The End of a Rogue

Disclaimer: I still do not own X-men or Harry Potter.

I would like to thank my reviewers and try to answer some questions that they have brought up.

One was how Marie Potter and Marie Rogue fit together.

The little girl mutant in the Prologue created Marie Potter's place in the Harry Potter Universe. Without that mutant Marie Potter would not have existed and Harry Potter would follow canon.

I am still working out some of the kinks in how I am going to merge both personalities together.

Right now Marie is more Marie Potter, as the years go by and Marie Potter views more of Rogues and the other mutants memories she will become more Rogue. I do not plan on getting a full immersion until around the summer after fourth year. It's not going to be a pleasant time for Harry or Marie.

The other comment was on the appearance of Rogues trademark white hair and Petunia flipping out over it.

Yes, normal parents might believe that the change in the hair was a fit of teenage rebellion but the Dursley's are so magic phobic that anything out of the ordinary that happens around the Potter siblings is attributed to magic and is therefore the Potters fault. Before the weirdness of the Potters was kept indoors. It was the family's dirty little secret. Their greatest fear is that other people will figure it out. That fear makes them even more determined to walk within the lines. The change in hair color screams abnormal and is too much for the Dursleys to take.

I hope this clears some of the questions up. I will strive to answer all the questions as I continue but if I fail to answer them or something is confusing feel free to ask me.

Ch 2

Two weeks had passed since she realized that her life would never be normal. She would never be able to grow up and have children. Never be able to marry. She was destined to be an old spinster. That was her fate.

She knew by the second day of moping in her room, alternating between crying and staring blankly at the ceiling while torturing herself with mental images of herself old and alone that she needed to stop worrying about an event that was not going to take place for years.

Besides by the second day she was so hungry that she couldn't walk straight without pain. Petunia, as she had taken to calling her, for no Aunt would treat her niece the way she as treated, had taken to counting and cataloguing the food. So she was unable to raid the fridge without a fuss.

She had spent the rest of that two weeks haunting the library, reading every moment that the library was open because learning was a more then welcome distraction.

She had been plagued with nightmares that haunted her nights and lingered in her thoughts all day. When she wasn't thinking about the nightmares where she was starved and beaten her thoughts always managed to return to her dormant mutation.

She couldn't wait until Harry returned. She needed him to distract her from her thoughts. Petunia and Vernon did her no good. Neither of them had looked at her at all since she had awoken with white hair. Thankfully today was the day when he returned.

She awoke to a screech. She froze in bed, confused and terrified. Unsure if this was still a dream or reality. She didn't think that she could take any more abuse from the Germans.

"Get up. Get up now!"

Without thinking she rolled out of bed. When the Nazi's gave you an order you followed. That was the only way to survive in a concentration camp. Follow orders and try not to get a lot of attention.

She nearly wept in relief when she saw the broken toys that she hadn't bothered to move when Harry and she had been given the smallest bedroom in the house.

"Your safe," she said, "Your safe, they can't get you here."

She knew it was insane to be talking to herself but she needed the comfort of hearing her own voice. Speaking out loud was a way of trying to convince herself that the horrors that were floating around her mind were a thing of the past. The memories, when she remembered them happened as if she was living it. She needed a way of orienting herself with the real world.

She was just about to start preparing for her day when the door slammed open. She cringed and jumped back before she could stop herself. Petunia and Vernon were standing in the doorway. Petunia looked disgusted that she was in the same room as her, while Vernon looked cruelly amused at her skittishness.

Marie shifted her weight uneasily. She didn't like how trapped she was with Vernon and Petunia at the door and only a second story window behind her. She didn't like how vulnerable she was without a wand or even her dreaded powers. Her powers may have stopped her from doing many things but they also protected her in a way that was almost worth it. Almost.

Petunia sniffed in disapproval upon seeing her hair. The look on her face said clearly, no child of mine.

Vernon scowled, annoyed to even have to talk to her.

"We're leaving," Vernon announced, as if he were announcing that they had just won the lottery.

"Ok," Marie said carefully, slightly confused as to why they were telling her. In the old days she would be locked out of the house like a bad dog or even be tagged along and be forced to sit in the car. They always seemed afraid that, like a particularly stupid dog, without constant supervision she would wreck their precious house. Recently though they more often then not left without a word.

"We," Petunia began, with an enthusiasm that made it abundantly clear that Marie was not included in that we, "are going to Bermuda with Marge."

Marie almost winced upon hearing Marges' name. If Marge was said to hate Harry, she absolutely loathed Marie. Marge's dog might decide to chase Harry and be met with resounding laughs, Marie on the other hand, Marge often ordered the dog to attack her.

"You and Harry," Petunia said, with a slightly constipated look, as if she couldn't believe that she was saying this, "will remain here."

Marie couldn't believe her luck. Her last full year with the Dursleys and they were leaving for a trip. She didn't smile though. If she showed any signs of pleasure they might decide to drag her with them, if only to provide Marge someone to attack.

Vernon stepped forward threateningly, his face flushing an angry maroon color, "If any funny business happens while we're gone we will make you and Harry wish that you were never born when we see you again next summer."

By the time Vernon finished he was an inch away from her with his head threateningly close to her face. Marie took a conscious step backwards and let herself shake slightly as if she were afraid of the threat and of Vernon.

Vernon let a pleased smile spread cross his face.

It was all she could do to contain a matching one.

"Get dressed," Petunia ordered, before turning away. "We'll drop you off to pick up the boy, you will take a cab back."

Vernon starred down at her for a few more moments, as if trying to decide if he needed to add physical violence to reinforce his threats. She let her gaze fall to the floor. It was a childish ploy that often didn't work. The I can't see it, so it can't see me insanity.

"Get dressed," he bellowed, before following Petunia down the stairs.

She followed the orders. Throwing on a pair of faded jeans and a long sleeve shirt that ballooned her. Then she hurried into the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she looked in the mirror she grimaced at how her too big clothes made her look years younger then she actually was. She decided then that she and Harry would need to invest in some new clothes.

She was not going to school in Dudleys cast offs. She'd wear the hated things during the summer, it wouldn't do any good to make it known how much money they had. She wouldn't put it past the Dursleys' to seize it all as just compensation for housing the orphans.

It wasn't long until she was wandering into the kitchen. When she entered she was greeted with a, "took you long enough, girl" by Vernon and a deadly glare by Petunia. They didn't say another word to her. Instead they headed for the door and expected her to follow. She was surprised when Petunia didn't close the door behind her. Instead she left it open for her to close.

The moment she squeezed into the packed back seat, Vernon took off. She hurridly closed the door and tried not to be squashed as the suitcases shifted back and forth with each new turn. At one point a suitcase almost smashed into her head. Only ducking saved her head, it didn't save her back though.

She was grateful when Vernon screeched to a stop at Kings Cross Station. She opened the door and managed to exit without the overflowing luggage joining her escape from the car.

Rubbing her aching back she walked into the station without a backwards glance. It would be too soon if she ever saw the Dursleys again.

Harry James Potter had mixed feeling about returning to the Dursleys' for the summer. While he wasn't looking forward to seeing his Aunt and Uncle once again, he was willing to put up with them because he would see his sister, Marie again.

It had been a year since he had seen his sister and he hoped that the Dursleys' had not made that year too horrible for her. While they wrote once a month, any more would bring the Dursleys' wrath down on Marie's head, the letters had not been enough. There was so much that could not be said in a letter.

Harry smiled and looked over at his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who were once again arguing. They did that a lot. It got annoying after a while. Next year, with Marie at Hogwarts he would have someone else to talk to while his two friends duked it out.

The current argument was about Ron's eating habits.

"It's disgusting," Hermione exclaimed, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Ron not able to answer because his mouth was stuffed with two chocolate frogs merely shrugged as if to say so before he continued his effort to push the floundering foot of the second frogs leg into his mouth.

Hermione huffed in annoyance and to Harry surprise did not continue to berrat Ron. Instead she pulled out a book and began to read while mumbling under her breath about immature boys.

Harry had to admit as he watched Rons duel with the frog that she did have a point but then again, Ron wasn't as bad as his cousin Dudley when he tried to eat both Harry and Maries' portion of the food. Compared to Dudley Rons bad eating habits were mild at best.

Harry laughed thinking of the fun Marie and him had with Dudders. Ron stared at him his mouth open, allowing the second frog to escape in a pile of mangled limbs and Hermione peered up from her book looking equally surprised. Harry, especially in the last few months when they were on to Voldemorts' plan to steal the Sorcerors Stone, had rarely laughed and when he had, there had been a reason behind that.

Other then Ron's eating habits there were no visual reasons to chuckle. Ron swallowed his remaining chocolate frog with some difficulty then asked, "What's so funny?"

Harry managed to stop laughing with some difficulty. "Just thinking about my cousin Dinky Dudders."

Ron snickered at the nickname, while Hermione continued looking at Harry. When Harry didn't elaborate she huffed in annoyance and asked, "What about your cousin."

"Dudders," Harry started to explain, "goes out of his way to eat both my sisters and my own portion of the food my Aunt serves."

Hermione looked horrified and said indignantly, "That horrid little-"

Harry cut her off his green eyes sparkling with mirth, "What Dudders doesn't know is that Marie and I try to take more then we want so we can watch Dudley struggle to eat it all. I can't tell you the number of times he managed to make himself physically sick."

Ron howled with laughter and even Hermione looked amused despite the scandalized look on her face. "But if it hurts him why do you?"

Ron shot her a scowl and said as if he was talking to an abnormally thick toddler, "Isn't it obvious? Because it's funny."

Harry was thankful when that sparked another round of bickering from his friends. They didn't grow up in a house where they were looked on as less then human. They wouldn't understand the need to create games, even games others might see as cruel, just to survive with their sanity intact. Alone, he knew, that he would never have started the stuff Dudley until he pops game. It was Marie who instigated the games. She used humor as a defense against the Dursleys. Marie needed him to play those games with her. She was his little sister and if playing with Dudley's mind allowed her to make it through the day without breaking down he would do it, even if it killed him.

Marie wove through the crowded station. It wasn't long till' she made it to the barrier into 9 3/4 . She was about to walk through the wall and into the platform beyond when she noticed a couple watching the wall avidly. Both had brown hair and wore muggle clothes. They didn't try to go through the barrier instead they both stood in front of it, shifting uncomfortably as if they were waiting for something.

She couldn't be sure but they must be there to pick up their muggleborn child. It would explain how uncomfortable they looked. Still, she thought, they might just have a fascination with walls. If she was wrong she would look like a fool.

Still Marie walked over to them and smiled politely, "Hi, I'm Marie Potter. Are you here for 9 and ¾s?"

The women smiled, it was an awkward smile, but Marie took it as a good sign. "Yes, our daughter is the first in the family. I'm Jane Granger by the way and this is my husband John."

John smiled down at her and asked, "Care to help us onto the platform?"

Marie was slightly confused, "You can't get on yourself."

Jane blushed crimson and shook her head, "You have to be magic to get through and as neither of us are…", she trailed off looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Oh," Marie said, "How inconvenient…and rude."

Jane's smile became friendlier. She looked relieved that Marie wasn't going to throw their lack of magic in their face.

"I'd be happy for the company, it's my first time through myself."

Marie smiled and took their hands and she happily pulled them through. The journey wasn't as smooth as she expected but that could be because she was helping two muggles through the barrier.

As she stepped through the other side she couldn't help marveling at the number of people that already crowded the station. The train had not yet pulled in so for the moment the station was blessedly empty of smoke.

As she was looking around the station in fascination John Granger asked, "So your older brother or sister go to Hogwarts?"

Slightly distracted by the yelling of a toddler nearby she answered on reflex, "No, Harry goes to St. Brutus Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys. Next year I'm sure my Aunt and Uncle will make up a sister school for me to attend, St Catherine's Secure Center for Incurable Insane Criminal Girls sounds good."

There was a pause as both Grangers stared down at her as if they didn't know what to make of the scrawny eleven year old girl before them. It took a few moments but when she finally did pull herself away from scanning the station with interest, she blushed. If they didn't think she was insane before they probably did now.

"So," John said slowly as if fearing the answer, "Your parents weren't thrilled when they found out?"

Marie shook her head. "My Aunt and Uncle already knew. My mom was a witch but they liked to pretend that she didn't exist when she was alive. When my parents died it became a little harder. They settled for pretending magic didn't exist."

Marie couldn't look at them. She was slightly embarrassed to be telling two total strangers about her life at the Dursleys. While her guardians hatred of magic was the most tame thing that she could tell them, it still made her feel vulnerable and slightly ashamed.

Jane draped one arm over Marie's shoulder in a one arm hug. Marie froze for a moment, stunned that someone would be willing to offer her, a stranger, comfort. Tears came to her eyes and she managed to blink them back. When Marie didn't respond to the embrace Jane began to withdraw.

Marie panicked slightly when she felt the retreat. She wasn't sure when or if anyone would offer comfort to her again. Marie leaned into the embrace slightly and smiled up at Jane in thanks.

At that moment Jane, with her thick brown hair and compassionate brown eyes was the most beautiful women that Marie had ever seen. She wished that this woman was her mother, hell she'd even settle for aunt.

Marie was thankful when the women once again settled her arm around her.

She was saved from having to continue the conversation by the entrance of the train.

The train rolled to a stop; the holidays were officially started. Harry gathered his trunk and Hedgwig's cage and followed Ron and Hermione off the train into the crowded station.

They pushed through the crowd in what seemed to Harry mindless wandering with no direction until Ron grabbed his arm and said, "This way mate."

Harry looked over just in time to see Ginny Weasley point and exclaim, "Look mom it's him. It's Harry Potter!"

Ron looked over at Harry and gave him an apologetic look. Both Hermione and Harry followed behind Ron as he led them over to Mrs. Weasley and Ginny.

"Ron," Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, sweeping him up in a hug.

Ron's ears turned red as he fought to escape his mothers embrace. "You've grown," she said giving her son one more cursory look before turning to Harry and Hermione.

"Thanks, Mrs. Weasley for the fudge and sweater," Harry said, trying to ignore the pang of jealousy he felt at the maternal greeting he would never experience.

"Think nothing of it, dear."

"I'll owl you both," Ron cut in, "Maybe you can come over this summer."

He looked at his mother hopefully.

"We would love to have you over," Mrs. Weasley assured him and Hermione.

Harry smiled and looked over at Hermione. She was not paying attention though. He followed her gaze and froze in surprise. The man and women who had her arm around a young girl where unfamiliar to him but the girl he knew. It was Marie.

He dropped his trunk and cage to the ground; Hedgwig gave an indignant hoot. He didn't hear because he was already halfway to the girl.

Running at full speed, a crazy grin on his face, Harry Potter, the returned criminal dove for Marie, the brown haired woman was pulled to the side by her husband but Marie was left standing directly in his path. His dive sent them both to the ground in a heap. Marie groaned as her head cracked against the floor but she was too happy to see Harry to be too concerned.

For a moment no one moved.

Before either Harry or Marie could continue greeting each other Harry felt himself being pulled off of her. When he was placed on his feet he saw an irate man glaring down at him. Harry gulped at the murderous look on the tall, brown haired mans face.

Marie chuckled from her place on the ground. She pulled herself into a sitting position and rubbed her aching head.

"What's wrong with you?" the man screamed, shaking Harry, "Didn't your parents teach you any manners."

"Harry," Marie said dryly, looking up from her position on the floor, "Must have been playing a rousing game of Harry Hunting during that lesson."

Harry threw a help me look down at Marie but help when it came did not come from her but from Hermione.

"Dad," Hermione yelled, hurrying over. It took her a little longer then she would like because she unlike Harry had to lug not only her trunk but Harry's forgotten owl with her, "Let Harry go. He's my friend, honest, he didn't mean any harm."

John let go of his daughters friend and swept Hermione up in a hug, without taking his eyes off of the chagrined Harry. While Jane hurried over to Hermione to take her turn hugging her Harry went to help Marie to her feet.

"You look like shit."

"Don't you have a way with the ladies," Marie grumbled. Harry ignored her complaint because what he said was true. If he had to use one word to describe his little sister it would be tired. The deep bags under her eyes attested to that. The glare she sent his way stopped him from interrogating her. She was right there was no reason to get into it surrounded by other people.

Instead he looked over at Hermione and her family. He didn't linger long on the happily hugging trio instead his eyes swept past them to the glaring Hedgwig. Hermione's trunk was beside her, his was still back with the Weasleys.

The Weasleys were gathering, Fred and George were currently giving Ron a hard time but Percy was missing, so instead of hurrying to claim his trunk he turned back to Marie and asked in a low voice, "Where's the Dursleys?"

"Bermuda," Marie answered, "they left this morning."

For a moment Harry looked like he had won the lottery then he frowned, "Where do they expect us to stay? With Marge?"

"Who's Marge?" Hermione asked curiously.

Both Potters ignored the question.

"No, Marge," Marie said with a look of distaste, "Is joining them on their two month long vacation, probably taking her demon dog with her."

Harry sighed in relief, "Thank Merlin, Can you imagine two months with her and Ripper."

"I'd probably spend the two months hiding out in a tree."

Harry nodded vigorously, "It might've been the only safe place."

Hermione watched the exchange slightly bemused, she'd never seen Harry like this. Until now she never noticed how much Harry held himself back with her and Ron. Now, with this girl before her, his sister Marie, she assumed, he came out of his shell. There was no holding back or watching what he said, he was honest with her.

"So who is she leaving us with?"

Marie gave a mischievous smile that lit up her whole face, "You'll never guess."

"Is it Ms. Figg?," he looked just a little less horrified at that idea then the idea of staying with that Marge character.

Marie looked solemn. "I'm sorry Harry you'll have to look at pictures of all the cats in the neighborhood another time."

"So that leaves Yvonne," he said with distaste, "She's almost as bad though. We'll spend all summer dusting her dolls."

Marie shook her head with a grin.

Harry looked confused, "Does that mean that Petunia actually made more friends?"

"No it means that for once the Dursleys will be out of our hair without them foisting us on anyone."

"Your staying home alone all summer," Hermione yelped.

Harry and Marie looked over at Hermione surprised to see her standing there.

"Crap," Marie said, glancing for the first time at the crowd that had formed around them.

She didn't think they would be staying home alone any longer if the worried looks on Jane, John, and a short, squat red headed women where anything to go by.

"Ahh, no fair. How come they get to stay home alone when we can't?" Ron moaned, as he lugged Harry's trunk over.

"Because Ronnikins-," George began.

"Mother dearest is not going on vacation," Fred said.

"It takes two to tango."

"And no parents to stay home alone."

George sniffed theatrically and Fred shook his head in sorrow.

"Poor Ronnikins-," George began solemnly.

"To think mother was hoping you'd follow in Percys illustrious footsteps."

"All hope is lost." George accented the remark by falling in a dead faint and rolling his eyes back into his head.

Fred howled. "My brother is dead."

Fred was about to break out into angry sobs when Mrs. Weasley slapped Fred on the back of the head and nudged George's prone form with her toe. "Behave yourselves."

She was in the process of turning away from her children when George sat up with a groan and clutched at his wounded leg.

"He's alive," Fred yelled, causing a lot of the surrounding people to look over curiously.

"Child abuse," George screamed gaining even more attention.

Molly shot her problem twins a glare and they obediently fell silent. Ron face was flushed an embarrassed red hue that almost matched the exact shade of his hair. Ginny had a slight smile on her face that fell when she looked at Harry. Hermione rolled her eyes in exasperation before turning to her parents, "Mom we can't let them stay home alone."

"They are not staying home alone, they must be joking," Molly said, before peering around the station for the missing Dursleys. The Dursleys were no where to be found.

Marie sighed and pushed her white bangs behind her ear. Things would be abundantly easier if Harry had not managed to find friends that were so concerned about his well being at school. She couldn't blame him though. Away from the Dursleys he deserved some happiness and by the concerned looks on these peoples faces he had chosen his first friends well.

"Marie," Jane began stepping up beside Marie and putting her arm around her. "Do you have a place to stay this summer?"

Marie leaned into the embrace, feeling safe. Still she looked over at Harry before answering. He looked as stoic as ever. He may have been slight, barely topping her by a few inches because of malnutrition but Harry knew how to keep a straight face and that was something the bigger Dudders never mastered. He shrugged and lifted a finger slightly from were they rested on the pockets of his jeans signaling that whatever she decided he would go with. Only the twins noticed the byplay between the Potter sibling. They grinned wolfishly before turning to Marie.

"My dear girl," Fred began grabbing her right hand.

"Charmed," George said, grabbing her left hand.

"I'm Gred." Fred said.


Marie smiled at the twins in delight as she shook their hands. They were the second and third people who had willingly touched her. She relished the feel of the their hands against her own. "Marie. Harry's sister."

Fred and George leaned forward simultaneously and said in a mock whisper, "What's this I hear about you and Harrikins living all on your lonesome."

"A dreadful blown out of proportion rumor," Marie said with a twinkle in her green, almond shaped eyes.

Jane and Mrs. Weasley gave sighs of relief. John looked relieved as well. Harry lowered his head to hid his amusement, he knew what that twinkle meant and was immensely relieved that months alone with the Durlseys had not annihilated her sense of mischief.

"But you said-," Hermione began to argue.

"You see we won't be alone my Aunt has her precious family portraits on every flat surface of the house."

Fred and George laughed with delight, suddenly they couldn't wait for summer to end and school to start. They had a feeling that Marie would make a good addition to the Weasley Duo.

"So you are staying home alone." Hermione said triumphantly, before turning back to her parents. "Can Harry and his sister please come home with us this summer. Please."

Marie looked over at Harry and raised an eyebrow in question. Tilting her head slightly towards Hermione. She crazy, she asked.

Harry gave a lopsided grin and shook his head slightly.

Marie snorted, feeling like a cat being dragged home by an over zealous child. She couldn't help hoping that she would be allowed in. While spending the summer without supervision sounded great. Spending the summer with Jane and her family would be worth the loss of freedom.

Jane looked over at John questioningly. John looked skeptical, his brows were drawn down as he peered at Harry suspiciously. Harry shifted under his gaze, looking down at his feet like they were the most interesting things in the room.

"They could be killed or worse kidnapped," Hermione said, her voice rising to a shrill pitch at the thought.

Ron and Harry rolled their eyes at Hermione messed up priorities.

"Then they wouldn't be able to finish their education."

Hermione first comment was greeted with worry from the adults, albeit the order in which she grouped the potential threats caused some confusion. The second comment was greeted by disbelieving stares from all quarters.

Marie giggled she swept the arm that wasn't pressed snugly against Janes side out before her, "Anna Marie Potter: She gave her life so she wouldn't be kidnapped; Savage and Dunce, if only she was able to finish school."

The twins looked at each other solemnly before putting a hand over their hearts and said simultaneously, "The Horror."

This was greeted with laughter all around, Hermione even managed to give an embarrassed smile despite her blush.

When the laughter died down John sighed and said to Jane, "It would be nice to be able to get to know Hermione's friend."

Jane's face lit up at the thought. John and her had been worried that they would be unable to properly involve themselves in Hermione's life now that she was walking a path where they could not follow. The thought of watching from the last row of the peanut gallery unable to contribute in her life years before she would have had to let go in normal circumstances had broken Jane's heart.

Now, if they took the Potter children for the summer, they might be able to reclaim some of the closeness. The excitement that arose at the thought was punctured when Mrs. Weasley cut in.

"Shouldn't we contact their guardians? Surely it is their responsibility to see to their charges and surely they would want to see Harry after a year apart."

Marie let out a panicked breath at the thought. She tensed at the anger she knew Uncle Vernon would feel at having his plans interrupted. She also doubted that their see no evil policy of dealing with her would survive the encounter. It would be a summer worse then any of the summers in her eleven years. She jerked her head over to Harry.

Harry looked like a trap was closing over his head. His skin was paler then hers normally was. Hell it was paler then any of the Weasleys' skin and that was saying something.

Say something, Marie urged him with her eyes. He was the one who knew these people. Surely they would listen to him. He knew like she the punishment that the Dursley's would deal out the both of them if Mrs. Weasley followed through with their plan. True it would be here that felt the brunt of the Dursley's wrath but he would not escape unscathed.

Just when she thought that she was doomed she felt the arms that were still around her tighten. She whipped her head over to Jane. Jane looked furious. Her mouth was pinched into a thin line and the eyes that were studying her had darkened to a murky brownish black.

She felt panicked. What had she done?

"Nothing, be calm. She will take care of you," the words floated from the back of her mind, washing over her like a caress. Unlike the last voice this one was soothing, and coaxing. She knew without a doubt that she could trust this one with her life.

Jane felt relieved when she felt Marie relax once more. She didn't miss the fear in Marie's eyes when she had seen her anger. It had made her all the madder. Still she worked to push her fury behind the surface. Looking over at the Potter boys pale face and his inability to meet anyone's eyes the knowledge that the Dursleys were abusive was all the more clear.

"They'll come home with us." She looked over at John. He didn't argue. Instead he looked down at the girl in her arms and nodded. He didn't say anything. Not because he had nothing to say but because he was just as furious as she was. Johns face was slightly flushed from his anger and his hands were fisted as if he were preparing to deck someone.

Looking down at Potters as Harry began edge closer to his sister and to her as if to offer what meager protection he could she knew that now was not the time to interrogate them.

So instead she smiled down at the newest additions to her small family and said, "Does everyone have their trunks?"

She watched as Harry whispered good bye to his friends before grabbing his stuff. The Golden Trio split away for the summer, it was one last split then what fate would have demanded if Marie had not came into their lives but it was a spilt nonetheless and they couldn't wait until they were reunited once more.