what?' Kat demanded.

'they're escaping,' Izzie repeated calmly.

'not if I can help it,' she heard Kat murmur into the walkie and a few moments later, Kat ran past the room and Izzie waited a moment before rushing in the direction that Kat had just come from.

She looked left and right before ducking into the room that Kat, in her haste, had left unlocked – exactly the way Izzie figured it to be.

Although Kat was a tidy person herself, it would never cease to amaze Izzie how unorganized she kept her files. Of course, this may well have been so that people – people like Izzie – couldn't easily find a file. However, Kat had underestimated who might do this. Izzie was, after all, a psychometric, so it wasn't long until she found the files she needed.

A. Lefèvre.

A. Patel.

D. Sahin.

M. Straume.

V. Straume.

Izzie took the essential pages out and put the files back, as she heard someone coming. She had no time to get out of the room without being seen, so she folded the pages up and shoved them in the waistband of her jeans before sitting down and picking up the file on V. Straume.

'what are you doing in here?'

Izzie turned around, seeing Gus in the doorway, looking at her suspiciously.

Izzie sighed. 'you must know, you must have read my file,' she told him, showing him the file that was hers in her hands. 'I walked past, and I saw the door open and I... I just wanted to know about her. You know?'

Gus sighed and took the file out of her hand. 'I understand. But you're not meant to be in here.'

'yeah,' she sighed. 'I know.'

'let's go,' he told her.

He led her out and Izzie hid a smile. There was not a person she couldn't fool.

.. ..

Locke, James, Jack, Roxy and Constance all entered the Hatch to hear the alarm going off and to see Sammy lying on the ground.

Locke went to the computer, while the others all went to Sammy.

James and Jack lifted Sammy back to the bad.

'where's Yoon?' Roxy wondered.

.. ..

It was the middle of the day and Esther was drunk.

No one would have thought anything by this – except that Esther didn't drink. At the Barracks, the news had gotten around that she had arrived at work drunk, at which Juliet sent her home. And then after she had left, Juliet had sent Gus over, but Esther wouldn't talk to him, she had sent him away from her door, despite the fact he could hear the sounds of her throwing stuff around the house.

It had been Renata of all people who had pushed her way into the house and watched Esther for a good hour before leaving. In that hour, Esther had given up destroying the house, and instead was lying on the couch and staring at her engagement ring.

Renata had whispered an "I'm sorry for your loss" at Esther before leaving, not realizing that the look on Esther's face was the one she got whenever she got an idea.

.. ..

James approached Yoon, who was sitting on a log in the jungle, holding Min-Hee close to her.

'Yoon...?' he asked hesitantly.

'trying to breastfeed here, why are you interrupting me?' she asked, not even caring enough to put fire in her voice.

'because...I'm worried about you,' he told her. 'what are you doing out here? What happened in the Hatch?'

'just...leave it,' she sighed.

'Sammy...' he began. 'what happened with-'

'is he okay?' she asked.

'yeah, yeah, he's fine,' he assured her.

'I'm sorry,' she sighed as she began to button up her shirt again.

She stood up and began walking away.

He grabbed her arm. 'Yoon...'

'let go of me,' she said.

'Yoon,' he finally got her to face him, and he saw that her eyes were read.

'Yoon, it's okay,' he told her, pulling her closer to him.

'I hate this place!' she exclaimed into his shoulder.

'it's okay, it's alright,' he told her.

She looked at him and leaned up, kissing him deeply.

He kissed her back, slightly confused as to exactly why she was kissing him.

Suddenly, she broke away from him and looked shocked, before rushing off.

James stared after her. What the Hell just happened?

.. ..

He had come back, and all had been well. She had no reason to worry, he was fine. But now he wanted to go back, to get Claire.

'Ethan!' she snapped angrily. 'can't you give it a rest? She seems fine; can't she just give birth there?'

He raised an eyebrow at her. 'I would have thought you of all people would want to study this.'

'oh, I do, but why do you have to put yourself in danger to get her here?' she asked.

'because...think of the women who may be able to give birth eventually if we can research on Claire and it works out fine?' he asked her. 'you could,' he reminded her.

'I know,' she placed a hand on her flat stomach, she had wanted a child for so damn long, but this Island made it impossible for her, or anyone else to bear a child and survive. 'I know. But if you're gonna risk your life for it, I don't care. Your life if more important to me. You're my fiancée.'

He smiled at her. 'I am, aren't I?' he said. 'has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?'

'it does,' she agreed. 'but Ethan...what if you get hurt?'

'what if Claire dies?' he asked.

'what if you die?' she shot back.

'I will do my best not to die on you, Esther Sahin,' he said. 'after all, what kind of "rest of my life with you" would this be?'

She kissed him, a kiss that wasn't the last one, in her mind – until, you know, it was.

.. ..

Josie approached the cages, to see that they were empty. No...they didn't? How did the possibly figure out a way to escape without anyone noticing?

Juliet passed her.

'Juliet! Where's the prisoners?' Josie asked.

'you don't know?' Juliet asked in surprise. 'they escaped, and Kat, Josh and Krist went after them and got them back. They were all relocated. Felicity was moved to Hydra Island for awhile, just to get her away from you and Emmeline, I think, whereas Evangeline was moved underground, Dominic was moved into a house, as was Erica.'

'moved into houses?' Josie asked. 'really? Whose?'

'Dominic is in with Carlos and Joshua, and Erica is in with Renata.'

'okay...' Josie trailed off, and by the look on Juliet's face, Juliet had given her this information for a reason: she knew what Josie was planning.

With that, Josie walked off, already concocting a plan in her head.

.. ..

'Sammy?' Yoon asked softly as she sat next to him. 'can you hear me? Sammy? ...Ryan?' she asked, feeling stupid, but he stirred, so she continued. 'damn, I'm crazy, but you could be in asked me a question,' she whispered. ' asked me why I lied to you. It wasn't because you were a means to an end, that I couldn't tell you that I was eventually going to kill you. In fact, it was the complete opposite,' she told him.

Soundlessly, James watched her from the doorway.

'I lied to you Ryan, because...I knew I wouldn't be able to stand the way you looked at me, like I betrayed you, like I never loved you...when the truth is...I lied to you because I loved you. Because I didn't want you to leave me. you have. And every time I look at Sammy, every time I think about him, feel something for him...I see you. I see you lying dead on the floor of our apartment, the way Sammy left you...and I feel sick, Ry. But every time I see James, you don't cross my mind. So...I don't know. Should I think about Sammy because I see you and remember how much I love you? Or should I think about James, because I don't think about you and don't hurt? What should I do?' she whispered.

'you should kiss me,' without opening his eyes, Sammy had spoken.

And then she did kiss him and over her shoulder, James walked away.

.. ..

Back in the computer room, Michael looked at the computer, trying to see how it all worked, how it was connected to the timer. Suddenly there was a beep from the computer and he looked up to see there was still twenty-three minutes left on the timer. He then looked down at the computer to see one word:


Michael began typing. "Hello?"

Who is this?

"This is Michael. Who is this?"

Nothing, and then...


.. ..

Esther Sahin was the type of woman who knew what she wanted. Even when she was a little girl, she knew that she had a way with words, a way that made people do what she wanted them to.

Sure, the rest of her sisters were manipulators, they knew what they wanted. But Devika didn't seem innocent. Maya didn't have the small smile down. Sitara didn't have the guts to even manipulate. And Shrina was known to be a great manipulator, but everyone expected it, so protected themself from it.

But Esther had a way with words, a way that people didn't give her credit for.

Esther knew what she wanted.

And that was her fiancée back.

She would get Ethan back.

.. ..

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