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(Stella's POV) Chapter 2:

*-Who, what, where?-*

It's around 9.30am when I reach the lab, my shift doesn't start before 10am, but I thought that I could stop by Mac's office and chat with him for a little while. I want to know how he is, if he got some sleep or not, hardly believe he gets some sleep at night..

As I step out of the elevator, I glance over to Mac's office, only to see it dark and deserted, 'maybe he's out on a crime scene?' I think, shrugging it off, not thinking that something is wrong.
I walk over to my and Lindsay's office and find Lindsay working on a case file, ''Morning Lindsay.'' I say with a bright smile, she looks up from the file, ''Good morning to you too.'' she says while giving me a small smile. I sit down behind my desk and start up my computer, glancing over to Lindsay I see her smiling to herself, ''Had fun last night?'' I ask with a teasing voice, she looks at me and I notice that she's blushing a little, she clears her throat, ''Fun and fun.'' she says but the sparkle in her eyes gives her away, ''Just admit that you had fun, besides, your eyes give you away.'' I say with a small grin on my face, I see Lindsay's cheeks heat up a little more.
''Okay so I did have fun last night.'' she says and sticks out her tongue to me, I laugh at her, ''So was Danny being a gentleman?'' I ask with a little smile, the smile she gives back to me says it all, ''Yep, he was a real gentleman to me.'' she tells me, ending with a small giggle. A knock and a voice comes from the door, ''Gossiping already, Montana?'' Danny asks with an amused voice, I see Lindsay blush even more now, smiling at the two of them, at them trying to be professional.
''Heard you were a gentleman last night, Danny.'' I say sending a wink to him, making him get a small blush on his face too, I give him a smile, ''I'll stop teasing you two.'' I tell them with truth in my voice. They both give me what looks like grateful looks, which makes me chuckle a little.
''So the boss man come in yet? I didn't see him when I got in and that was around 8.30am.'' Danny asks, looking at me for an answer, I give a frown, ''No, I didn't see him when I got in, and his office looked deserted.'' I tell him, making me think, 'where is he?'
''Maybe he's out on a crime scene or got something to do, or is it one of his days off and he actually took the day off?'' Danny inquires with a small frown forming on his face too. I give a shrug, ''Don't know about the crime scene, it's what I think. I know it's not his day off, and I would have known if it was something he had to do.. And what's weird is that Mac usually calls it in if he's going to be late, but he hasn't called it in or called me.'' I relate.
''Well, maybe he overslept?'' both me and Danny look at Lindsay, what she does is take her hands up stopping either Danny or me from saying anything, ''What I mean is, Mac hasn't slept in how long? Or he hasn't had a good night or day of sleep since after this case, maybe the tiredness got to him and he ended up sleeping eventually?'' Well it does make sense what Lindsay is saying, but still I'm concerned about him.
''That might be it, we'll see later, if he hasn't come in or anyone has heard from him, Flack and I'll head over to his apartment and see if he's there. How does that sound?'' Danny says, easing my concern a little, I give him a small smile without saying anything and he only gives me a smile back. We end up chatting for a little while longer, then we go back to work as I get a call out to a crime scene.

The day progresses and the clock is nearing 6pm, and no one has heard from Mac yet.
I arrive at the lab after being out on a lead, as I step out of the elevator and look over to Mac's office I still see it dark and deserted, frowning, I walk closer to see if I am seeing right or not.. As I reach his office I try to open the door only to find it locked, 'okay, what's going on?'
My hand falls to my side again and I just stare into his office puzzled, hearing Danny's voice from the break room I walk over there, 'maybe Mac's there?'
I step into the break room, only to find Danny, Hawkes and Flack in there talking and joking, ''Hey again, Stella.'' I hear Lindsay say as she walks past me into the break room and over to the coffee machine, saying a 'Hi' back to her, I remain standing in the same spot that I was standing in.
''You do know you are allowed to come into the break room, right?'' I hear Flack say with hints of teasing in his voice, I just look towards him with a frown forming on my face again, ''Yes, I know that.'' is my response. I walk over and sit down in one of the chairs, ''Something wrong, Stella?'' Hawkes asks, I nibble at my lower lip, ''Um, don't know, I just… Mac's office is locked and I haven't seen him in here today, it's not his day off either so… maybe it's nothing.'' I say truthfully.
''I thought it was his day off, that's why I haven't mentioned anything.'' Flack says frankly.
I glance around in the break room, then I take my cell phone out of my pocket, just to make sure if I have missed any calls or not, I get a little disappointed when I see no missed phone calls, looking at the clock on my phone, around 6.10pm. Letting out a sigh, I bring my eyes up at the others in the room.
''Stella, what do you say to me and Danno here going over to Mac's apartment to see if he's there?'' Flack asks, I look at him with a little smile, ''I'll take that as a yes.'' Danny says with a little grin, giving a little chuckle at him and then I give him a nod. ''We'll leave now, and call as soon as we get there.'' Flack tells me. Then the two boys are off to the elevator, leaving me hanging here, I want to go with them, getting up from the chair I was sitting on I run after them, reaching them just before the elevator door closes.
''Decided to come?'' Danny asks with an eyebrow raised and a grin, I let out a breath and shrug. I feel a hand on my shoulder, ''He's probably sleeping it off.'' Flack tells me, hope so, is what I think.

The ride over to Mac's apartment feels like hours. As we finally reach Mac's apartment block, I feel my heart pick up a little speed.
I walk behind Danny and Flack as we walk up to his apartment, when we reach it Flack knocks on the door calling out ''Hey Mac, you there?'', waiting for an answer but not getting anything, knocking one more time only this time a little louder, while calling out ''Mac?!'' once again, but still no answer comes, the boys share a look. This is an emergency right? I think to myself as I shove my hand down in my pocket to find Mac's apartment key, when I find it I pull it up and push myself between the boys and unlock the door and push it fully open, Flack steps in front of me and calls into the apartment ''Hey Mac, you in here?!'' waiting a minute but no answer, we all draw our guns, in case something or someone is in here, then with caution we step into the apartment with our guns now held in front of us. Flack goes into the kitchen clearing that and calling out that it's cleared, Danny is still in front of me as we walk down the deserted hallway of Mac's apartment, I hear Flack walking after us, Danny opens the door into Mac's home office to find it clear, calling out that it's cleared too, we keep walking down the hallway. I reach Mac's bedroom, with caution I bring my hand up to the door handle and open the door, as I walk in, I find it empty ''this one is empty too.'' I call out to the boys. I stand there looking around, finding something off, just what? What is it that's wrong? I'm in my own thoughts as the two boys join me inside the bedroom, they are saying something to me, but I keep letting my eyes travel around the bedroom, I am now getting a bit annoyed and scared, because I can feel something wrong, but what?!
Danny's hand pulls me out of my thoughts, making me look at him, ''You alright?'' he asks with concern, I give a small confused nod, ''Something's wrong.'' is all I can say.

I look at the two boys, to find both of them looking back at me, I'm not sure what to say, I can only look at them with wonder, ''Stella, you know about places Mac likes to be, why don't you go and look at those places, while Danny and I have a look around here?'' Flack asks, I think about it, but then give a nod ''Okay, but you guys call me if or when you find something, you got that?'' I ask with hints of pleading in my voice, ''Sure thing, we'll call you the minute something comes up.'' Danny says with a small smile, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, ''Okay, well then, see you guys later.'' I say but I don't really want to leave, I want to stay here, and wait for Mac.

I finally manage to walk out of Mac's apartment, as I get out I take a deep breath of air, then I call for a cab, only a few seconds pass before a cab stops in front of me, waiting for me to get in, I open the door and get in the cab, telling the cabbie to drive to the lab. As the cab drives away, I miss the fact that Mac's car is parked a block away from his apartment.

Now it's only me and Danny left in the apartment, it's a few minutes since Stella left. Stella was right when she said that something's wrong, I can feel it too, something is off, but what?
I'm now standing in the living room, not sure what to think. I see Danny walk into the apartment again, with his kit, I give him a puzzled look, ''You never know if you might need it.'' Danny says, almost like he read my mind, I give him a wry little smile.
We start going through the apartment, just looking in case we can find something. We go through the apartment, room by room. Danny is now in Mac's bedroom, and I'm in his home office. I look around, smiling at the fact that you can see that this is Mac's place, everything in its place and things are neat. I walk over to his desk, and that's when I spot something on the ground, I crouch down to pick it up and as I stand up, I get shocked by what I see, it's a picture of Stella beaten up really badly, it's really not a great sight, I turn the picture around and find a note on it, reading it, my eyes widen in shock and fear. Danny comes into the room, talking, but he stops when he sees my face, ''What's wrong?'' he asks, I show him the picture and he gets the same face I have. He steps closer to me, ''That's not all.'' I say as I turn the picture over so he can see the back too, I see that he's reading the text, then he looks at me, ''He made his choice,'' Danny says and swallows, ''I think he has left, all his clothes are gone and so are his bathroom things. The things that he would be needing are gone.'' he finishes saying. I give him the picture, then I start to go through the papers on Mac's desk, only to find one more note, I hold it in my hands so both me and Danny can read it, as we finish reading it we look at each other, ''Why didn't Mac say anything to us?'' Danny asks me, I give a small shrug ''It's Mac.'' is the only thing I can say. I give the note to Danny, so he's holding both the picture with the note and the other note I found. I've looked through the top of the desk, but I haven't found anything else. I decide then to look in the desk drawers, and in the top drawer I find Mac's gun and badge with an envelope underneath it, Danny and I share a look once again. I take the badge and gun up followed by the envelope. On the envelope it says, 'To my team' I stare at the envelope then I turn my head towards Danny, ''Should we let Stella read this one first?'' I ask holding up the envelope, Danny responds with a nod. With that, I pick up my cell phone and call Stella.
''Hey Stella, it's Flack.'' I say, not looking forward to telling her this
''Hi, have you found anything?''
''Yeah, I think you might want to come here.''
''Is he alright?'' she asks with a worried voice,
''We don't know, but once you get here, you'll understand a bit more.''
I hear her take a deep breath before she answers me,
''You come here, or we meet you at the lab?''
''I'll come to Mac's apartment.'' she says with a bit of a stern voice, we finish the talk and I hang up, this can't be true, I think as I run my hands over my face.

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