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It was a foggy autumn night in one of the wealthier districts of London. Not unusual for the weather and neither was it unusual for Mr. James Burns to be bringing home an attractive and much younger woman than he, home with him. He led the beauty upstairs to a private chamber. This particular young woman was quite pale, but that only magnified her attractiveness for Mr. Burns' unusual tastes and fantasies.

Closing the door to the chamber, Mr. Burns let the darkness envelope them. He slunk over to his prize for the night, rubbing her body, inhaling her intoxicating scent. He was going to enjoy this night, he thought to himself with a smirk.

Just then he heard a noise off to the side.

"Who's there?" he called out into the darkness.

He scanned the dark room, but couldn't see anything in the darkness. Then his eyes fell upon another person in the room. A young man dressed in all black, black pants, long black coat, black shirt, black boots, dark sunglasses, stood several feet away leaning against the wall. His hair was rather short, he probably buzz-cut his own hair, and a short beard adorned his face. An eerie, blue light seemed to illuminate him in the darkness.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my home?" Mr. Burns demanded.

"I represent the Hellsing Organization," the young man said, pulling a gun out of his coat and aiming in their direction, "and I come to exterminate rouge vampires." With that he fired his gun, hitting the young lady Mr. Burns had brought home with him in the head. As she fell to the floor, she dissolved into a pile of ash, leaving Mr. Burns stuttering and speechless.

"V-vampire," he managed to squeak as he sank to the floor. He looked back over to where the young man had been standing, only to find that he was gone.

The young man in question had exited the building and was walking through the various military vehicles that had assembled outside the manor. He walked up to a Rolls Royce with the back window down and a tall man in a long red overcoat, Victorian Era clothing, and a large red hat and sunglasses.

"Target down," he said, pulling a box of cigars from his coat, lighting one with a match, "it wasn't very difficult. Is this what the Hellsing Organization generally has to deal with typically?"

"Yes," the tall man said, in a deep voice, "typically Sir Integra doesn't even need to send out experts such as ourselves to deal with the problem."

The younger man puffed on his cigar, "Very well," he said, "it's for the best that it is this way. Over in America we have similar problems, only with a much larger surface area to have them occur on. We send a team of to the west coast and an expert of to the east and we still need two more teams and another expert to go other places. Thankfully, we have that sort of man power."

"We are done here then?" a feminine voice came from the car, "in that case I expect to meet you, Mr. Moor, at the Hellsing Organization Headquarters to see how we handle the weapons shipments your brother sells us in an hour."

The car window rolled up and the Rolls Royce drove away.

"Care to take the long way back, my friend," the young man said, "the night is still young, and fresh. A beautiful night, yes." He took a long drag on his cigar and breathed the smoke out.

"Kyle," the tall man said, as they turned and walked away from the manor, "you should be careful with your smoking. You appear quite young, many people would stop you and ask if you're old enough to be doing such a thing."

"Alucard," Kyle returned, talking through the cigar in his mouth, "both of us know I am easily old enough to be allowed to smoke and if anyone did stop me their concern for the legality of my actions would be the least of their concerns."

The two dark men walked into the night, fading into the fog as they went.

Order 01: The Undead

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing looked at the video screen in front of her. It had grisly images on it: a dog picking up a human hand and running off, a slow moving mob of what looked like people and a creepy image of a priest with an insane look on his face and blood on his lips.

A lieutenant from the London Police Authority was talking about a situation in a small village called Cheddar. Apparently the priest that was on the screen had come to the village about two months ago. One month later and waves of missing person's reports started rolling in. Suspicious of the priest, the local police went to apprehend him a few days ago. All were reported killed and the London Police Authority ordered the special task force D11 into action.

'Fools,' Integra thought as the commander of the D11 task forces explained that the task force sent in had received fifty percent casualties and that the police killed earlier were reported to have killed the officers from D11.

She lit a cigar, took a drag and sighed. "They're no longer human," she explained to the two men in front of her.

"What!?" the lieutenant from the London Police exclaimed.

"These people have had their blood drained to feed the vampire in the area and have become cannibalistic ghouls. I believe you took the lecture, haven't you lieutenant?"

"Well, well I didn't know they weren't human anymore," the lieutenant defended.

"I don't intend to dwell on your mistakes, lieutenant," Integra continued, "Since you are a lieutenant in the London Police Authority, one can assume that you posses the intelligence to accurately assess the situation in Cheddar, and that you would know the correct response in these situations." She crushed her cigar in an ash tray and walked over to a window.

"Yet somehow, you seem to have forgotten that there is only one way to resolve these problems." She peeked through a crack in the blinds as the lieutenant sputtered over not overlooking the proper protocols and the like. 'How he became a lieutenant I shall never know,' she thought to herself while saying out loud, "It's getting dark."

The lieutenant sighed, "Sir Integra Hellsing…" he began.

"My organization has already dispatched assistance to Cheddar village," Integra cut him off.

"How many agents?" the D11 commander inquired of her. Integra smirked.

"One," she said, "but he brought a friend along for the show."

Seras Victoria ran through the woods clutching her gun.

'This isn't what I was expecting when I signed up at D11,' she thought as she scanned the area. All of the rest of the unit had been turned into zombie like creatures and came after her. She was the only remaining survivor left.

'They didn't even respond when I referred to myself as Kitten,' she thought, 'what happened to them?'

There was a sound of branches moving behind her and to the right. She spun around, holding the pistol steady in her hands. The noise came from a woman, or what used to be one, lurching toward her.

"It's ju…," she began, "it's not human."

She suddenly felt something grab her from behind. A moaning-groaning noise from right behind her head told her that whatever was behind her was one of those creatures. Her heart beat faster. How was she going to get out of this one?

Just then there was a squelching-squashing noise from behind her, followed by the creature releasing her, and the woman in front of her was impaled by the hand of a large man in a red overcoat and wide hat. The woman violently dissolved into ash, and Seras turned to see what had been behind her. There was a pile of ash behind her, and not too far off there was a young man, probably not much older than she was, wearing a black trench coat.

The older man in the overcoat chuckled and said, "Beautiful night, isn't it Police Girl?"

"Huh?" was all Seras could say back.

"It's especially beautiful, of course, if you're a blood sucker," the man commented.

Seras gasped and shot the man in the shoulder, then watched in horror as the wound neatly closed itself and the clothes mended themselves until it was as if the bullet had never hit him.

"You're not human!" Seras cried as she turned and bolted away across the field.

As she ran she thought she heard the younger man say "Why? Would you not have shot him if he was?"

"Interesting predicament, Alucard," Kyle said, taking off his sunglasses to clean them, revealing a pair of crimson eyes.

"Indeed, old friend," Alucard chuckled, inclining his head far enough to allow his own glasses to slide down his nose, revealing another set of crimson eyes.

"This is your jurisdiction," Kyle told him, putting his glasses back on, "You'll take down the vampire and it's wraiths…"

"Sorry, Kyle, what was that?" Alucard grinned.

"My apologies," Kyle grinned back, "I keep forgetting that my organization tends to use a different classifying system then your organization. You'll take down the vampire and it's ghouls, and I'll stand back and watch the great Alucard at his work."

"Yeess," hissed Alucard in gleefully, "it has been nearly 40 years since you or your siblings have worked with me."

"What on Earth am I doing?" Seras asked herself as she trudged onwards, "I don't know anywhere safe to hide." She stopped outside of a cemetery to look around. There was a church beyond the grave yard; it had a light in it. Walking through the grave yard, Seras paused at the door of the church before opening in and walking in, gun raised.

The light came from six candles up on the altar. There seemed to be nobody in the church, but with everything that had happened tonight Seras was very cautious as she walked further into the church.

"The Church has always provided sanctuary for the Weak of Heart," a voice came from the front of the church. Seras now was able to see the dark outline of a priest walking along the altar.

"Go-good evening Father," she managed to say.

"And a very good evening to you, young lady," the priest said, "So fresh, so full of life," he smiled, "so frightened by the creatures that walk the night."

"Are you really a priest?" Seras asked hoping she didn't sound as frightened as she felt.

"I am," the priest said, "tell me my child what is it that troubles you."

"I came here on a mission to find a priest who… is… suspected of…" Seras stuttered as the priest walked toward her. She then noticed the look in his eye and that his eyes were blood red. "Wait, you're not like the others," Seras whimpered.

"I assume you're speaking of the ghouls you saw outside in the village?" the priest drawled, "Yes, those were the creations of the vampire you seek. When a vampire drinks it's victims blood they transform into a ghoul, no more than a mindless slave used to do it's masters bidding." His smile was cruel, "However, a vampire can also turn it's victim into one of their own."

Suddenly Seras felt light headed, and somehow she seemed to be floating through the air over to the priest. The priest or vampire as it seems to have turned out, held her in his arms. "Turning you into a ghoul would be such a waste," he said, "your blood is warm and sweet." Seras felt him unzip her utility vest and rub her chest right over her heart, but couldn't move to stop him from his actions.

"Stop, or I'll, I'll blow your brains out," somehow she managed to raise her gun up to his head. The vampire chuckled at her and took the gun effortlessly from her hand.

"I can give you an eternity of pleasure," he coaxed, "all it takes is for you to…"


The door to the church, which somehow had gotten closed, was suddenly bashed in. The man in the red overcoat and hat stepped in through the door.

"I've had enough of you. GODDAMN PUNK!" he said, slowly walking down the aisle toward Seras and her captor.

"And just who are you?" the vampire asked with a strange look on his face.

"My name is Alucard," the man said, "I am a servant of the Hellsing Organization. I deal with trash like you."

The vampire holding Seras laughed. "Me? Trash? Have you lost your mind?" he laughed.

"No," Alucard calmly said, "you're even lower than trash. I wonder why they sent an expert to deal with such a trivial task."

"Trivial am I?" the vampire growled, "you don't know who you're dealing with." As he spoke ghouls rose from the pews and raised their guns toward Alucard.

"Oh I know who I'm dealing with," Alucard said as he continued his advance, "an incompetent coward, who hides behind his servants that he fooled into believing he was a priest so that he could suck their blood. A thing that can't do anything for himself, who must rely on others to do it for him. Hell is far too good for you."

"Just kill him already!" the vampire shrieked, and the ghouls opened fire. Bullets flew from every direction. Dicing up Alucard as if he were butter. One of his arms was shot up so badly it separated from his body. Seras just stared at what could have been her rescuer in horror as the bullets continued to rip apart Alucard's corpse even after it had collapsed to the floor. The vampire, feeling as if that seemed to be enough, ceased the fire with a snap of his fingers.

"It looks like somebody was all talk," he commented mildly.

Seras looked at the bloody corpse lying on the floor. There was no hope for her was there. The sound of a match being struck filled the air. She looked up, at the same time as the vampire and all the ghouls, to see the young man in the black trench coat standing in the door way, lighting a cigar.

"Oh, did I kill your friend?" the vampire asked in a sarcastic sympathetic tone, "HA, what are you going to do about it? Try to avenge him? I hope you have more to yourself then he did." He laughed at that.

Only to stop when a much deeper, and louder, laughter filled the air.

"Shooting me won't do a damn thing!" Alucard's voice said from nowhere and everywhere at the same time, "Guns are completely useless against vampires!"

"Oh, God," the vampire said, in a rather weak voice, "he's one of us." The blood on the floor began to flow back toward Alucard's body. The severed arm dissolved into smoke and reformed itself back where it belonged. Alucard slowly rose from his position on the floor, grinning maniacally.

"That is," he continued, pulling out an enormous hand gun with a barrel a foot and a half long, "ordinary guns." Aiming the gun at the many ghouls, Alucard fired. The single shot slammed into the ghouls, ripping them apart as if they were only just held together. Firing all around him, Alucard took out all the ghouls with just ten shots. One cartridge.

"He's not human," was all Seras could say as she was mesmerized by the spectacle that lay before her.

"Stop. What are you doing? We're both vampires," the vampire priest began to plead with Alucard.

"You hardly qualify as a true vampire," snarled Alucard as he reloaded his gun, "your kind, if left alone, would cover the world in scum such as yourselves. HA, you hardly even know what you are! I can't stand your kind."

He cocked the gun with his teeth. "As for myself, I have my own reasons for serving my human master."

Placing the gun on his arm he took careful aim at the vampire priest. "The thirteen millimeter explosive rounds fired by this gun are made of silver, and blessed by spiritual leaders from many different religions," he explained, "my supplier has many friends who are priests, rabbi's, and monks. I don't think there's a religion out there that hasn't blessed at least one of my bullets at one time. You never stood a chance. Prepare yourself for an eternity in Hell."

The vampire priest had other ideas. He gripped Seras around the neck, lifting her off the ground, holding her in front of him.

"In order to kill me, you'll have to shoot through the girl," he mocked, "and since you're all soft with the humans I don't think you have the guts to do it. But why bother with me? Just let me go. You could say I slipped away while you rescued the girl from my ghouls. You, you could even come with me! Think of it…" he kept talking but Seras couldn't hear him. Alucard was talking directly to her it seemed.

"Police Girl," Alucard's voice rang clearly over the words of the priests, "I'm going to fire my gun. Before it hits the vampires' heart it will rip through your lung. I know you don't want to die tonight." Seras could hear the priest begin to object, but all she could concentrate on was Alucard. What was he getting at?

"Do you want to come with me?" Alucard's grin was wide as he asked her, "I can't force you into this: the choice must be yours. So make your choice!"

It was quiet in the church for a moment before Seras said: "Yes" and closed her eyes.

The next sound to be heard was a deafening bang, and Seras felt the enormous pain of a bullet ripping through her chest. She landed on the floor, blood pouring from her chest and mouth. She didn't need to look at where the priest had been to know that he was now only a pile of ashes.

A shadow loomed over her, and she looked up to see Alucard's imposing figure. Alucard slowly bent down and cradled her in his arms.

"Remember, Police Girl, that the choice was, and always will be, yours," he said. He bent down and licked some of the blood off Seras's face, making her shiver slightly, though she couldn't tell if it was because of his tongue or because she was freezing at the moment.

"This is where you're supposed to close your eyes," he whispered, drawing a small smile to her face. She closed her eyes as he began his decent toward her neck.

The last thing she felt was two fangs biting into her neck, and a sensation that was far to pleasant to be the pain of death…

Integra Hellsing stood in the road just outside of Cheddar with several police officials and many of her own military personnel. She had arrived fifteen minutes ago and was waiting for Alucard and Kyle to come out with the report of what happened. As she stood there, two figures, a shorter one and a much taller one, came walking toward her. The shorter figure was puffing on a cigar and the tall one was carrying another person.

Kyle and Alucard walked up to Integra. "Mission accomplished," Alucard said, "target vampire has been silenced."

"That took you far too long," Integra snorted, "the next time you two go out into the field together don't spend time reminiscing of the old times and just get the job done."

"We weren't reminiscing," Kyle said, blowing the smoke from his mouth, "in fact all I really did was observe Alucard as he did his job. A fascinating thing to watch really."

Integra glared at Kyle for a moment before looking at what Alucard was carrying. It was Seras, though her eyes were now blood red like Alucard's and Kyle's. "I'll have someone take care of her," she sighed, turning to walk away.

"Actually," Alucard stated, "I want the Police Girl to be transferred to the Hellsing Organization."

"That isn't a choice for you to make," Integra glared at Alucard.

"You're right it isn't," Alucard grinned, "It's the Police Girls. And she already made it, which is why she's here."

"Don't tell me you were the one to change her!" Integra snarled at Alucard.

"Well, what would you have done if you had to shoot through her chest to kill a vampire?" Kyle asked putting the cigar back in his mouth.

"There were two of you," raged Integra, "you could have easily have taken out the vampire without having to shoot her!"

"Alucard had the situation completely under control," Kyle said, cigar in mouth, "I saw no reason for me to interfere."

"It's time for us to leave," Integra stated stalking away. She got into a helicopter, which soon took off. Alucard, Kyle, and Seras followed after the helicopter on foot.

"Well," Kyle said, taking another puff on his cigar, "I think that went quite well, considering the situation."

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