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It was another drizzly night in London as Seras Victoria, newly recruited soldier of the Hellsing Organization, set up her rifle on the roof a building outside of nightclub. She and her fellow soldiers were monitoring a vampire suspected of several killings at other nightclubs. Tonight's task was to observe the vampire and eliminate it if it indeed was attacking humans.

"Seven and a half seconds to set up the stock," the unit commander, Peter Fargason, said, "you're slow!"

Seras sighed at her new commanders words. It had hardly been a week and a half since Alucard changed her and the Hellsing Organization expected her to hit the ground running, moving at the speed the rest of them were going at even though she was still adjusting to her new nature and still being trained.

Fargason, or The Commander as everyone called him, and Walter Dornez, the Hellsing Butler, were the most caring. Walter did as much as he could to make her feel at home, though those moments were few and far between with all of his tasks. The Commander pushed her hard, but did not get angry with her if she took time to adjust to a new task, he was about as old as Walter and she guessed that age had taught him what it was like to be thrown into something completely new and be expected to be good at it.

Seras was about to attach her scope to her rifle when The Commander stopped her.

"You won't be needing that," he said sharply.

"Why?" Seras asked him.

"We're both well aware of what you are," The Commander said, "and you won't be needing a scope to accomplish this."

Seras gripped the scope in frustration, causing the glass to break.

'Shit,' she thought, 'I'm probably going to have to replace that.'

She reached into her rifle case to retrieve the silver bullet, but pulled her hand back sharply when she felt a burning sting on her finger. She looked at the glove she wore. It had a small hole in the finger tip. Gingerly, she removed the bullet and loaded her rifle. She was going to need new gloves.

Kyle Moor, the American vampire whose brother supplied the Hellsing Organization with ammunition and weapons, was the second most understanding of everyone. He wasn't around much, she didn't know why, but she didn't think much of his absence. He didn't work for Hellsing after all.

Seras tried to focus on the mission, but the thoughts kept coming. It was very difficult to tell what Alucard thought of her. The older vampire only spoke to her when he deemed it was necessary, but what he said was always helping. His tone of indifference was unnerving though, but he spoke like that to everyone except Sir Integra and Kyle.

Seras watched the target vampire closely. She, the vampire, was walking toward a couple who had just come out of the nightclub. Seras's thoughts moved to the Hellsing director herself. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing seemed, for lack of a better word, to resent Seras's existence. She usually spoke to the young draculina in a cold voice, when she spoke to her at all. Seras didn't know what it was that caused Sir Integra to dislike her, but she did as much as she could to stay out of trouble.

A scream from the alleyway between the buildings brought Seras back to reality. The target vampire was lying on its stomach, gripping the lady by her ankles. The man was trying to pull the lady from the vampires grip, but was being rather unsuccessful.

"It's attacking civilians, sir," Seras reported.

"In the Name of God, Impure Souls of the Living Dead shall be banished into eternal Damnation. Amen." The Commander said, "Fire!' he ordered.

Seras aimed the rifle at the target; finger on the trigger.

'Shoot her,' she told herself, 'pull the trigger.'

But her body wouldn't do it. Her finger kept almost pulling the trigger, but she had completely frozen up. She vaguely heard The Commander say, "Gareth, take the shot," and two shots being fired from the roof of another building. The vampire jerked violently and rolled off the woman as the bullets blasted her head off.

Seras sighed, sat up, and looked away from the scene. She knew that the clean-up team would be moving in and she didn't want to watch.

"I'm sorry, sir," she told The Commander.

"Some say that failure in your first battle is a sign that you'll live longer," he told her, "But I suppose you'll live as long as you like or at least till you're sick of it."

"I suppose so, sir," Seras responded.

Order 02: Club M

Seras sat on her bed, or coffin, in her room in the basement of the Hellsing Manor. It had here where she had woken up after being turned into a vampire; she fell asleep as Alucard carried her. When she woke up she was greeted by Kyle and an old man who turned out to be Walter.


Seras opened her eyes. She was lying on a soft bed in a dark room. Oddly enough she could see perfectly fine even though there was hardly any light. She seemed to be lying on a four poster bed. The room was sparsely decorated: a few simple chairs, a table, a dresser and a trunk were all that were in it. There were two doors in leading out of the room, one she presumed lead into a hallway and the other leading who knows where.

It was then that she realized that she wasn't alone in the room. An elderly gentleman stood near one of the doors, and a young boy sat in one of the chairs at the table.

"You're awake," the older one said, and turned on the light in the room. Seras realized as the lights came on that her eyes had instantly adjusted to the new lighting of the room. Looking at the boy she recognized Kyle from earlier, and took an opportunity to get a better look at him.

He looked as if her were around eighteen or nineteen years old, about her age. He wore all black: black pants, black shirt, black boots, black coat, black gloves, there was a pair of black sunglasses sitting on the table next to him. He had very short hair, and a short beard to match it. His eyes were crimson.

The elderly gentleman wore a white dress shirt with a vest and tie, with slacks and polished shoes to match. He wore a monocle on his face, and his long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He looked surprisingly fit for his apparent age.

"Where am I?" she asked.

"You are in the basement of the Hellsing Organizations Headquarters," the older man told her, "my name is Walter Dornez, the butler of the Hellsing family; I will assist you in anything you may require during your time here."

"Right," Seras said, sitting up, "and why am I here?"

"You're not exactly human anymore, Miss…" Kyle started to say.

"Victoria," Seras told him, "Seras Victoria."

"Miss Victoria, thank you," Kyle continued, "Alucard bit you, turning you into a vampire like himself, and myself for that matter. You can no longer return to your original life, you had two choices back in Cheddar: you could have been killed on the spot, or you could work for Hellsing. You unknowingly made the decision to work for Hellsing by having Alucard sire you."

"How so?" Seras asked him.

"Alucard is the vampiric servant of the Hellsing Family," Walter cut in, "because he gave you 'new life', so to speak, you are bound to him and his master, therefore you now work for Sir Integra."

"A bit of a roundabout piece of logic," Kyle admitted, "but it kept you alive." Seras blinked at the two of them.

"Alucard is busy at the moment," Kyle continued, "so Walter and I will give you the introductory nonsense. There are a few things about vampires that are complete myths and a few things that are true. What is true is that they are nocturnal creatures; they have a severe reaction to sunlight. Imagine a sunburn only to the nth degree more intense. It can kill weaker vampires. Vampires also have a severe reaction to silver, so watch out for silverware."

"Other 'weaknesses' of vampires are purely superstition," Walter picked up from what had said with such grace it was as if the pair had rehearsed doing this, "garlic, being unable to cross flowing water, having to sleep in a coffin with the soil of your birth land in the bottom, these are among such superstitions. None of them hold any element of truth, though we have found that many vampires seem to be more at ease in a coffin than anything else when they sleep. I have adapted that thought, the bed you are currently sitting on is actually a coffin with a lid which electronically opens and closes when you press the corresponding button on that controller there by your pillow."

Seras looked down at the little control switch by her pillow. There was a red button with an up arrow and a green button with a down arrow. She sighed, and swung her legs over the side of her bed/coffin.

"So I'm a vampire now," she said, "why is it that I became a vampire and everyone else was just a zombie thing?"

"You're asking why you became a vampire versus a ghoul, or wraith as I like to label it?" Kyle leaned back in the chair. "The difference in the transformation process is that the victim was willingly bitten instead of it being forced," he began, "in the incident in Cheddar, all of the townsfolk and then the police force were bitten and changed against their will or by another ghoul and so turned into ghouls. You on the other hand were given the choice, and you chose this path, therefore you became a vampire."

Seras nodded dumbly, it made sense. One more thing was nagging in the back of her mind though.

"Alu…Al…," she tried to say Alucard, but it wouldn't come out right.

"Try 'Master'," Kyle recommended.

"Master?" Seras asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Comes with being a fledgling," Kyle explained, "fledglings refer to the vampire who sired them as 'Master' or "Mistress' depending on the gender, obviously, and will refer to them that way until they have been…'weaned'. I can't think of a better term. You think I could, considering I'm almost 290 years old."

Seras openly gapped at Kyle.

"Don't look so surprised," Walter told her, "vampires don't age. Your Master looks as if he is in his early thirties he's really over 500 years old."

Seras closed her mouth and swallowed. She hadn't been expecting that. "So, Master was shot up so much his body was mutilated beyond recognition, and he laughed it off and pieced himself back together," she started again, "how did he do that?"

"I'll give you my version because it's easier to understand," Kyle told her. "As a vampire gets older, he or she gains strength with age naturally. However, there are some ways to increase a vampire's strength more quickly. These can vary. Religion happens to be a major factor. But that's a story for another time. The various different levels of strength have been given different names by several different classification systems. The easiest one is the one I use. In it there are five levels of ability, though these levels have a variety of strengths within them. The lowest level is a 'wraith' which is more commonly called a 'ghoul'. You've seen them: mindless, zombie- like slaves to the vampire that bite them."

"The next level is the typical vampire: referred to as an intermediate. As you might be able to tell this classification system is based off of making it easy to understand and keep track of things and not highly elaborate. The next levels are 3rd, 2nd, and 1st level Master Vampire. 1st level is the strongest. By these levels, you start to get vampires who can reattach limbs at will, regrow limbs in some cases, and have a resistance to things like sunlight and silver, silver to a very small degree. The vampire priest from Cheddar was in the lower part of the 3rd level Master category."

"And where would Master be?" Seras asked, curious to how powerful Alucard was.

"Hard to say," Kyle admitted, "I'd give him at least the high end of 2nd level Master, but it's very difficult to tell once you get up to that kind of strength."

(end flashback)

After that, Walter had given Seras her new uniform: a rather feminine police outfit with a mini-skirt and long stockings, the uniform she wore now. Seras looked over at the table. There was a blood packet sitting on it in a bucket of ice. Seras slowly got up from her bed, picked up the packet, and, ignoring the urge to drink it all down hungrily, walked to her bathroom and flushed the blood down the toilet. She was starting to feel a little weak from having not eaten in nearly two weeks. However, unlike what would have happened if she were human, she had not lost any weight, and her figure looked no different. Just like a human, however, she felt weak as she plodded back to her bed and laid down.

Sir Integra Hellsing sat in her large office looking over some papers. She took out a cigar and lit it as Alucard appeared from the shadows of the room.

"I'm hoping that you intend to train your little pet," she scowled at him, "are you aware that she has yet to drink blood?"

"Am I aware?" Alucard reiterated, "Yes, I am well aware of her choice to cling to her humanity. But it is her choice and her choice alone to drink. I cannot force her."

"Well, then you better make sure she can perform to expectations," Integra told him, "Fargason told me that she froze up on her first mission and someone else had to kill the vampire." She looked back to the papers in front of her.

"Take a look at this," she told the vampire, "We've been tracking some hooligans traveling north through Birmingham. From the extent of the carnage, and recon teams, we've deduced that there are two of them, a girl and a boy. They've been killing entire families, drinking their blood, and then using what's left to write blasphemous messages on the walls."

Alucard sighed, "It appears that the sophisticated vampires of old are no longer a majority."

"I don't recall asking for your opinion," Integra told him, "but so you know, I'm sending Captain Gareth's unit, that's the unit that your little pet is in, to clean up. You'll go along, to direct them in their direction in whatever way is most easily managed. You leave at sundown tonight."

"Well then," Alucard said, stepping back into the shadows, "until tonight then."

Seras lowered her gun, resting it on the platform in front of her. Her unit was practicing in the firing range. She did better this time then the first time she was here. The first time she had arrived for shooting practice they handed her a gun so big she first argued with them over whether or not she could even lift it. In the end they won, and as she took the gun from them she was surprised to find that it was incredibly light. She then found out that it was only light because she was incredibly strong as a vampire. After she was done shooting, Captain Gareth lectured her over only aiming for the head or the heart of a vampire, as those two places were the only places that could be fatal wounds to a vampire.

"Captain Gareth, prepare your unit for deployment." a voice came over the intercom, and every person in the room replaced their weapons and headed for the Armory for their weapons. Seras grabbed her rifle from its place and with the rest of her unit to the transports. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sir Integra talking with The Commander about something, but even with her new hearing abilities there was too much noise to tell what they were saying.

"Alright," Gareth began the debriefing, "our targets are two vampires. They've been causing some havoc in the north, having murdered seven families, and all police that have given chase. The vampire Alucard will direct the vampires our way. Knowing him, that will involve killing at least one of them. Our job will be to contain the remaining one so that Officer Victoria can take it out. Any questions? None? Dismissed then."

"You actually going to take the shot this time, Babe?" one of the men asked Seras as she climbed in the transport vehicle. The rest of the men laughed, until the noticed Seras growling at them.

Integra lowered her ear protection after finishing unloading her rounds into the target sheet. As usual she managed to shoot all ten shots through the same hole. She put her pistol down, turning to Walter who stood behind her.

"Gareth's unit has set up a blockade on the M-6 motorway, the situation should be dealt with in a couple of hours," Walter informed her.

"Do you, wish you were out there?" Integra asked him.

"No," Walter told her, "I feel satisfied here serving you. I appreciate the offer, but my old body can't hold up to the strain of combat the way it used to. However, we have just received an urgent message from the team Kyle Moor was overseeing in Wales. "

Alucard grinned as the target pair approached him on their motorcycle. "Target is confirmed. Releasing Control Art Restrictions to Level 5," he said. The wind picked up a bit and darkness seemed to pour from his body.

The target vampires were laughing as they came closer to him. But they stopped once Alucard had encompassed them in his aura.

"What happened? Where are we, Leif baby?" the girl asked the boy, they were now traveling down what appeared to be an underground road tunnel.

"I don't know, alright," the boy told the girl.

"I'm scared, Leif, take me somewhere else right now!" the girl ordered the boy.

"Shut up!" the boy snapped at the girl, "Just shut up!"

Alucard laughed inwardly, fear was always an emotion that made him laugh, especially when it came from his victims.

"Who…the hell…is…that?" he heard the boy ask as the pair got closer to him, "Shit! You're fucking dead!"

Alucard grinned as he raised his gun and shot the tires out from under them. The pair screamed as they skidded across the pavement.

"Children without faith," Alucard sneered, "if you had any sort of control you would travel as fog or as a bat."

"'ho the fuck, are you?" the boy asked.

"You went and took all those lives," Alucard continued, ignoring the question, "and not even because you were thirsty. Is it fun? Huh?" his voice rose as he asked those questions. "Is that what it takes for you two little cheap, two-bit terrors to get off?"

"What's it to you?" the boy asked, the girl cowering behind him. They gasped as Alucard vanished and reappeared behind them.

"Eternity is wasted on the likes of you," he told them before disappearing again as the boy turned a gun to him.

"Try as you might, Immortality slips away," Alucard reappeared to the side of them, and then vanished again, reappearing behind the boy, but in front of the girl, who was now facing the opposite direction.

"And only your shame will remain," Alucard said.

The boy got a little smarter; instead of turning around he aimed the gun behind him and fired into Alucard's shoulder. Alucard fell down, but only because he wanted to toy with his victim. The boy laughed smugly until Alucard reached into his coat, using the arm whose shoulder had been obliterated, pulling out his gun again. He laughed as the girl ran off, leaving the boy. The boy pulled another gun out of his coat pocket and fired at Alucard. Alucard fired back.

The bullets from Alucard's gun deflected the bullets from the boys' gun and tore through the boy with ease. As the boy turned into a pile of ash, Alucard lowered his aura, allowing the girl to run, directly toward where his little Police Girl and her unit waited for her.

"Don't fail this time, Police Girl," Alucard said flexing his hand as his arm repaired itself.

"Target sighted," The Commander informed Seras and the men positioned around her, "700 meters and closing."

"You should already be able to see her," he added to Seras.

Seras, without a scope, wondered how the hell she was supposed to see the target. All of a sudden her vision changed, and she was able to see the girl running toward them like she was ten feet from them.

"How am I doing this?" Seras mused aloud, 'And is that the target? She looks like a normal girl.'

"In the name of God, Impure Souls of the Living Dead shall be banished into eternal Damnation. Amen." The Commander said next to her.

"Shoot her Victoria!" he commanded her.

'But she can't be a vampire.' Seras thought to herself, 'she looks like a normal…'

'So do you, Police Girl' came a voice in her mine. Seras gasped as she recognized her Master's voice in her head.

"I've got a sight on the target sir!" one of the men next to her said, "Shall I take the shot?"

A single shot was heard, and the female vampire collapsed, turning into a pile of ashes.

"Objective complete," The Commander said into his mouth piece, "Alucard took out target A, Seras Victoria took out target B. What's that? Roger, clean-up crew on its way out, I'll take control once we get back." He ordered the men to assemble.

"Alright," he began once all the men had gathered, "it appears that the team that Kyle Moor was overseeing in Wales ran into some trouble and Sir Hellsing will not be at the Manor when we get back. Don't treat this as anything out of the ordinary, but I have been given command of the Headquarters until Sir Hellsing returns as Walter has gone with her. Move out."

Seras turned to leave with the rest of the men, but something held her back.

"Nice work, Police Girl," her Master's voice came from behind her. Seras turned around to see her Master standing there.

"I…I have a name," she told him, "Seras Victoria."

"You've become a child of the night, Police Girl," Alucard continued, "Drink blood."

"What!?" Seras exclaimed.

"If you don't your body will become weak," Alucard explained, "follow my orders." He vanished into the shadows of the night as he spoke the last words.

"Yes…Master," Seras said quietly.

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