"Sorry, Naruto, but I can't die yet." Haku said softly as she shunshined away. "No… you can't die, Haku… it won't solve anything." Naruto said, trying to catch her. Suddenly a voice called out to him, "Do you want to save her?" Naruto looked around, to search for the voice and answered," Yes…more than anything… I won't let her die needlessly."

The voice said, "Then take your first step forward, but are you sure that you want this? You will be changed into a half-devil if you accept this power." Naruto shouted, "I don't care if I am a devil or demon, I will protect my friends. That is my nindo!" Naruto walked forward into the light and a slight burning sensation covered his right arm.

Kakashi- "My original jutsu:Raikiri, this is the end for you, Zabuza Momochi!" the jonin said. He charged toward the man and saw a blur pass in front of him. "The girl…she gonna… damn it, I can't stop in time!" he thought. Suddenly a familiar orange blur appeared in between Haku and Kakashi, and then he grabbed the Raikiri with his right hand.

"Naruto?!" Kakashi gasped. Naruto looked up at Kakashi for a moment and Kakashi gasped as he saw Naruto's eyes turned cyan blue for a moment. Then Naruto pushed Kakashi with a palm strike to the chest and dealt Haku a roundhouse kick to move her out of the way.

Zabuza took his sword and slashed at the teen, but the sword was instantly stopped due to Naruto's abnormal arm. "The battle's over, Zabuza…it is over, we're done." Naruto said without looking at him.

"He's right, Zabuza. I'm so disappointed in you." A voice said, "But, oh well, I have no further use for you." Naruto, Kakashi, Zabuza and Haku turned to see Gato with a huge group of thugs behind him. Gato pointed at them with his cane, "I will kill you, the ninjas, and probably use those bitches of yours for entertainment."

Naruto grabbed the zanbatou in his right arm and pointed at Gato, "I speak for Zabuza and everyone else here, your ass will be dead in 10 minutes. "Wait, Naruto…" Kakashi started to say, but the teen charged at the thugs and began to cleave through the horde.

Both jonin watched in awe and shock as Naruto wielded the zanbatou effectively and decimated almost half of the horde in a matter of minutes with a smile on his face. "W-What is this aura… this boy…he's…like the devil incarnate."Zabuza thought in shock.

A few moments later, Naruto was walking ominously toward Gato. "Please…" the tyrant whined, "I give you money." Naruto pondered for a moment and answered, "Why not? Alright, give me your account number."

Gato quickly started to write down until Naruto cracked his shoulder, "Your real account number, Gato." Gato wrote the correct number down and gave it to the teen. "Thank you" Naruto said with a sickly smile, which scared Gato to his wit's end.

Then the Jinchuuriki kicked the little midget off the bridge, making him scream to his doom. "Sorry, but I can't let a coward rule over people's lives by using fear." As he moved away from the carnage, an arrow came down in front of him.

"You're late… Inari." Naruto said with a smile.

Inari smirked at him, "One of the perks at being a hero…is fashionably late."

Naruto shouldered Kubikiri Houcho on his shoulder, "Heh…yeah, that's true." Then he turned to Zabuza, handing him the zanbatou, "So…Zabuza, will you guys come to Konoha with us? I mean, you must be tired of running and though you hide it, you hold feelings for Haku like a daughter than a tool."

Zabuza looked at the unconscious Haku," That is true, I feel like a father figure to her, but I have a reputation to keep up. So…we will come."

Naruto beamed, "Great, and oh, Tazuna-jiji-san, here is Gato's account number. I'm sure there is enough money to make the village return to its former glory and pay for the mission."

Tazuna bowed, "Thank you…all of you…for what you have done."

1 week later-"Well, we will be off then." Kakashi said.

Naruto turned to Inari to see that the boy was close to tears. "Heh, don't worry, Inari! It's okay to cry tears of joy when you're happy.", the Jinchuuriki said.

Inari retorted, "I'm not crying, but if you want to cry, you can cry, Naruto-nii-san."

Naruto smiled at him, "No chance, Inari. I will come and visit you some is a promise!" When Team 7 along with Zabuza and Haku moved to leave, Inari's tears came flowing out. Sakura looked over at Naruto for a moment and saw a lone tear run down his face.

Tazuna said sagely, "That boy… have reignited the fire in Inari's heart, which in turn, ignited the hope of the people. We will always remember him by naming this bridge the Great Naruto Bridge."

' Tsunami giggled a bit as she said, "That is a nice name, tou-san."

This was the start of Naruto's new life, his heritage has finally been awakened, but what has fate have in store of our new and improved. Join him and read about his accomplishments, his attitude, his power and new-found love. This is Naruto Uzumaki, the descendent of Sparda and this is his destiny….to protect the world from devastation of corrupted humans and greedy devils