Here's the first chapter. It's really just a teaser chapter of sorts. Enjoy! I don't own Lost.

'Bug-eyed Bastard,' Hayden muttered darkly, kicking up dirt as she walked across the Barracks.

'How the Hell do you know he's bug-eyed?' a voice asked walking closer to her. She smiled as she continued walking, not even bothering to look at the person who was now walking next to her. Like it would do any use anyway.

'People talk, amazingly enough, Gus,' she said.

'Sarcasm's your self-de-'

'Sarcasm's what I do,' she interrupted.

'No, it's your way to make sure that people don't get close.'

'People can get as close as they damn well want,' Hayden said stubbornly. 'I ain't going to open up.'

'Hayden!' someone called out.

The voice came from behind the two of them, so they stopped and turned.

'I heard you had another argument with Ben,' the girl said.

'And I heard you had another one with Kat, Josie,' Hayden countered.

'Yeah, well, Katarina's on the rampage, trying to find-'


'No,' the girl, Josie, smirked. 'You.'


'Your argument with Ben pissed her off. She's his best friend, or whatever.'

'So what were you arguing with your mother about?'

'Katarina is being her usual self, so…'

'So you still want to stay at my place for another few weeks?'

'Thanks for offering, Hay!' Josie exclaimed.

An exotic looking woman ran down the beach, towards the statue. After all this time, she wanted to know. She needed to know.

As soon as she got to the statue she went inside and down into the main chamber.

On the other side of the chamber, right across from the door, there was a tapestry. The woman walked over and touched it, admiring it.

'I hadn't finished it last time I saw you,' a voice behind her said. She turned.

'I know,' she said.

'I haven't seen you in sixty years, Lani,' the man said. 'Why now?'

'I'm two hundred and eight today, Jacob. And I think I'm ready to know.'

'Who the Hell does she think she is?!' Katarina Morel fumed as she paced back and forward in front of her best friend.

'Kat,' Ben said.

'She can't leave!'

'I know. That's why you need to make sure she does not take the Submarine.'

'Hayden is blind, Ben. How the Hell will she is able to steal a submarine?'

'Juliet. Josephine. Quite a few others. You and Tom need to make sure no one will be able to take the Submarine.'

'Okay.' She paused. 'The real reason I came over here wasn't to rant about Hayden.'

'Then what was the reason, Katarina?'

'I…I saw something earlier. I was in the infirmary. Juliet says I wasn't supposed to see it. Almost everyone is beneath me on the chain of command. I can see anything I want to that concerns them. But you're the only one who I can't without your permission. So it must be you. Do you have an inoperable tumor on your spine, Ben?' she asked, tears in her eyes.

'I do, Kat,' he said.

'Oh my God,' she said softly, a hand over her mouth as tears fell from her eyes. She moved forward and hugged her lifelong friend.

Rachel Corman looked in between the two women, noticing how everyone else in the room could also tell that the tension these two provided when facing off could be cut with a knife. Several times.

'This is complete trash,' Camilla said, blunt as always.

'Well, I personally think that this is better than that crap you picked last time, Camilla,' Renata said, crossing her arms over her chest.

'I agree with Cam,' Carlos interjected. 'The way they treat each other…'

'Is what, exactly?' Esther asked.

'A good depiction of how people treat each other. So Cam's right. She always is,' he said throwing an arm across the back of Cam's chair.

'Remove your arm from my chair, Sanz,' Camilla hissed. 'Or I will remove your arm from your body.'

Carlos quickly moved his arm.

'I know why Ben isn't here,' Carlos said in realization. 'This is sci-fi. And he hates it. Come to think of it, where are Kat and Lani?'

'Kat's having a hissy fit about something,' Esther said. 'And Lani's…'

'She went to do something on the other side of the island,' Cam supplied.

'Why would she do that?' Rachel asked. 'Isn't today her birthday?'

'She's two hundred and eight,' Cam said. 'Even after your fiftieth it loses its meaning. As I was saying though, this is trash.'

'I agree,' Adam said. 'It's not even literature.'

'And why isn't it literature, Adam? I'm dying to know,' Juliet said.

'There's no metaphor,' he said.

Juliet opened her mouth to speak, but at that moment the ground began shaking and a noise filled the air.

'Under the doorway!' Carlos called out. They group of them all moved so they were standing in the doorways to the room.

Just as quickly as it had started, the shaking stopped.

'What the Hell?' Cam asked.

'You don't know what happened?' Rachel asked. This must be serious if Camilla Alpert didn't know what happened.

'Outside,' Cam said. 'Let's go.'

They nodded and the group of them rushed outside, all the books lying discarded on the ground of Juliet's living room.

'What the Hell is going on?' Hayden called out as she exited her house.

No one answered.

'Hello?' Hayden said. 'Anyone want to answer the blind woman?'

'We don't know,' Elliot said. Everyone looked around.

'What the Hell?' Kristijan asked. 'Everyone, look up.'

Shielding their eyes from the sun, everyone began to look up. Everyone apart from Hayden saw the plane.

'Do you see that?' Krist asked her.

'I'm blind,' she pointed out.

'So? Try harder?' he grinned.

'I will kill you if you don't tell me what's going on,' she said.

'There's a plane,' he said.

'A plane?'

'Breaking apart,' Gus confirmed. During his time on the island, he had never seen a plane go overhead. This plane was breaking into pieces. Three huge distinct pieces, and smaller pieces, going for three different areas. The tail of the plane. The middle. The front. They all crashed in the distance.

'Goodwin, did you see where the tail landed?' Ben asked suddenly.

'Yeah, probably in the water,' Goodwin nodded.

'If you run, you can make that shore line in an hour. Ethan, Josephine, get up there to that fuselage. There may actually be survivors; and you three are part of them. Listen, learn, and don't get involved. I want lists in 3 days. Go.'

Goodwin nodded and ran in one direction while Josie and Ethan ran in the other.

Slowly, the group dispersed, leaving just Ben, Kat, Cam and Richard.

'Why did you send Josephine?' Kat asked.

'Because Josephine can take care of herself,' Ben said. He turned to the Alpert's. 'Where is Noelani?'

'Right here,' a voice said and a second later an exotic looking woman was next to them. She had something in her arms and dried tears on her face. Richard and Cam both looked at her in concern.

'Lani,' Ben said. 'You will lead a team to the front of the plane to see if anyone survived. Take your five best. Who are they?'

'Krist, Josh, Carlos, Tom and Ryan,' she said.

'Now go,' he said.

She nodded and ran off.

'Where was she?' Ben asked the two Alpert's.

'Jacob,' they said in unison.

So, yeah, this was just a teaser chapter. Next chapter we go to the airport to see the actual survivors. And the freighter people will also be seen soon.