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The next morning after breakfast Kakashi had Saskue and Sakura do the tree climbing exercise. When Sakura mastered it and was winded Naruto shouted

"Sakura I want you to walk up and down the tree for two hours to make your chakra reserves bigger. When you get low on chakra take a solider pill." Sakura nodded and Naruto walked deeper into the woods.

Naruto sat down in a small clearing with his legs crossed and his hands on his knees facing up and started to meditated, he knew Kakashi, Zabuza, and Haku were all watching him so he went into a sleep like state. He activated his bloodlines. The three watching watched in awe as wings sprouted out of Naruto's back, they were white with tints of black. Mouths opened on his ungloved hands. They also watched as his gender went from male to female every twenty minutes. When Naruto opened his eyes they were white with a black five pointed star in the middle with tomes in between each point. Instead of the regular red veins they turned cerulean. Unknown to them Naruto had just awakened his other bloodline. But in doing so he had to go threw all of his memories by the time he was done he was mental exhausted but he had built stronger mental barriers. Naruto's eyes changed back to their regular color and he stayed male. Then Naruto got up only to start to fall as the wind blew making his hair dance in the wind as he fell unconscious. Kakashi just barely caught him as he fell. To the three when he was falling it looked like a goddess falling to earth. The three with an unconscious Naruto walked back to the house.

When Naruto woke up he saw Saskue and Haku in a corner together sleeping. Naruto softly smiled before getting up and grabbed a little bag before going down stairs and into the woods to the river. He striped and slowly climbed into the water. It was cold for a couple minutes before it started to get warmer. Naruto unbraided his hair before going under water to get his hair wet. When he brook the surface his hair pooled around him making him look more like a girl then before. He grabbed his shampoo he brought and washed his hair before rinsing. Once he was done he sat on one of the larger rocks that was closed off and dried him self. Once he was done he put on his boxers before sitting back down and drying his hair and brushing it out as he stared at the water letting his mind wander. 'I wonder how aniki is doing.' once he was done he pulled on a pair of black silk shin obi pants tucked into black riding boots at the knees. He put a white lose shirt that was open at the throat with string on both sides left untied. He put a black and white striped sash on his waist with his white and crimson katana's by his side. He had his bangs swept to the left side like his brother and kept the rest of his hair down. He put on regular black fingerless gloves before grabbing his bag and starting off towards the house with his hair swaying in the breeze behind him. When he got back to the house Tasumi had started breakfast, he said hello and went to put his stuff back up. On the way up he pasted by Kakashi with a good morning before moving on. When he got to the room he saw the love birds were awake. He sat his stuff down silently and watched them run around the room.

"Looks like the love birds are up." he said making the two jump and turn around with blushes. "I saw quit an interesting picture this morning when I got up." their blushes grew darker.

"Where were you?" Saskue asked.

"Taking a bath in the river."

"Why the river?" Haku asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Just felt like it. What do you think Zabuza would do if I told him of the scene I saw this morning?" Naruto said with a smirk before leavening the two alone.

"He wouldn't!" Haku said looking at Saskue.

"He so would!" with that the two flew out the room and saw Naruto going towards the stairs. Naruto turned to look at the two with a smirk before stepping down. The two flew at him making him laugh and run down. Half way down he tripped and started to fall.

"Not good!" he yelled. Haku and Saskue tried to grab him but to no avail. But lucky or not so lucky Zabuza was walking past the stairs. When Zabuza herd a cry of 'Not good!' he looked up to see Naruto falling. Zabuza caught Naruto making Saskue and Haku sigh in relief. Naruto peeked open an eye and saw he was in someone's arms.

"Arigato." he said as Zabuza set him down. But not making eye contact.

"What was that all about" Zabuza asked.

"Ask the couple." Naruto said as he walked by not making eye or face contact. Zabuza looked at the two on the stairs to see them blushing and decided not to ask. Breakfast uneventful until Tazuna's grandson Inari slammed his hand down.

"Why do you try even though your all going to die?!"

"Shut up your giving me a head ache." Naruto said.

"You just say that because you never felt loss and loneliness." Inari shouted and Naruto started to laugh as he finished his breakfast. He then got up and walked towards the door.

"I'm going out. And Inari you would never make it threw a day in my life." with that Naruto was gone. Tasumi and Inari looked at everyone who had their heads down.

"Tou-san? What did he mean?" Tasumi asked. Then Kakashi explained Naruto's life, by the end Inari was looking down crying and Tasumi was sobbing. Naruto had found a clearing and laid down looking up at the stars until he fell asleep. Kakashi and Zabuza split up to go looking for Naruto. Zabuza found him in the clearing sleeping peacefully. Zabuza sighed before picking him up bridal style and heading for the house. When there was a breeze Naruto shivered in his sleep before snuggling into the warmest thing, witched happened to be Zabuza's chest. Zabuza looked down at Naruto and saw a small content smile on Naruto's face. Zabuza shook his head and continued on.

Naruto was working on the bridge to help them finish it up when he herd a cane clicking on the pavement. He looked up to see Gato and a big group of mercenaries. Naruto sighed and pulled out his swords. He then turned to the workers and they nodded before turning around and running. He then turned to the mercenaries and charged. The others that were on the way to the bridge herd screams coming from the bridge. Haku and Saskue herd the screams as they finished off the thugs who had come for Tasumi and Inari. When everyone got there they saw blood, lots of blood. Saskue was remembered of the night his family was killed, and in the middle of it all was one blood soaked Naruto who was sweating but not out of breath. Saskue couldn't help but smile a little. It was so like Naruto to end up as the hero who killed Gato and made a mess too. They all stared as Naruto walked towards them.

"I need a bath." he said while making a face making them all laugh and chuckle. Once Naruto had bathed and they cleaned the bridge they packed up and left for Konoha. When they got there Naruto saw the guards were Kotetsu and Izumo.

"Hey guys! We have for people who want to join Konoha. What do you think Jiji will say." the two sweat dropped.

"Only you could make enemies friends. When it comes to you he will probably let them join for you." Kotetsu said and Izumo nodded.

"If all else fails I'll do the puppy dog eyes. Hey guys!"

"Hai?" Izumo asked.

"Who's seme?" Izumo went red and Kotetsu smirked.

"I'm guessing it's Kotetsu!" Naruto said laughing, poor Izumo was so red he fainted in Kotetsu's arms. The little group headed for the Hokage's office. When they walked in the Hokage raised an eyebrow.

"Jiji these four want to join leaf." Naruto said. The Sandiame looked at them and nodded. Team 7 and the others but Naruto looked shocked.

"Names." The Sandiame said. The ex-Kiri nins told him and the Third nodded to himself and handed them their hitai-ates.

"Haku-kun will be on Team 7, Demon Brothers Chunins and Zabuza-san a Jonin." They nodded. Then all of a sudden a purple blob came threw the window glomping Naruto.

"Naruto-chan!" the woman yelled.

"Hi Anko-nee." he said. At the corner of his eye he saw sparks of interest in Zabuza's eyes and he smiled sadly inwardly, no one but Haku saw Naruto's eyes darken and sadden. Naruto then introduced the newly Konoha shin obi to Anko. Just as Naruto had thought Anko and Zabuza hit it of at the start. Right now they were headed towards the Namikaze compound, Saskue was also going to live with them so he wouldn't have to live alone. Anko and Zabuza talked, the Demon Brothers looked around, Saskue and Haku looked at Naruto in concern. Once they were at the house Naruto showed them the bedroom hall. They chose bedrooms, Naruto's was the master bedroom at the end of the hall, Zabuza's was on the right of Naruto's, Saskue was on the left of Naruto's, Haku's was beside Saskue's, and Gouzu and Meizu chose to share a room across from Haku's and beside Zabuza's. Once they were settled Naruto went down to the kitchen.

It was a pale red, with black tile, there were black marble counters, a island was in the middle of the cooking area, with a little cut off section for the dinning area. The table and chairs were black and the chairs had pale red cushions. There was a large window to look out of as you ate, there was a marble bar like table that separated the dinning and cooking area with stools with pale red covers. There was a large steel sink, a dish washer, black cupboards lined the walls of the cooking area. There was a steel stove by the sink with a steel fridge by the stove with spare for knifes between. Beside the fridge was a walk in pantry that was well lit when you open it. There were drawers around the island and counters. There was a set of knifes by the sin, stove, and on the island along with cutting boards. Naruto grabbed a green apple before sitting on the island staring out the fairly large window over the sink that over looked the garden and part of the pond. It was also ideal to watch the sunset.

Naruto sent out a burst of chakra to search his surroundings. Kyuubi was in his room taking a nap on his bed, Haku and Saskue were sitting by the pond talking, the baka brothers, as Naruto liked to call them, were in their room playing on the x-box Naruto had given them, and Zabuza was in the living room talking to Anko. Naruto smiled sadly. Naruto wanted to cry but nothing fell. Once Naruto was done with his apple he threw the core out the window for the animals. He went up to his room and changed. He put on a long sleeved black shirt, black jeans tucked into black combat boots at the knees. He walked down the stairs as he undid his hair. He walked past Zabuza and Anko who stopped talking to watch him. He grabbed his coat from the hall way closet and pulled it on. It was a coat like Ibiki's with a crimson whirlpool symbol on the back along with the kanji for nine beneath. Naruto pulled his hair out of the coat and ran his fingers threw it before letting it fall behind him. Naruto walked to the door and with a small

"I'll be back in a little while." he was gone. Naruto walked threw the streets of Konoha ignoring the glares, the hateful words, and the hateful looks. He made his way to the bottom of the Hokage mountain and threw the gate to the Hokage's graves. He bowed and said hello to the First and Second before moving over to his parents grave. Naruto bowed his head as he leaned against the Sakura tree in front of his parents grave. He stared at the grave. Unknown to him Haku had created an ice mirror and they all saw Naruto walk through the village and sitting in front of his parents grave with something in his eyes.

"Longing." Haku murmured, the others nodded their heads. They watched as Naruto traced his parents names with his fingertips. Anko stared until she gasped.

"Nani?" Zabuza asked her.

"Longing. I think Naruto-chan has forgotten how to cry." the others stared at her.

"How can he-?" Gouzu started until Kyuubi interrupted him.

"She is correct. Kit has long forgotten how to cry. He longs to cry, to be acknowledged, to be loved, to be praised, to hear the approving words from his fathers that he will never hear, to see his parents proud of him. He struggles to become strong to make his parents proud and to protect his precious people. He struggles to except things about himself."

"What do you mean?" Saskue asked.

"Anko could you see Naruto liking the things you and Ibiki do?" Anko shook her head.

"Nope. He's to kind hearted I believe."

"Wrong. He may be kind hearted, caring, loving. But he struggles to come to terms to admit to himself that he does. He loves your and Ibiki's jobs, he wants to do that. He has bloodlust, and he's devious. He thinks different from others. If you knew how he thinks on some things you would question his sanity. But Naruto believes it will make people unhappy and things like that. No matter what he wants he will put others first before himself. Say he likes someone and they don't like him back. Even if they find someone who is not him that makes them the happiest person ever he is happy. As long as they are happy he is happy, even if he has to bare the pain." she said.

Haku looked down knowing who Naruto liked. He could see Naruto doing that. And it pained Haku to know that too. Saskue knowing what Haku was thinking pulled him into an embrace as Haku silently cried. After awhile Haku cried himself to sleep and Saskue carried him up to his bedroom. The others stayed in the living room talking. After a while Naruto came in and pulled off his coat and put it back into the closet, he then pulled his hair back with chop sticks and went into the kitchen. He got out a big pot and boiled water. While he did that he got out a pan and put in olive oil and ground meat. He then got out sauce, and pasta. As he waited he got out a glass and a bottle of red wine. He opened the bottle and poured some before taking a drink and sighing contently.

He set his glass down and added the sauce to the meat. After that he put bread in the oven before he sat down and watched the sunset while taking sips of his wine. Once the water was boiling he added the pasta and stirred the sauce. Once the pasta and sauce was done he got out a huge bowl and put the pasta in it after draining it and setting it on the counter by the stove. He then got out the bread and cut it into pieces. Once it was done he filled his glass up before calling everyone for dinner. As everyone got their food Naruto went to the door and looked outside. He saw a raccoon who ran up to him and handed him an envelope before disappearing. Naruto walked back into the kitchen with his glass and letter. He got his food and sat down at the table silently eating by himself, everyone else had gone into the living room to watch TV and eat. Naruto smiled to himself as he finished.

Once he was done he cleaned up silently barely making a sound. When he was done with that he grabbed the wine bottle and glass walking to the exit. On his way out he grabbed the letter the raccoon gave him and headed to his room. He felt eyes on him as he started to climb the glass spiral stair case and glass walk ways until he got to his room. As he closed the door his eyes accidentally met Zabuza's. Naruto kept the lights off and went over to his desk turning on the desk lamp. He silently opened the note and read quietly.

"So the Chunin Exams are coming." Naruto said to no one. Naruto sighed quietly before walking into his bathroom.

It was a soft sea blue with while marble counters, bathtub, and floor. There was a white toilet, a roomy walk in shower, he quietly wondered exactly where he was created as he took his shower. There was a Jacuzzi like one bathtub. On the walls, shelf's, and counters sea shells were carefully placed. Naruto got out and put on his white night kimono before walking out of the bathroom and too his bed where Kyuubi was sleeping. Naruto climbed in while think of his new bedroom.

It had crimson walls and fluffy carpet flooring. The bed was a double king size bed so he never had to worry about not finding the bed and falling out. It had silk crimson sheets with a huge silk black comforter with a crimson spiral in the middle. There were silky black and crimson pillows to finish off the look. There was a cherry wood writing desk, three huge cherry book shelf's with books only and a huge cherry wood dresser. There was a shojo door by the bathroom door that lead into a huge walk in closet, inside the closet on one of the walls was a medium sized window that you could see the Hokage mountain from. It was also connected to the bathroom. Naruto crawled into the bed and laid his head on the big silk pillow pulling the silk sheets up to his chin and turning on his side with his hair pooled around him on the pillows. Naruto ran his hands threw Kyuubi's fur until he fell asleep and snuggled up against her, and forgetting his problems for the moment.


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