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Chapter 21- Influx of Power

Meanwhile in an underground base, Kabuto Yakushi was in a lot of pain and the weird thing about it was that he was laughing at it. "I have finally done it…" he said to himself, he closed his hands and flexed them.

He punched a nearby wall, making it crack under pressure and collapse, "With Naruto-kun's blood coursing through my veins and Orochimaru's integrated cells…I will be unstoppable." The white haired ninja turned to the intricate seals on the floor as well as the bodies of prisoners that 'generously' gave their lives to accomplish his goals.

"Now…my vengeance begins!" Kabuto shouted as he slammed both of his palms into the ground, the seal absorbed the blood of the prisoners and their bodies, turning into a deep red light and soon shadows appeared out of the seal one by one.

Kabuto smiled, "Thanks to the journal that Orochimaru kept, these men will be very good business partners." First to materialize was a bald man that was dressed to look like a priest and had a burn mark on one side of his face that almost seemed alive, but the most surprising this figure had was the same eyes as Tenten's, only filled with malice, his name was Arkham.

The next to appear was a tall, pale man who dressed as a bureaucrat, he had an aura of demonic essence lingering from him, and his name was Arius. Next to the businessman was a lesser demon, his eyes were both loose and he had a burn mark on the side of his face, his name was Sid. Soon two more figures appeared from the runic symbols, an old man dressed in Vicar's clothes and a monocle-wearing man, fair-skinned and slightly hunching…this duo were both named Sanctus and Agnus respectively in that order.

Arkham looked around, "What is this place?"

Kabuto answered, "This is the human world, a different dimension that is a bit more primitive than that world you are familiar, here…humans have powerful essence called chakra and can utilize that chakra to create jutsu or bloodlines…some bloodlines are powerful enough to control demons. I need your help to stand with me against a common foe that you all have encountered in your pursue to power."

Agnus said, "The Spardas…"

Kabuto nodded, "Correct, I need all of us to work together to bring down the Spardas, all of which are still alive by the way, so Arkham and Sid, you two will work together to defeat Vergil. Sanctus and Agnus, you two will deal with Nero Sparda. As for me, I will deal with Dante…and together, we will deal with his successor, Naruto Uzumaki. He has been trained by all three of them in their arts and also a part of this world, making all of our skills to take him down."

Sanctus replied, "Why should we trust you, Kabuto?"

"Because…I am your only shot at taking down your enemies. I have no qualms about you all pursuing your paths to power, just that I get my revenge against Naruto Sparda for killing my master…although I suppose I have to thank him as well, I would have never had gotten this powerful without him."

Arkham was silent for a moment and replied, "In order for this to work, we will need more people in case…no doubt, the Sparda made allies in this world as well." Kabuto smirked, "Not to worry, I have that covered…"

He snapped his fingers and several figures came out of the shadows to greet the five. "May I introduce Guren, Raiga Kurosuki, Kiminaro Kaguya, Kakuzu…and my revived subordinates, Sakon, Ukon, Jirobo, Kidomaru, Danzo Shimura, Hizashi Hyuga, Hanzo the Salamander, Ameyuri Ringo, Tatewaki, Pakura,
Mangetsu Hozuki."

Sid grinned, "Then we are in business, gentlemen…let's cause chaos."

Meanwhile in Konoha, Naruto stated, "On that last mission, it seems that my power has been waning down a lot. I mean, it took me longer than usual to beat Cerberus and it took you only about three minutes while I took ten."

Vergil closed his eyes for a brief moment and stated in his usual cold drawl, "It is very possible that your parents actually caused this to happen for you."

"What do you mean, Vergil?"

"I mean, when you conquer an actual Devil and turn said devil's soul into a Devil Arm, the soul wavelength slowly changes itself to match your own soul wavelength as well. Right now, since your wavelength has so many Devil Arms attached to it, it is taking a bit longer for you to adjust to any new ones."

The Jinchuuriki replied, "I see, so then I better take my time in collecting the others, I take it."

"That is correct."

"Well, then I better up the ante on my training then." Naruto said in a serious tone and went straight to the training grounds to do things with his weapons of mass destruction. Vergil looked at the sky and a strong breeze blew through the village, but the battojutsu practitioner's cold grey eyes narrowed as he thought, "This wind…something is wrong, terribly wrong and I have a distinct feeling that we are at the center of it."

Later, Naruto was on his way back to his home when suddenly the ground shook and the Jinchuuriki cried out, "What the hell is going on?!" He looked up at the Forest of Death and a loud boom occurred that sprang out of the center, destroying the small tower and in its place, was a bigger, stone tower ominously rose over the village.

"What the fuck is that?"

"Aw, shit…I thought we dealt with that damn tower years ago." Dante said as he walked up beside his fellow devil. "What is this tower?" asked Naruto. Soon the residents of the Namikaze household came up and Kasumi whispered, "The Temen-ni-gru…"

"The Temen-what?"

The Bijuu woman turned to her lover, "The Temen-ni-gru was a holy tower constructed by those who worshipped Mundus. When Sparda discovered this tower many years ago shortly after he rebelled against Mundus, he chose to seal it away with his blood, his power and the blood of a pure priestess."

Dante took over, "It had been resurrected just when I was starting to open my shop, Vergil and a sick bastard named Arkham awakened the tower. Dear older brother wanted to claim dear old dad's power, Arkham, of course, wanted the same thing, but he had to play around to gather all of us in one place to awaken the tower."

Vergil spoke up as he walked up, "Arkham played us for fools and manipulated us to awaken the tower and got our father's power, but in the end, we defeated him despite him having our father's power." Sakura inquired, "But who was the pure priestess? We know that both of you have Sparda's blood and power, but what about the pure priestess?"

"Lady was a descendent of a priestess and Arkham used her for that purpose." Vergil replied and at that moment, Naruto cursed, "Shit…" With that, he rushed off through the village as one thought lingered in his mind, "Tenten…"

Tenten was with her team, returning from a mission and trying to ignore both Lee and Gai's…eccentric outbursts of the Flames of Youth. "I really don't know how much more I can take without shooting them, Neji." She said, gritting her teeth.

"Trust me." Neji replied silently, "The feeling is mutual, but just do what I do…hum a song in your head or imagine yourself beating the crap out of the both of them." Tenten smirked and laughed a bit at the thought of it until a red barrier surrounded them.

Tenten's eyes widened, "Oh shit…" As the words appeared out of her mouth, several Bloodgoyles came into existence. "What the hell are these things?" Neji shouted in surprise and Tenten's brown eyes changed from the heterochromatic red and blue while she touched a seal on the back of her neck, "These are demons and specifically they are called Bloodgoyles to be clearer."

With that, Tenten moved forward as she thought, "But usually those types of demons are settled in Iwagakure…so why are they here?" Neji looked over at Tenten, "So this barrier…it is just like your fight with Naruto-san, am I right?"

"Yes, so I need you guys to stay back or else you guys might get hurt." Tenten replied as she unsealed her weapons. With that, she acrobatically took out her guns and shot every Bloodgoyle in her path only to curse as she realized that she was not destroying them, but caused them to reproduce asexually.

"Alright, guns don't cut it, but what about sharp objects then?" Tenten thought to herself as she charged speedily as she flung shuriken at the blood filled gargoyles. The shuriken hit them, turning them into stone and she smirked as she took out Kalina Ann to launch a missile at them to destroy them.

"Well, that was exhilarating." Tenten said with a weary chuckle, "Ahem…shall we then?"

The rest of Team Gai nodded dumbly and followed Tenten until a shot rang out loudly, hitting through her shoulder. Tenten cried out in pain as she fell to the ground, but a man came to her position and slung her over his shoulder. "We got what we came for…cover our escape." The man said and a pack of Msira came into existence as Gai shouted, "Tenten!"

The Msira blocked Gai's path, but he let out a savage kick to the one in his way and sent it sprawling to the floor. With Gai's cry of outrage, Neji and Lee acted with ferocity, attacking the monkey-like demons, but soon they were surrounded until a hail of bullets came down on the Msiras like fire and brimstone.

Naruto knelt to the ground with his guns out, "Where is Tenten?"

"Some mysterious guy took her, what is going on here?"

One of the Msira got up and looked at Naruto wobbly, "Greetings, descendant of Sparda…"

"That voice…I know it." Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Kabuto…so you are behind all of this then?"

"Of course, you ruined my chance to learn all of my mentor's skills and yet you killed him. So I am going to take my time in destroying you with along with your friends."

"How did you know how to resurrect the Temen-ni-gru?"

"I don't…that accomplishment is given by Arkham, you see, I have taken something that is precious to you and you have to get it back by any means necessary, but you will be the leader. I feel that the new generation should get through this, so no Dante, Vergil or Nero…I will see you then. Kukukukuku!"

Naruto angrily shot the Msira and growled in anger, "I will play this game with you, Kabuto and when I win, I am going to make sure you die and you will pay for what you have done. He turned to Team Gai, "Let's return to Konoha, I will have to explain everything there…"

Later, at the Namikaze compound, The Rookie Nine and Team Gai along with their senseis, Jiraiya and the Hokage. Tsunade mused, "So only you guys can get through the barriers to get our shinobi back?" Naruto nodded, "That is true…according to what Kabuto said through that demon, I wonder how the hell he manage to resurrect Arkham and all of Dante, Nero and Vergil's past enemies without their bodies, it isn't common knowledge to know all of this."

Nero growled, "It is most likely that Kabuto had help from a high ranking demon that wants revenge against us, I just can't believe that we have to sit here and do nothing to help out at all." Vergil was silent for a moment and voiced, "Maybe not…Naruto, you will need to give each of your friends a Devil Arm….it is the only way for them to survive this ordeal."

"We will have to train them to use them to the fullest."

Vergil replied to the youngest Sparda, "Then we have no time to lose…we need to get them up to speed before any damage is done." Then he smirked, "And I know just the place."


"Where else than Hell itself?" Vergil said as he opened a portal and turned to them, "Your friends' fate rest with this decision, are you all up to the task?" Naruto turned to look at his team, Team Eight, Team Ten and Team Gai, "Do you all would like to do this?"

Sasuke walked up, "I think I speak for all of us, Naruto…but we are with you all the way, you have done a lot of things to help this village and us as an extension. Now it is time to return the favor…I am in." Following, Sakura walked up beside him, "As I am."

Choji smiled, "Let's go."

Ino nodded while Shikamaru said with a small smirk, "Troublesome."

Lee shouted, "Yosh! Let's go save Tenten!"

Neji crossed his arms, "We have wasted enough time, let's get out of here."

Dante smirked, "Then it is settled, let's ride through the gates of Hell." With that, the Spardas along with the Rookie Nine and Team Gai into the portal of Hell to prepare to fight the demons that Kabuto unleashed.

To Be Continued in the next Story: Naruto Sparda: the Road to Hell