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Naruto's teammates and Tazuna had been dismissed but the Sandiame asked him to stay. Naruto looked at his grandfather figure, who smiled at him.

"You can finally stop acting Naruto-kun. I even have cloths for you. You may also drop your genjutsu." Naruto nodded happily. What people didn't know was that Naruto used to wear a mask. It showed everyone a loud, idiot, dead last, orange loving ninja. Naruto was really a quiet, genius, prodigy, orange hating, skillful, mature shin obi. He also knew that the Yondiame, Namikaze Minato was his mother(he was uke!) and Uzumaki Kenji, ninja from Whirlpool and best ANBU Konoha had was his father(he was seme!). The Third handed Naruto a package and a scroll.

"I packed you a scroll for your trip already. " The Sandiame said nodding towards the scroll. Naruto nodded and walked into the closet to change.

Naruto walked out wearing a black turtle neck tank top that stopped at his belly button only with a white kimono sleeve with black flames licking the bottom on his right arm. He had on snug black bicycle short that stopped at his knees. He had a white fabric with black flames licking the bottom wrapped around his waist with slits on the side to show his kunai holster and stopped 5 inches above his knees( think the thing over Sakura's shorts after time skip only with the slits on the side). It was held up with a black sash. He had regular shin obi sandals only they stopped mid thigh and had several bucks and straps. He had white bandages wrapped around his ankles under his sandals and stopped just half an inch above the sandals. He also had white fingerless gloves that stopped 6 or 7 inches going up. His hair was longer and straight, it was still the sunshine blond but with fiery crimson tips and bangs framing his face. His hair was held up with a black cord and six senbon for easy reach. He still had cerulean blue eyes only with specks of violet and slit pupils. His whisker marks were darker under his black face mask, he also had fangs. He had no baby fat and had higher cheeks bones. On the side of his face was an ANBU-ish crying kitsune mask, but instead of just white and another color his had black, white, and crimson. His hitai-ate was now on an black strip of cloth around his neck, he also had a pair of white and crimson katana's strapped to his waist. By his side was a huge crimson fox with a black and white studded collar(think Akamaru big after time skip).

"Arigato Jiji! I love them! Kyuu-chan likes her collar too!" Naruto said happily and the Sandiame smiled.

"I'm glad. Do you know what happened to Mizuki's body?" the Sandiame asked. Naruto chuckled nervously.

"Well… aniki's boyfriend taught me his trade so to speak." he said. The Third sighed and nodded.

"Now you better go meet your team and Tazuna-san." Naruto and Kyuubi nodded before Naruto jumped onto Kyuubi's back and were out the window going towards the gate. When Naruto got there Kakashi had appeared. They looked at Naruto who was laying on Kyuubi's back.

"Can I help you?" Kakashi asked. Naruto looked up at Kakashi.

"What do you mean Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, his voice was different. It was quiet, soft, and musical instead of loud and annoying.

"You can't be the dobe." Saskue said. Naruto looked at him.

"Yes I can. I am him. I just dropped my genjutsu and mask." before Kakashi could ask Naruto said

"Do you think someone in my… situation would be more safe hiding his real skills and appearance or as an annoying idiot who is a horrible shin obi. One thing that every shin obi looks over has saved my life, sanity. Look Underneath the Underneath."

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked. Naruto sighed.

"Like… the Uchiha Massacre. During the time of all of that Saskue. How old were you?"


"Okay. Did you have your Sharigan?"

"No." Saskue growled.

"My point. How did you know for sure that was Itachi? You were eight, didn't know how to dispel genjutsu or henge."

"What's your point?" Saskue growled. Naruto looked at him then at Sakura. He watched the wheels turn in her head.

"He's saying. That for all you could have known was that it could have been someone else henge into your brother, kill your clan, and then put a genjutsu on you to trick you. At the time you were eight, had no Sharigan, and was in an emotional state to see or find the truth." Sakura said slowly then looking at Naruto. Naruto nodded.

"Correct. Also I know Itachi didn't do it." Naruto said looking at his hands. Saskue narrowed his eyes.

"Prove it." he hissed. Naruto pulled out a picture out of one of his poaches and showed it to them.

"I was attacked by a mob of villagers. They had beat me and were about to rape me when Itachi stopped them, killed them, and raced me to the hospital. I had fallen asleep but woke up after a check up to see Itachi sleeping in a chair holding my hand. Then Jiji came in and told me he had been there the whole with Jiji. He had told me Itachi was the one who rescued me and I glomped him." he said scratching one of his cheeks with a finger while the others sweat dropped. "He was asleep and not expecting it so when I did we fell to the floor jolting him awake and long enough for Jiji to take a couple pictures while Ita-nii was distracted ." This caused big sweat drops. Saskue looked at the time in the corner and saw it was the time of the massacre. He looked at Naruto and in his eyes and saw no lies.

"Arigato Naruto. Now my goal is to revive my clan and find out the truth behind aniki." Naruto and Kakashi both smiled.

"Welcome. Now lets get this mission on the road." the others nodded and they walked out the gates. Kakashi read, Sakura looked at Saskue, Tazuna drank, while Naruto and Saskue talked and play GO FISH with Kyuubi listened and kept alert. As they came close to the puddle Naruto nodded to Saskue who got ready, then Kakashi dropped to the back of the group. Then two chains came flying out of the puddle and wrapped around Kakashi before pulling and ripping him to shreds. Naruto looked at the two and frowned.

"Gouzu? Meizu?" he said the two attackers stopped and looked at Naruto.

"Naru-chan?" they said. A tick mark appeared above Naruto's head and he hit them both on the top of the head.

"Don't call me that!" he yelled at them.

"Gomen Naru-chan!" they said making Naruto start to pound them(think when Sakura used to beat up Naruto and when women beat up Jiraiya XD). The rest looked on with sweat drops and Sakura was in awe.

"He looks like a woman beating up a pervert." Kakashi said, Naruto turned to them with a twinkle in his eyes.

"What was that Kakashi?" he said in a sweet voice.

"Nothing Naruto-sama." Kakashi said with a bow. Saskue and Tazuna looked at Kakashi with sweat drops. "Nani? Do you want to get on his bad side?" the two looked at Naruto who was looking evil with the twitching Demon Brothers behind him and bowed down.

"Please do not hurt us Naruto-sama." they said. Sakura had stars in her eyes.

"Please train me Naruto-sama!" Naruto turned to her.

"Lets talk at the old mans place. You two are coming with us." Naruto said tying them up before dragging them along. Then the little group now containing two new members made their way to Wave. After they crossed the river a mist started to form and Naruto dispersed it with his chakra.

"DUCK!" Kakashi yelled while grabbing Tazuna. The other hit the ground and a huge head clever flew over their heads and embedded it's self in the tree. Once they stood up the saw a man with brown hair, brown hair, bandages on his face his hitai-ate was off to the side. He had no shirt, he had abs Naruto noted while mentally licking his lips. He had a strap going vertical with a buckle in the middle with a strap coming over his left shoulder meting the buckle. He had grey blue striped pants with black and white arm and leg warmers and black shin obi shoes.

"Zabuza-san!" the Demon Brothers yelled. I thought he looked familiar. Naruto thought. Naruto looked at the two demanding an explanation. Fearing for their life's and what made them men they explained. Quickly.

"After you left a couple weeks later we met up with him and we have been staying with him and Haku." Naruto looked thoughtful.

"Ah! The Zabuza and Haku fish-face was talking about?" he asked the two brothers who nodded.

"He never said Zabuza was hot." Naruto muttered. Kyuubi sweat dropped being the only one hearing him.

"Kit you two have different types. Kisame goes for the pretty faces, like Itachi."

"I'm surprised the two hooked up." Saskue turned to Naruto.

"My brother is with a man?!" Naruto looked at him weird.

"You didn't know Ita-nii was gay?" he asked tipping his head to the side. Saskue shook his head. "Yup you two are the same in that." Ignoring Saskue's face he continued. "Yeah him and fish-face are together. I have some disturbing memories thanks to them." he said shivering.

"Anyways… you go for the ones like Zabuza. I say the opposites attract each other." Kyuubi said and Naruto rolled is eyes.

"Your gay?!" Saskue and Kakashi both said.

"Yup. I blame Itachi." Saskue shook his head and Kakashi sighed.

"Your clan will never grow." Kakashi muttered.

"What are you talking about? Why do you think kaa-san didn't get married? He and tou-san were married secretly. A side effect of kaa-san's bloodline lets him have children." Kakashi looked at Naruto in shook.

"So your telling me that my sensei was gay, was married to Kenji-san in secret, sensei had you thanks to his bloodline?" Naruto nodded.

"Yup! And if Saskue is lucky then he will be an uncle soon." just as he said that a weasel appeared and handed him a scroll. He unrolled the scroll and read out loud

"Dear ototou,

Kisa-kun and I are having a baby! Arigato! It's thanks to you we are! I hope you don't mind us naming him Naruto after you in thanks! Arigato again!

Hoshigaki Uchiha Itachi.

P.S. it was Kisa-chan's idea to name him after you.

P.S. his middle name is going to be Saskue."

"Well that was interesting." Kakashi said. Naruto and Saskue looked at each other.

"AWSOME!" they yelled jumping up while high-fiveing.

"So…" Zabuza said, Haku stood at the base of the tree staring. The others turned to them, and Saskue's jaw dropped. Naruto looked at him and laughed.

"Shut it aniki." Saskue said elbowing him.

"Awww! Saskue's got a crush!" Naruto sang.


"Haku and Saskue sitting in a tree…" Naruto started to sing until Saskue tackled him and the two started to wrestle. Saskue then pulled on Naruto's hair, the next thing Saskue knew he was thrown off Naruto and crashed into Zabuza. The next thing the two saw was one pissed off Naruto with a murderous gaze. They shivered. Haku just shook his head. Naruto grabbed Saskue's arm and threw him into a tree.

"Don't pull my hair." he said in a dangerous voice. Saskue got onto the ground and started to bow and apologize. Naruto crossed his arms and smirked.

"Get up." Saskue did. "Good now… sit down." he did.


Saskue got up.


He sat back down.


He got up. This continued for a couple minutes until Naruto said

"Go over to Haku."

Saskue did while sweating bullets. Naruto grinned and walked over to the two. Haku looked at Naruto curiously. Naruto then walked behind Saskue and 'accidentally' pushed Saskue who fell forward making Haku and Saskue kiss. Naruto then whipped out a camera and started to take pictures from every angle. When the two brook apart they were dazed and Naruto smirked at his handy work. Naruto then felt a glare boring into his back making him look behind him with wide innocent eyes (like those anime girls XD) and saw a well tones chest making his cheeks go a little pink. Zabuza picked up the startled Naruto and stared at him. Naruto then swiftly pulled down his bandages took a picture and then smiled innocently at Zabuza. Zabuza stared at him and Naruto frowned before pecking Zabuza on the lips shocking Zabuza so much he dropped Naruto who wasn't expecting it to fall on his butt. He had anime tears at the corners of his eyes while looking at the ground. Zabuza looked down at the depressed blond and sighed.

"How much is Gato paying you?" Naruto asked in a quiet voice as Kyuubi came up behind him and nudged his back.

"Why?" Haku asked finally coming out of his daze. Naruto turned to him and said

"I'll pay you double if you help us protect the old man. I'm sure you and ototou would love that, ne?" Naruto said with a smirk. Haku and Saskue blushed.

"You got a deal brat." Zabuza and Naruto nodded and stood up before climbing onto Kyuubi's back and heading towards Tazuna's house never looking Zabuza in the eye or face. Everyone followed Kakashi read, Tazuna drank, Haku and Saskue talked, Zabuza thought of all the money he would be getting, and Sakura stared at the slumped back of Naruto worriedly. Sakura ran up to Naruto and smiled at him.

"Naruto will you train me? I don't want to be a burden." Naruto smiled a real one making Sakura happy that she was able to cheer him up.

"Sure. Here channel your chakra into the card."


"To find out your chakra affinity." Sakura nodded and channeled her chakra. The inside of the card turned brown(can't think of a way for fire so please bare with me) and the edges dampened. Naruto was surprised.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked and Naruto shook his head.

"Nothing I just didn't expect you to have two so early. So you have Katon and Suiton(fire & water)." Sakura nodded.

"Alright. Was there something you wanted to do before you decided to become a shin obi?" Sakura nodded.

"I wanted to be a doctor. To help others and save life's." Naruto smiled and nodded, unaware of everyone listening.

"What about becoming a medic nin?" Sakura nodded. "Okay. I can teach you medic stuff and I can show you how to manipulate your strength like baa-chan taught me."

"Baa-chan?" Sakura asked.

"Yup. Tsunade-baa-chan."

"Naruto how do you know so many powerful people?" Sakura asked and Naruto's smile faltered.

"Because I traveled a lot. Actually I had just arrived a month before the genin exams."

"Why?" Sakura asked. Naruto smiled sadly.

"The villagers… don't really like me. So I traveled. To the villagers it would be better if I never excised. I was born on a very bad day for them. So they take their pain, losses, and hate out on me. I have seen things you hopefully will never see. I first had to kill at the age of three to survive." Sakura, Saskue, Haku, and Zabuza all looked horrified and the Demon Brothers(he told them before when he met them, Naruto is like their little brother and their his older brothers) and Kakashi all had their heads bowed.

"Ummm… you don't have to answer but have you tried to um…" Sakura trailed off.

"Take my own life?" she nodded.

"Yeah about a couple hundred times. After a while I quit because it never worked so I put a mask up so the villagers never saw how it effected me, brook me. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction that they were winning. If it wasn't for Iruka-sensei and Jiji I would probably not be here with you now."

"Where would you be?" Haku asked quietly and Naruto smiled sadly and looked up at the sky.

"Who knows…it's hard to say. The only thing the villagers didn't take from me by the age of three was my mind and life. No matter how hard they tried."

"What about your body and innocence." Saskue asked.

"Taken at age three. I'm gonna go scout ahead." with that Naruto bonded ahead riding on Kyuubi. Sakura looked to Kakashi as did everyone.

"Kakashi-sensei…" Sakura said.

"It is worse then he said. Naruto has seen things that not even I or probably Zabuza have never seen." they gasped and Zabuza just looked ahead.

That night while people talked Naruto started to write down a list of jutsus to teach Sakura.

Medic Jutsu:

Chakra no Mesu (Chakra Scalpel)

Shousen Jutsu (Mystical Hand Technique)

Doku Kiri (Poison Mist)

Fukumi Hari (Hidden Needles)

Inyu Shometsu (Secret Healing Injury Destruction)

Ranshinshou (Chaotic Mental Collision)

Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu (Fine Affliction Extraction)

Katon Jutsu:

Endan (Fireball)

Dai Endan (Great Fireball)

Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Great Fireball Technique)

Gouryuuka no Justu (Great Dragon Fireball Technique)

Haisekishou (Burning Ash Accumulation)

Hibachi (Running Fire)

Housenka no Jutsu (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique)

Karyotin (Fire Dragon Projectile)

Karyuu Endan (Fire Dragon Flame Technique)

Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu (Mist Waltz Technique)

Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique)

Zukokku (Head Mincing Pain)

Suiton Jutsu:

Baku Suishouha (Bursting water Collision Waves

Daibakufu no Jutsu (Grand Waterfall Technique)

Daibakuryuu no Jutsu (Great Exploding Current)

Goshokuzame (Five Sharks Eating)

Gousuiwan (Strong water Arm)

Hahonryuu (Destruction Torrent)

Houmatsu Rappa (Violent Bubble Wave)

Kohuun no Jutsu (Black Clouds Technique)

Mizuame Nabara (Starch Syrup Capture Field)

Mizu Daiquiri (Rising Water Cutter)

Mizurappa (Violent Water Wave)

Suigadan (Water Fang Projectile)

Suijinheki (Water Encampment Wall)

Suikoudan no Justu (Water Shark Projectile Technique)

Suiryuuben (Water Dragon Whip)

Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water Dragon Projectile Technique)

Suishouha (Water Collision Destruction)

Suishuu Gorugon (Water Attack Strong Current Torrential Rain)

Suitenhoufutsu (Sky and Water Convergence)

Taihoudan (Large Projectile)

Takitsubo no Jutsu (Waterfall Basin Technique)

Teppoudama (Bullet)

Naruto smiled to himself and rolled the scroll back up and sat on the window seal looking out. Slowly his eyes dropped and he fell asleep.


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