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Prologue: The End of a Rogue

She wasn't going to make it. It had been a year since Anna Marie also known as Rogue had set off to acquire the cure and every moment of that year had been filled with unbearable agony. She remembered how her power had slowly sapped the will to live from her. It had hurt to see the people that had become her second family draw away from her. Even Bobby had turned away in the end. Now her power had grown as mutant after mutant had been paraded before her and had been absorbed into her psyche. She was losing herself to the flood of personalities.

"Rogue," Rogue did not respond. She saw no reason to. Instead she continued to stare blindly at the ceiling. She heard a scream. She wasn't sure if the scream came from within or if one of the inmates on her floor was going crazy. They often did that and she really didn't blame them. In the early days of her imprisonment she had been driven to shamelessly begging and crying.

"Rogue," The soft voice called again, this time there was an urgency and desperation in the voice that snagged Rogues attention from the mental anguish created by too many shades haunting her mind.

Rogue winced as she turned her sore head to the side. At the door of her cell crouched a little girl. When Rogue trained her swimming vision on the girl, the girl let out a nervous giggle that heightened the tension that seemed to encase her. As she laughed locks of raven hair fell forward to shield her abnormally pale face from view.

"Who…?" Rogues voice came out as a croak. She closed her eyes in pain as her abused throat burned from the labor of speaking. It had been ages since she had done anything with her throat besides scream.

The girl pushed her hair from her face with a grimy hand and then reached through the bars as if to touch her. Rogue instinctively shifted away from the door but was stopped from putting more distance between that hand and her by the cold steel wall at her back. She whimpered partly from the cold, but mostly from the horror that the grubby hand presented to her. Rogue hated the whimper that bled unwillingly from deep within her. It showed just how weak she really was. There was once a time when she was stronger, when she didn't shy away from even the thought of human contact. How she hated herself.

The girl in the doorway didn't seem deterred by her actions on the contrary she leaned eagerly against the bars as if she knew that Rogue had something to offer that no one else could. Her short arms did not reach very far. They fell short by a long shot, but still she reached.

Rogues relief was tangible. Still, despite the apparent distance between them she still tried to burrow further into the wall. She knew that she wouldn't be able to relax until the little girl left. Unfortunately, the enthusiastic way the girl was waving her arm said quite clearly that she had no plans of leaving her to her hell in peace.

Rogue watched her like the girl would watch a particularly dangerous viper.

After what seemed like hours but was probably only ten minutes the girl let her still reaching arm fall dead at her side. Then she did something that startled Rogue. She began to weep. Not small sniffles but heart wrenching sobs. The girl was not one of those lucky few that managed to not turn into a visual mess while crying. Her eyes were pink and the tear tracks spread the patches of dirt that marred her pale skin. Rogue thought she had never seen a more beautiful sight.

It had been so long since someone had willingly touched her. The only two people in recent years were who had been willing to try to touch her were Logan and Bobby. Yet, despite their willingness to fleetingly risk touching her there was always a fear of her that lingered beneath the surface of their thoughts. The touches were few and far between. She missed it. She ached for the ability to touch again without infesting herself with a piece of the person she touched.

That was why she had left the school for the Cure.

She had though, in the last year, ruthlessly beat back that desire. The decision had come too late. She had already been snatched from the crowd gathered near the line for the cure by government flunkies before she could get injected. Three hours later she had been moved into her new home: a steel cage.

Seeing the tears pulled the ache for physical contact back from the far corners of her mind. The girl was heart breakingly willing and she was too weak to deny herself this one chance of innocently offered comfort.

Rogue pulled herself to her feet. The world spun out of focus. Leaning heavily against the wall, she waited for the room to stop spinning.

By the time it did the girl had stopped crying. She looked up at her with green eyes shining with unshed tears and happiness. No, surely she saw wrong. Rogue blinked when a blinding grin formed on the girls face.

Before she could think better of it Rogue stumbled over to the girl on shaky legs. She was so weak it was all she could do to make it the four strides across the room to the girl. She halted barely out of reach.

The girl unfolded herself from her crouched position at the door.

"Marie. I found you. I've come to take you home." The girl reached out a hand to her once more. "Will you come home?"

Despite her better judgment Rogue almost reached out with her bare hand to take the girls hand. The idea of a home was intoxicating. But then Rogue remembered her old homes and she let her partly raised hand fall to her side. Her parents had shown her that a freak like her had no business living with normal people. So she had tried living with others of her own kind. They were just as uncomfortable around her. They weren't as vocal about it but she could tell that they barely tolerated her presence at the school. She was a menace, the freak amongst freaks. There was not a home for Rogues only darkness and despair.

The girl looked up at her with understanding eyes. They did not pity her, not like the people at the school. Instead they offered empathy. They said I understand and share your pain.

Rogue found herself at the girl's feet. Unconsciously copying that girl's previous position as her body shook with each ragged sob. She gripped the bars of her door and rested her head against them, pretending that it was the girl that she leaned against. The illusion held no comfort for her. Instead it showed in cold reality what the rest of her life would be like.

Barren. Alone. Empty.

Just when she almost gave into despair she felt a hand rest on her head. She froze. Afraid to move least she lose the contact.

"Don't leave me."

It was a plea for salvation that she had yearned to shout to every living being that she had come in contact with for a long time. Yet she had not, afraid that once her secret desire was voiced the people around her would realize that she was not deserving of their time. Afraid that they would realize the truth, that she was a leach, a parasite undeserving of their time and affection.


The girl said her name softly and affectionately. Rogue closed her eyes unwilling to look up at the girl to see if the affection she was hearing was really there, afraid that her face would contradict her tone. She wasn't sure if she could survive the disappointment.

Then the girl did something that would forever leave Rogue in her debt. She touched the skin of her face to lift her head and look into her eyes.

Despite the skin-to-skin contact the girl smiled and said, "You will never be alone again. That I promise on my soul."

Slowly her power kicked. Instead of her life going into the girl time froze. She froze. A tear that had slowly been trailing down her sunk in cheek stayed in place as if it had been glued to her skin. Suddenly she knew that this was the end. That this girl that had comforted her was now going to take her life just as she herself had stolen the life force of so many before.

Rogue thought that it was a good way to go. In a life devoid of physical comfort she wanted to die with it. Now she would. "What a way to go," She thought as the world around her faded away. If she could smile she would have.